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  1. Ça sent le 2014, 2018, where no signings came to fruition and we ended up with either nothing much (2014), or signing last minute cheap Cdn labour (Perrasso) and paid a lot to fix that mistake (Fanni, Camacho 2018).
  2. Announced on his Instagram. Seriously WTF are the Impact DOING!?!? They do realize they are playing in CCL this spring and their schedule will be compact? They haven’t brought in much yet let go of plenty. This is so typical of them to penny pinch especially with older guys just to lowball them. They gave Fanni the screws at the end of last season then look desperate signing him late in the season. They need to realize if they want quality, no matter the age, it comes at a price. Stop being so frugal. Their team of the decade snubbed him as it would prove he is right in asking whatever he wanted, yet a guy like Borjan who’s played less and been there less, was put on their bench? Bac - one of my favourite players ever! Sad we won’t have you in 🇨🇷 Here’s looking back...
  3. If it were Iceland’s #1 team I’d be a little reserved. However considering they’ll likely be without their stars plus us having a lot of our NA players available despite having a few months off will be countered with the fact Canada needs the win. It will be like one team playing playoff do or die knockout soccer vs a team that is just trying out their depth. Iceland would be like “hell why so intense bruh?”
  4. I hate to cry over spilled milk however this new CONCACAF top 6 ranked make the hex while the rest of the confederation fight for a .5 crumb is total rubbish. How can they be so dumb to come up with a plan like that? If not dumb it comes off shady as F that the Yanks and Mexs want to face the least adversity. Why would the other mbr countries agree to that? Look at Conmebol. 10 nations dukeing it out for 5.5. You tell me they couldn’t do the same and make it 10 instead of 6? Wouldn’t 10 countries be more beneficial for soccer in this region? Also, I know the story behind how Latin America don’t consider Guyana, French Guyana and Suriname part of South America but really that’s lame. They should be in Conmebol. Those countries are physically attached to South America. And if it is all about language then why don’t they have Panama, Costa Rica and ESV, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Hon in their federation? Ok rant over.
  5. TVA Sports is reporting the end of the journey between Bacary Sagna and the Montreal Impact. They mention Bac’s Instagram account which lists his former clubs and dates spent there with Montreal now having an end date of “December 2019” followed by a “Next” underneath. The team is having some holes to fill in defence with Cabrera, Lovitz gone and Brault-Guillard not signed. https://www.tvasports.ca/2019/12/22/divorce-entre-limpact-et-bacary-sagna
  6. Apparently Mrs Nacho is not onboard and as I suspected this matter has not been concluded...
  7. And with that lets look back at his excellent form in 2017... 😎🤓
  8. Yeah I read about this on the Montreal impact fan forum. Interesting.
  9. Not much for your avg footballer eh when you think they stop “working” at max 36-38 years old (if they’re that good and healthy). At $150k that’s what some people make in 2 years. Enough time to at least pay off a nice house in Montreal.
  10. Hey Voyageurs and IMFC fans. Check out my new video on botched player signings by IMFC. Please share within the Montreal community. Enjoy!
  11. This thread is hilarious. I didn’t know Terry Dunfield and Posh Beckhams were having an affair in Cuba!
  12. At least he has some experience in the MLS. Now he will have to get a system down before the start of Champions League.
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