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  1. This is the easiest possible group we could have gotten for this round, IMO. If we can't make the Hex now, then it's a lost opportunity
  2. The ref was good. No excuse for losing that other than awful play.
  3. We looked like Toronto FC under Winter
  4. Regina's a 5 hour drive from Medicine Hat, speeding the whole way. 4ish to Maple Creek.
  5. If I can figure out how to fly down for basically free, I'll be there. Already have my cuba ticket bought but can't afford the flight, and I'm back in school so bus/train out of the picture. :/
  6. Oddly enough, I slept well. Catch my flight in about 1 and a half hours.
  7. Dreading tomorrow really. But that being said We're gonna win the next two games, because **** it, why not?
  8. We take him back because we cannot afford not to take these players. I wish we were a country with endless depth and a first rate development system. We aren't. World Cup considerations trump all.
  9. FFS greyson get your **** together and get to the game
  10. ------------------------------Hirschfeld----------------------------- Edgar-------------Hainault-----------McKenna------------Jazic ---------Bernier--------Hutchinson---------Johnson---------- ----De Rosario------------Occean-----------------DeJong------- Hart has been insisting (correctly) that he can use De Jong on the left in multiple roles. I don't see him changing a backline that has handled pressure well so far. Johnson for JDG.
  11. Obviously he was a Canadian supporter.
  12. Yeah, not a snowballs chance in hell I go there for World Cup Qualifiers.
  13. How have sales been doing relative to last time?
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