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  1. A carbon copy of last week! I’ll sing Tom Jones to that: ”Sex Toye, Sex Toye, he’s Mason Toye”
  2. Tremendous performance by the Club Des Flocons (snowflakes). I don’t give two schitts they’re still impact. As for Nancy I believe he is a higher calibre coach than Henry. Quioto looks like he’s taking off from last season. He had a few good chances. ZBG amazing runs. Mihailovic really impressed me the way he made TFC look like pylons on hwy 20. Waterman really didn’t look good. He got blitzed a couple of times.
  3. Glad the game was in Mexico. Check what happened to Belize a few days ago in Port au Prince. Hope Mad Dog and Maestro are ok 😜
  4. Well said mate. New Freaking Era by order of the Peaky freaking Blinders.
  5. Not that big of a loss in my opinion. I wasn’t too impressed with his coaching tactics. Let’s call it what it was, a marketing ploy. His record could’ve been better had they not played on the road the whole season.
  6. Love it! I’ll switch allegiances for sure if that happens. They should bring the entire Clique back, “outsiders”, that would send a message. I was a big Sandro Grande fan. Never liked how they treated Sandro after the choking out of the brother-in-law.
  7. very good video I suggest you watch in its entirety. However if you want to skip to Club d Foot go to 10:24
  8. https://www.lapresse.ca/sports/soccer/2021-02-06/cf-montreal/des-partisans-manifestent-contre-le-nouveau-nom-de-l-impact.php
  9. So much time distracted on this marketing change can anyone say if ❄️ signed their 1st DP 😝? I believe they only have Wanyama as their 1 DP at the moment with Taider and Piatti gone. I guess making the team competitive ain’t of major importance. “It’s not what’s in the substance that matters but what’s on the surface.” ”Never judge a book by its cover... or its contents either.”
  10. BTW here’s UM02’s letter to the brass telling them to knock it off and reverse course. Cheers.
  11. I don’t understand how an organization can turn on its own identity and fan base which they built for 28 years and were even marketing with their Impact Montréalais up to the very end. This move had nothing to do about their fans and revealed how shallow and desperate they are for attention, insecure in their own identity, ironically indicative of today’s society. Is Impact a great name? Maybe not but so what!? it’s ours. We own it. IMFC is Montreal. Take some pride in yourselves! They’re trying to placate to who exactly? Mr. Saputo will realize, if not already, how such a poor idea it was. It
  12. Hey everyone. Put out a new Impact video. This one is a short clip paying homage to some of the best players who suited up for the bleu blanc noir. Getting these players together on FIFA13. Pretty nostalgic. TFC fans will enjoy as well.
  13. Pumped out another, this time on Maxi Urruti who was on fire under Thierry Henry then Corona happened.
  14. Hey everyone was bored so made a new video. Basically like those videos that say “Things they don’t want you to know” Check in the description for details of each event.
  15. I really like ZBG but this is the growing pains with playing the young boys. I really miss Sagna in these situations.
  16. They hurt themselves digging a hole in the 1st half as Thierry mentioned by getting schooled. However in the second half they got CONCACAFed Like who’s the referee here? The man on the spot who without hesitation made the call or the guy on the line yards away!? Man this region really gives me the creeps. Like Liam Neesons said in Rob Roy “best be no skullduggery here”
  17. For those who don’t follow the Impact see how Thierry Henry was asked during spring training to give one word to describe each player. Ballou at 9:15 the first time I saw this I didn’t get a good feeling. https://www.tvasports.ca/2020/01/21/thierry-henry-decrit-les-joueurs-de-limpact-en-un-mot “Enigma”
  18. The club said Wanyama will be their new DP. Saw his highlights. Pretty damn good but giving DP to a guy that’s had injuries now that’s a gamble that hopefully doesn’t end up in this video. What better way to care for your new asset then to have him hop onto the pitch at stade olympique. 🤦🏻‍♂️
  19. Bojan looks like he needs to shake off some rust. His timing is off.
  20. Good on the Montreal Ultras. I can hear them singing. Love it.
  21. 2-0 up!!! Incredible. But we already made 2 subs Camacho and Okwanko out Waterman makes his debut and Urruti in.
  22. I get this was an exhibition with hardly anyone in attendance however Portland came out with a 2-1 win va Saprissa earlier this month. Guess who scored the winning goal? Ken Krolicki! Oh and last week there was a little piquante in the Ultras section. 15 people detained.
  23. I’m not feeling the magic after their lackluster pre-season. Scoring still seems to be a problem. I’m also not convinced Thiery Henry is the right man either. I really hope I’m wrong but I’m afraid at least until the summer window it will be a really rough go for the team. I hope I eat my words but I see an early exit in CCL 0:2 and 0:1 (0:3agg).
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