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  1. By the way, Argentina has a track record of not doing well in their opening matches.
  2. Mauro Biello orchestrated this to perfection. Now him and the boys will turn it on knowing what dreams lye ahead. Id rather play against Messi and champs Argentina in the very first match of Copa America than be in a group with Mexico Venezuela and Ecuador zzz zzz. Bring it on.
  3. For anyone wanting a good laugh on a compressed version of Tony Marinaro’s rant tearing into CF Montreal’s 2023 season have a look at this video:
  4. You’re quite optimistic my friend, I’d like to have that belief but there’s just too many missing pieces now with Spaghetti, Johnson, Koné, and Mihailovic gone, plus the loss of the mastermind in Nancy. We all know the club is hopeless when it comes to transfer windows. When was the last time we saw them be very active with good signings? Not only that, despite the profits from the sales of those players, how much do you really think Joey Saps is gonna reinvest into the team? He is quite stingy. I fear he won’t even have any DPs to start the season and was fine riding only 1 DP last year which didn’t help their run in the playoffs in my opinion. You can pay to bring in a top rate talent to secure yourself a better foothold in the cup race but you’d rather stick with the 1 DP that’s a defensive midfielder… oh boy. That’s like when they paid DP for Bernadello the first time around.
  5. I completely understand your point and sure this what the coach would say. He is a defensive midfielder. If we ever had a lead and wanted to hold it you’d put him in. I just find Piette does have a little more to offer and probably was a lot fresher, with more fight in him than a tired not in form 38 yr old Hutchinson. Granted Piette didn’t play his best Vs Japan in the friendly but during the season he made some stellar long passes and he was in the best shape of his life going into the World Cup. Lastly, Canada was already out of the tournament. Instead of putting Hutch who also is a defensive player, who had already two kicks at it v Belgium and Croatia, let another Veteran who’s given their time to the program the chance to prove himself.
  6. Sadly the Impact will completely suck next season. They lost a lot of good players and most importantly they lost the brain, Willy Nancies. Unfortunately the only kind of DP the Impact will get this year is a proper one, that will leave them hobbling until October.
  7. Sucks for the bulldog. I remember seeing this young pup at the hotel in Havana 10 years ago prior to the kick off Vs Cuba for 2014 Brazil WCQ, so green and eager to prove himself, just to finally make it the grandest of stages and not get a single bloody minute. As much as Hutchinson is shown respect for his service and getting in on all three matches when having only played a few minutes this season, you have someone that always gives his 100 like Sam, played all season long with a team that finished 3rd overall in MLS and get done like the bulldog he is - doggy styled.
  8. Well there definitely won’t be any sex cause: 1. Canada never made it to the Hex but rather the Octagonal 😜; and 2. It’s in Qatar. Probably typical of this bizarro WC, happening in the desert, in Nov/Dec. About the kit issue being much to do about nothing, I disagree, it’s a major snub from a yank company who probably are bitter we topped the group and is disrespectful to the players and their accomplishment. Getting a new kit to commemorate the event is a big deal. You wouldn’t just wear the same old clothes to a prestigious gala event you got invited to. Knowing the marketing track record of the CSA it wouldn’t surprise me if they dropped the ball yet again on a golden marketing opportunity to boost sales and the popularity of the sport which in some ways is typical of our country - when there’s a demand for something we often find a way to botch it or coque block ourselves. Nike needs to get pulled. We should just stick with local and have Roots or Hudson Bay design our kit from now on to have something original. Nike are not inspiring or creative anyways.
  9. Never would’ve thought I’d see the day when even our own players CONCACAF Canada. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  10. Was that a subtle dig tonight by Wheeler on Arfield when Eustaquio was subbed off? He mentioned something to the effect of dedication and wearing the maple leaf ahead of club.
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