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  1. I'm going to pretend my thread about WCQ - Mexico/USA/Farce had 0.00001% influence on this decision, haha. Great news!
  2. CONCACAF... it has to be for the better of the Federation, not Canada. I know that's hard for most of us (me included). If we bring Canada this and Canada that to the table then it's just sour grapes. Over the past 20 years I've realized the thing I miss the most is just watching the team play, making a World Cup is a close second. We're too focused on the World Cup, which I think is still a few steps out of our reach, but asking that the format is changed for the better of everyone is a reasonable request. There's more than six teams that can play a respectable game and shouldn't b
  3. Just wanted to touch on one more way to look at this from a numbers perspective. Ratio of teams remaining per spots available: OFC 6:0.5 -> 12:1 CAF 20/5 -> 4:1 UEFA 55:14 -> 3.92:1 AFC 12/4.5 -> 2.67:1 CONEMBOL 10:4.5 -> 2.22:1 CONCACAF 6/3.5 -> 1.71:1 CONCACAF has less than two teams competing for a single spot for the next 15 months.
  4. Having 12 teams would be even better. I think you could make the argument though that it might dilute things a bit. For example the group that got Saint Vincent and the Grenadines would have an advantage over the other group that had El Salvador in it. Either way better than the HEX.
  5. CONCACAF has less minnows than the AFC and CAF. Those federations don't have a problem squeezing teams out. I think there's lots of a time to do it. In fact I'd argue you don't have to 'squeeze' them out, let them play in at least one group in the first two years. They deserve a few more games than a home/away series. The 2014 qualifying campaign was a good example: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2014_FIFA_World_Cup_qualification_(CONCACAF) It still had 29-30 teams that got to play in at least one group instead of a home/away. Every team that's still in their final stage is
  6. Here we are again, it’s WCQ Boxing Day for the Canadian Men’s National Team. The only thing more certain every four years is a leap year. While we bicker about the coaching, lack of talent, depth, youth development, etc I thought I’d take a chance to point out the biggest obstacle for the National Team: The World Cup Qualification process for CONCACAF is a joke. The HEX is the worst final stage in all of FIFA World Cup Qualifying. No other setup ensures that 83% of it’s member nations are no longer involved with 15 months (~1.25 years) left in qualifying. Let’s take a quick
  7. I guess if want to really get into it... but honestly this is a 0-0 game right now without that somewhat fortuitous goal. Nothing new, fingers crossed this last 45 produces an onslaught.
  8. 4-0 Canada, 1-0 Mexico, or a 6 goal diff ... so 3-0 Canada, 3-0 Mexico
  9. I counted 3 A+ chances we blew, 2 from Larin and 1 from Ricketts. I love the pressure we're starting to mount but we can't miss those opportunities and expect to get the result we need. A goal every 15 minutes is the best way to look at things now.
  10. I feel like a prediction is useless at this point, but I do think we're Goddamn due! And if it's not tonight then I'll be there next time, and the time after that, and after that, and ...
  11. ^^ This site hasn't failed me, I'm pretty sure you'll find both games on there when the games get close to starting.
  12. "Hill said the offer was allegedly made by an El Salvadorian who knew some of the players, but who wanted to aid the Honduras national team." What am I missing here? Why does an El Salvadorian who wants to aid the Hondurans bribe the El Salvador team... shouldn't they bride us or the Mexicans...
  13. Here's a look at the early betting lines... Mexico and Canada heavy favorites in both games:
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