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  1. But people telling you they don't like what you're saying *are* the consequences.
  2. Dunno if this can be called official, but in Victoria they'll play the games at the Yates Street Taphouse, 759 Yates St.
  3. Ha, yep, I already got raked over the coals for that one. That error has been fixed.
  4. Hearing words I wrote be read aloud on Belize TV remains one of the highlights of my career/life. EDIT: Also, the fact that "silly nonsense I made up" somehow became "a poll conducted by the Canada Soccer magazine" delights me to this day.
  5. I'm not sure why, after many years, you continue pursuing an agenda of undercutting me in online forums while being perfectly jovial with me in real life (as you have been, on the multiple occasions we've met)... but hey, that's your emotional burden to carry.
  6. Good to know that even months/years after the fact, you apparently can't identify a piece of sarcasm when you see one.
  7. A reminder that unless Leutwiler has a parent or grandparent born in Canada, he isn't eligible to play for us. Having citizenship does not automatically make one eligible, under FIFA's rules. Of course, one would presume that having a Canadian-born parent is how a guy born and raised in Switzerland got a Canadian passport in the first place. But I haven't seen this explicitly confirmed anywhere. Forgive me if this has been confirmed somewhere and I've just missed it; and if that's the case, could someone share a link?
  8. I asked Herdman about it this week; he's not going to do it. He seemed optimistic about the prospect of D'Angelo being fit for the Olympics but if she isn't, he's going to look to the likes of Erin McNulty and Justine Bernier for depth, rather than trying to coax Karina to come back.
  9. I'm shocked and disappointed that no one has mentioned Drew Beckie as an option. He's gotta be at least fifth or sixth on the depth chart right now.
  10. "Bhutanese Poochie, it looks like you have something to say! Do you?" "Why yes, I certainly do!...." [Bhutan fined 15,000 Swiss francs for political propaganda by dog]
  11. He goes where he wants He goes where he wa-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-ants Bhutanese poochie He goes where he wants
  12. As I said on Twitter, my guess is that the "insulting" chant in Vancouver against Mexico was "you fat bastard!" The fans did do that same chant against Honduras and no fine for that game, though. So, who knows.
  13. Mentioning me is bullying, and your exclusion of other V's in your dream is discrimination.
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