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  1. On my commute this morning here in Medicine Hat, AB, even the local radio station, 96.1, gave props to the CMNT mentioning how they beat the States 2-0 and the most interesting thing about the win was that they didn’t need Drake’s help.
  2. Meh I don’t believe they’re such a focussed, and collective group. They don’t have the typical U-S-A U-S-A spirit. If anything I believe their team is in total disarray with all these egos that have been groomed for pseudo superiority, now having them destroyed by those same people like Gomez, Twellman, ESPN crew (minus Hislop) and the obnoxious MLS chick and co. The USMNT/SF and it’s hype machine are like a big dog that yaps a lot that just got smacked upside the head by the cat and is now whimpering with its tail between its legs. They have to hype their crap because MLS ESPN and co make their livings and money selling their product. They’re like used car salesmen.
  3. ^ that makes sense. I’d believe USSF MLS would do that to keep the hype machine going. In the end it’s Morris that ended up getting the shaft, being used as a tool.
  4. USnA commentators best be humble. Normally you’d think the Yanks would comeback firing in the return match but the way they played last night plus all the heat they’re getting from the press I wouldn’t be surprised if we get another win in November. I smell blood. USnA look like they’re a boxer on the ropes ripe for a knockdown.
  5. Point noted. I won’t say anything more about those Jabrones not being onboard. Shame on them, mainstream sports media outlets, for not supporting Cdn content let alone the national team, thus keeping the men’s team and men’s soccer on the fringe. Go hockey (can’t even win a cup in 26 yrs), BJs, NBA and NFL (we don’t even have a Cdn team). Although I’m curious as to how much 1S was asking. Were they extorting? About 1S: I like the program they build with in depth storylines & interviews. I like they upload their content. Andi Petrillo is a pro, knows her stuff, dresses professionally and stunning. What annoys me is: the audio sometimes skips or not even on; the match cuts out; they don’t check their microphones to see if they work; and Dunfield’s bias - buy a ticket if you want to be a cheerleader ffs. Not to mention most people dont have 1S so not much exposure of the CMNT or CPL. Also ( hope I don’t offend Voyageur Royalty here if there is some connection ) despite being knowledgeable Kurt Larson comes off a little pompous and somewhat arrogant not to mention another TFC homer. Whatever happened to being objective? I really like Nigel Reed he is professional, impartial and does excellent commentary. You don’t see him kissing anoose.
  6. Anyone else not surprised by Nacho’s reaction on skipping the post mortem? Instead of telling the media and fans after the Cdn Championship he wants to stay but it’s up to the club he should’ve just said what he’s been saying all along: that he wants to go home. Will be interesting how this will turn out. If I were in the front office’s shoes I’d pick up the option and sell him in the summer window. Maybe that was their plan this year but never panned out with his ongoing injuries.
  7. One Soccer sucks. I won’t subscribe. Why couldn’t one of the mainstream broadcasters get these games 🤦🏻‍♂️ I don’t feel it does well for promoting the game in this country. It keeps it as a fringe sport.
  8. Meh as much as I agree what’s the point to pay hard earned cash to see them lose to anyone like the worse team in the league (kinda like paying someone to kick your bits), TFC IMFC is a derby match. You never know what will happen. It’s worth it. If anything go after the whistle and bargain down for tickets.
  9. What are they going to do without Piatti next year?
  10. Taïder sucks. His free kicks are horrendous. Credit to Bacary Sagna for busting his chops in the box. That should’ve been a PK. But why is Sagna pressing in the box and not any of the attackers???
  11. Why they sign Fanni to just put him on the press gallery?
  12. Yeah he was brought in to change it up and save their season and it didn’t pay off. He shouldn’t come back next year. Garde could’ve done the same or better.
  13. WTF. Seriously Mtl should just not bother even playing if they just let anyone take a crap on them. 30 secs is all it took against ****** Cinci. There season is done. Not sure if focusing on the Cdn final will change their play. They look dead.
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