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  1. TBH i believe he was one of our best today, and that's saying something
  2. Alot of players were absolutely awful not one was decent, however i do not share the opinion that some of these players should never put on a jersey again you win like a team and you lose like one!
  3. The majority of rovers fan believe he is likely headed back to Germany. Interest from Schalke (regular player) and Bayern (squad player). I know that he truly enjoyed his stay with St Pauli when he was loaned out, maybe he misses Germany.
  4. Seems they are not with the reserves but with QPR's U19 team. They are currently in the International Tournement of Bellinzona, in a group with Spartak Moscow, Boca Juniors and FC Basel. They played Spartak won 4-0, Petrasso scored (to make it 3-0) and lost 2-1 to Boca, don't know if one of the guys scored though.
  5. Dylan Carreiro as well as Micheal Petrasso are in England with QPR (based on twitter convo) they will be there till May 14th. Also based on their twitter accounts they may be playing against West Ham reserves tomorrow. Michael Petrasso ‏ @petrasso20 Game for West Ham reserves tomorrow dylan carreiro ‏ @CarreiroDylan game vs west ham reserves tomorrooww
  6. Always had hope for this guy but after his recent comments this guy can **** right off.
  7. His agent has at the game today (Armenia v Canada) he spoke to Gavin Day (rednationonline/freelance journalist) These are his tweets Gavin Day ‏ @gavinlday Junior Hoilett's agent was at the game today. Also agent for Sam Piette. Says Hoilett's had some interest from Liverpool, Arsenal and Spurs. Gavin Day ‏ @gavinlday Close He says Hoilett wants to play for Canada but father is rather insistent he play for Jamaica... #canMNT https://twitter.com/#!/gavinlday
  8. He talked about JR and JDG2 but also of a couple others, he would not go into detail, prob because he is in preliminary discussion with those guys.
  9. Jalali and Froese are going to Europe according to Steven Sandor (clubs have not confirmed yet) http://the11.ca/2012/01/06/jalali-froese-gonzalez-wont-be-present-when-fc-edmonton-begins-january-training/
  10. How do you know? Either way TFCA is losing quality players
  11. yes its Dylan talking to Piette
  12. I believe he is a member of your Canadian u18 squad and he is about to sign with QPR @samuelpiette yes im just about to sign a contract with qpr @samuelpiette 2 years , and option for 3rd Here is the conversation he was having with Samuel Piette, i believe this is all down to Marc Bircham who saw him in Costa Rica during the Canadian development camp there. He captained that squad (FYI) https://twitter.com/#!/Carreiiro10 Conversation happened on January 10th
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