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  1. for those that didn’t see my new video that I posted on the Voyageurs Cup Cavalry IMFC Forum here’s the link. Just a short 2min clip. Enjoy. Feel free to check my other Impact videos.
  2. It’s always fun to meet the Quebec diaspora. Cavalry fans were pretty much respectful except for the one person who was cheeky to plant a red smoke bomb at our stands. The most comical thing was when security guards pulled us aside and wanted to know why we did it and threatened ejection. Montreal President was with us and he unpleasantly chirped “the color was red, we are blue.” Guess security still has a lot to learn on Soccer culture 101. I expect tensions to be rowdier this weekend for the AL Classico derby
  3. my video from yesterday’s amazing game. Spruce Meadows is an enjoyable experience. Enjoy!
  4. Got my tickets in the visiting fans section. Pumped for this game. I think the ambiance will be amazing. First time going to Spruce Meadows. From what I’ve seen the stadium is one of the nicest in CPL. Can’t believe they only have 6,000!
  5. Anyone going or know of any 1642 attending tomorrow’s game in Calgary? Thinking of making the trip down from Edmonton.
  6. 4 losses in a row. Latest article on TVA Sports is on full panic mode throwing the blame on many points: not having good scouts, being the 8th biggest budget in MLS yet Saputo’s money being wasted on Novillo, Urruti, Camacho. Also saying the Impact are just the lower end of Bologna’s totem pole getting their hand me downs, and Garde losing the locker room etc. Hopefully Nacho gets in soon before it’s too late but considering Nacho was to leave at the end of the season MTL should’ve already had a plan to make up for the loss in goals. Just complacent.
  7. Cav post game comments Herdman presser Cuban coach Mederos - en español
  8. I think he was going for the hat trick cause it was described at first as an own goal on RDS. And looking at the body language and facial expression of Arfield and Cav it did look as if Cav and Arfield were saying about doing something cheeky with a snicker. It backfired Herdman was uneasily laughing it off. Then at the end it looked live Cav said to Herdman sorry for the missed pk which Herdman shrugged off saying it’s ok. I could be wrong.
  9. 3-2 Mexico. I hope Herdman and the boys stuck around to watch. We give them wayyy too much respect and worse not even their A team.
  10. Yeah cause he likes to spice it up rather than make simple plays. I think today though he was bored.
  11. True we forced an error and capitalized as well. I’m just saying the guys can’t think Mexico is invincible. We scored on them. We had chances. A wise man once said this...
  12. Interesting point. During the game I was thinking how Rémi Garde’s pressing formation and counter attack would’ve performed against a team this talented. Mexico did a good job smothering us when we had the ball. 3 guys on one.
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