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  1. I like the way Salter plays but he struggles to finish anything. Perhaps we should just start Bent. Any idea when Morelli might be back?
  2. Haven’t heard anything regarding his injury so I started searching around… doesn’t sound very good for November. https://www.getreading.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/paunovic-reading-updates-hoilett-rinomhota-21882285.amp "Junior didn't participate [against Barnsley] as he was one of the international absences, he is still being assessed by our doctors," he said. "At the time he returned, we couldn't do anything, so he will have a proper assessment on Monday.
  3. I’m not voting for Forsberg! ( I voted for Phonzie 10 times this morning 😜 )
  4. Im reminded of this game (which I went to)… it was 1-2c and the Mexican’s didn’t look comfortable. The game had no bearing at that point so hard to draw any conclusions.
  5. If we make it to the World Cup and we’re in Pot D there’s a high probability we create a Group of Death… we’re playing on par with Mexico and the US who would be likely in Pot B so drawing us from D would be terrifying.
  6. I’m all in on Wheels and Dunfield… gotta ride this out, they’re part of the team now. When Dunfield called Davies goal a Watershed moment for Canadian Soccer just a minute after it happened I panicked because I thought the karma police might get us… but it worked out so now he’s a genius.
  7. I forget who I’m supposed to hope for but I’m cheering for El Salvador and I’m not letting anyone on this forum tell me otherwise! 😇
  8. I just told my 9 year old that we’re going to Qatar and he needs to go the hell to bed… so maybe? 🤪
  9. Holy smokes what a game. What a goal by Davies. Incredibly poor sportsmanship by Panama, get the fuck off our field!
  10. Hoilett is injured and not in Toronto. Tajon is rested after missing the Jamaica game due to suspension, he'll almost certainly start. The only part up for debate will be whether or not Davies and David both start as well (since they've gotten little rest). I expect them both to start, this game is too important for them to sit and given the home support I'd bet they'll want to be out there. Hopefully we can get a lead by the half and then look to give those guys some rest. The only other thing I could see happening, but risky, would be leaving David on the bench for Shaffelburg given this is his home field and he's on form here.
  11. Take a few moments to enjoy what just happened, we can worry about the entire window at the end
  12. I was thinking it would be less risk since he wouldn’t be forced to track up and down the wing all night in high altitude if he was up front.
  13. What if played Davies as a striker in Mexico? Less running and with his skill and speed it would keep Mexico honest at the back. I realize that’s a pretty simple thought but it would create an interesting challenge for Mexico and we can defend heavily and just toss long balls to create some serious chances on a counter attack.
  14. https://canadasoccer.com/news/canada-soccer-announces-davies-ruled-out-of-wednesday-fifa-world-cup-qualifiers-in-toronto/
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