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  1. When's the last time we hosted the u17 qualifying tournament?
  2. By the time Henry retires he may be at the top of penalties conceded list for MLS.
  3. Bayiha and Choiniere on as 2nd half subs today in a 1-0 win over the crew. The kids are really getting their chances in Montreal.
  4. I get that people want to continue their soccer dream. But why would a Canadian attend Northern Kentucky University? I had a friend who came back to Canada with his degree from a similar school after being on an athletic scholarship. He applied to law in Canada school and was rejected. I heard the law school wasn't very impressed with his undergrad. Whether that's fact or fiction, I can't say for sure. But it should make someone think twice.
  5. Either we beat two minnows or we don't. I'm fine with the draw. It's time we step up or shut up.
  6. The Impact lack depth in a bad way. They really need to add some bodies, especially offensive players.
  7. TFC 2 looked strong last night. Refreshing to hopefully see them boss some games this year with the lower league.
  8. Montreal is very reliant on a couple players (let's be honest, mostly just Piatti) and have not evolved ever since he joined. Whatever they get, management deserves.
  9. Seems like a smart plan to first test the waters.
  10. Hard to see him getting another chance after today.
  11. Can someone sum up the article for me?
  12. Buchanan in a bad environment for......any player. His coach is delusional and his team is not looking good.
  13. I actually really like the Eddies roster. Time will tell if I'm wrong, but I rate them as a top 3-4 club in the league. Paulus is getting players he's familiar with, many of whom are experienced with the North American game, including travel.
  14. Nice to have players actually doing combinations in the attacking third. I haven't seen that forever from Canada. Teibert and Larin were a noticable drop in offensive quality when they came on.
  15. VDW is not off the books, his salary will still count against the salary cap this season. They can only get one salary off the books per season by cutting a player. Aketxe was already cut this season. He is that one player. TFC had a nightmare offseason last year when they spent big on VDW and Aketxe.
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