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  1. Cav post game comments Herdman presser Cuban coach Mederos - en español
  2. I think he was going for the hat trick cause it was described at first as an own goal on RDS. And looking at the body language and facial expression of Arfield and Cav it did look as if Cav and Arfield were saying about doing something cheeky with a snicker. It backfired Herdman was uneasily laughing it off. Then at the end it looked live Cav said to Herdman sorry for the missed pk which Herdman shrugged off saying it’s ok. I could be wrong.
  3. 3-2 Mexico. I hope Herdman and the boys stuck around to watch. We give them wayyy too much respect and worse not even their A team.
  4. Yeah cause he likes to spice it up rather than make simple plays. I think today though he was bored.
  5. True we forced an error and capitalized as well. I’m just saying the guys can’t think Mexico is invincible. We scored on them. We had chances. A wise man once said this...
  6. Interesting point. During the game I was thinking how Rémi Garde’s pressing formation and counter attack would’ve performed against a team this talented. Mexico did a good job smothering us when we had the ball. 3 guys on one.
  7. Watched the game again. I think the boys can take something positive out of this game. They faired well and can use this as motivation should they meet Mexico again. The second Mx goal was outstanding but a lot of space was given. Also the other two goals were off of errors. The boys can keep their heads up and know they had chances. They got to tweak their game that’s all.
  8. When you say bunkering are you referring to “turtle turtle” strategy a la Floro?
  9. Here’s my comedic take on it (see video below). Purely satire but in another sense this is just American culture on display. They don’t shy from showing their dominance and they do this in all they do: business, war, diplomacy. I just watched Trevor Noah after finishing my video and the lady reporter did a piece on the game saying we are “America F*#k Yeah not America We Are Sorry”. Maybe for Americans being humble and showing humility in victory is weakness. On the sports side of things I think it was not a wise move to exert so much energy on running the score. As we all know in sports there’s such a thing as running the well dry. How many times have you seen a team score tons of goals and come up dry when it counts? The WC is not a sprint but a marathon.
  10. 0-0 draw vs NYCFC. A good 1 pt on the road, could’ve been a shocking 3 pts had Diallo hit the target in the final minutes. Red card on Urruti in the 70th. Liked the energy of Jackson in the 80th the small field made him look really good and also showed his skill over Orgi. I hate watching games from Yankee Stadium it just looks so tight and confined that these players are having to play weighted small passes making the game lackluster, and choppy. I feel bad for NYC fans. They’re getting gypted.
  11. I’m worried they make the same mistake like last year. Pay way too much for a player cause they’re in a tough bind and then that player turns out lousy and overpaid a la Camacho.
  12. 10 years ago. The last Brown from Panama that played for IMFC. 2019 is version 2.0? ?
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