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  1. Does anybody have any current membership numbers? It was at 336 a few days ago, I've been optimistically hoping they'd break 500 before the next club is announced.
  2. Hamilton Croatia did the smart thing pulling out. Please don't support the CSL.
  3. I like the name. Much better than C-League, which quite literally sounds third-rate.
  4. We were playing a bunch of C-list U23 players. We should've looked like Germany tonight.
  5. When we're inevitably hiring our next coach, I really hope the words "lone striker" make for an instant pass on the candidate. Every time we play a lone striker, and every time they can't get the ball for more than a second. Maybe if the opposing backline had more than one player to huddle up around we could have decent shots that aren't bound for the goddamn moon.
  6. Match Day 1 Mexico 5 - El Salvador 1 Canada 0 - Honduras 0 Match Day 2 Honduras 2 - Mexico 1 El Salvador 2 - Canada 1 Match Day 3 Canada 0 - Mexico 4 El Salvador 1 - Honduras 2 Match Day 4 Mexico 6 - Canada 0 Honduras 3 - El Salvador 1 Match Day 5 El Salvador 2 - Mexico 2 Honduras 4 - Canada 1 Match Day 6 Mexico 3 - Honduras 1 Canada 1 - El Salvador 1 Final Table Mexico 13 pts Honduras 13 pts El Salvador 5 pts Canada 2 pts
  7. If Belize keep 8-10 men in their own box all match again, I'd say Canada 2-0 Belize. If they actually decide to go for it at home I'll say Canada 6 - 1 Belize
  8. That's probably true, but a semi-pro D3 club failing because a pro D1A (née D2) club scooped up all the area talent wouldn't be the end of the world, would it? I think people expect local semi-pro clubs to be in more of a flux than fully professional teams.
  9. We shouldn't be playing a lone striker in the first place. Akindele and Larin up front, or either paired with Ricketts would be a vast improvement on what we saw in the gold cup. We don't have any forward talented enough to hold up the ball on their own, we need two options for service from the midfield, and they need to be able to play off of each other and collect rebounds. The lone striker is not something we can pull off.
  10. This has been a continuing source of laughter for me during TFC and Canada matches on Sportsnet, it's just such an embarrassment for Dobson, Rogers, et al. Mostly I feel bad for Craig Forrest sitting there listening to him though.
  11. I couldn't make it to the match given financial constraints and the kick-off time, but I'm hoping to get out for the WCQ in September.
  12. Personally, I'm gettin' antsy. I want an announcement a la MLS launch with the original teams announced. I know London's not going to be in there, but I can dream.
  13. I don't see us as having the striking prowess to be playing a lone forward. I'd much rather put both of Larin and Akindele up top and replace Ricketts with another attacking mid.
  14. Truth. He was absolutely an improvement over Ledgerwood. Also props to JDG showing he's still got it. If he throws that kind of performance out more often the Fury are soccer bowl contenders.
  15. They weren't even really the front three, though. Ricketts and Akindele were well out on the wings, too far too really be thought of as true forwards in the formation. It was Larin all alone up top, a rookie thrown in the deep end.
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