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  1. Does anybody have any current membership numbers? It was at 336 a few days ago, I've been optimistically hoping they'd break 500 before the next club is announced.
  2. I like the name. Much better than C-League, which quite literally sounds third-rate.
  3. Pretty much. It's also not as though we don't have other equal or greater striking prospects in his age group.
  4. TFC loan Hamilton to CD Trofense in Portugal's D2
  5. A top flight league sounds great. I can't imagine a CFL backed league being anything less than NASL level at the top of the table and solid USLPRO toward the bottom. A good starting skill level with good stadia and marketing means I'm optimistic. CPL would be my preference. I can't see Canada League One having much allure to people who aren't already into the national soccer scene. They might even go with Canadian Soccer Premiership or some such, for CSP. Hell, maybe we'll have a league sponsor a la the Barclay's? BMO Canadian Premier League, perhaps?
  6. Thanks for bringing that into the thread. Actually pretty exciting stuff, and plausible when you consider that with the roster sizes being smaller, reduced costs for equipment, and smaller coaching staff you could run a pro soccer team of similar quality to the CFL for only a fraction of the cost.
  7. I think you're actually highlighting the issue here though: We don't want to be Wales to America's England forever. It's great we have some Swanseas and Cardiffs in MLS and NASL, but adding in a supposedly "top flight" league parallel to those is just creating another CSL (not the 1987-1992 one, either).
  8. So...your comment about people not reading the article in mind, where was that distinction made in the article, at all? Because people in this thread have been discussing how ludicrous it is to call something either "1" or "1A" when you really mean "3".
  9. Apparently Janeil and DeRo scored last night.
  10. I wouldn't focus too much on the accent, he sounds more midAtlantic than faux-Scottish. My dad married a lady from Ireland they moved back to Canada and about four to six months later her family back home were asking her "Why are you talking like that?" on the phone. The kid's surrounded by Scottish accents, it'll impact the way he speaks.
  11. Yeah, the premier league style stadium and repeating ad nauseum that it will still be primarily a soccer facility with a focus on keeping the intimacy shows exactly that. It's not like they just dropped over $100 million on the club to make it competitive.
  12. I'm not sure why this NFL Toronto thing is expected to automagically destroy the Argos, the fanbase of which has to be at least 50% composed of people who would support the CFL over the NFL on principle and have strong emotional ties to the club; as well as TFC who're receiving significant investment and for all intents and purposes could someday fill a 40,000-seater with regularity. When you consider that the NFL Toronto series has been declining in popularity, drawing less than 40,000 last time. That's a pretty significant drop from how it began, and while an NFL team in Toronto would most likely be profitable, it seems a little silly to think that 1) those profits would dwarf the Argos and TFC combined in perpetuity 2) MLSE would simply decide that the additional profits from CFL and MLS was money they literally didn't want anymore.
  13. The Argos endzones will be under the retractable stands during soccer matches, so it's not really relevant to that.
  14. The roof alone is going to work wonders for attendance on rainy days. While a small part of me is going to miss watching in hellish weather, I think as I get older I'm going to want to avoid pneumonia.
  15. Actually, I was thinking about the fact that he's going to Europe at just 17 and has offers from clubs in other countries where he could become a citizen and play for European teams before he'd be aged out of his prime.
  16. Those wankers will pay top dollar for tickets to sit and wank and the match. That money will be used to further improve our program.
  17. There's also been discussion of a 2026 world cup bid. You can bet on Toronto needing a massive stadium in order to host major matches in that.
  18. Why is Desso not a part of conversation at all? Would a partially synthetic surface not help with the wear & tear of football games? Also, what happened to the talk of the Argos going to Mississauga or some such?
  19. Bekker gets used as a sub and in reserve matches, probably would make the most sense to put Aparicio, Welshman, Roberts, and Hamilton on an affiliate team.
  20. Concur. As someone who firmly believes that the only requirement to being Canadian is a desire to actually be one and a willingness to compromise with others on what exactly "being Canadian" is I get a bit irritated at people claiming you should only be able to rep the country of your birth. I know plenty of people born in Bosnia and Serbia who would call themselves Canadian first, not just because they're citizens but because they feel themselves to be Canadians in their hearts. I have no problem with Canadian emigrants who have a new homeland they identify with playing for them, it's the blatant opportunism of guys like Whoregreaves, Vitoria, et al. that gets me.
  21. Personally I think growing the open competition would be the best path towards our own league. You'd have the stability of American leagues for the clubs running parallel to a demonstration that domestic competition can be done.
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