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CPL locations betting pool


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With the big important CPL approval meeting apparently happening today, I think we need to get some bets going about what cities will take part in its inaugural season.

I'll keep this post updated with everyone's guesses.  You can guess any number of cities - even zero if you think this won't happen.  Provinces or "GTA team" won't get you anything, and "Toronto" won't get you points if the team's in Mississauga.

+1 point for every city you guess that's part of the CPL's first season
-1 point for every city you guess that's not part of the CPL's first season

Person with the most points gets bragging rights and an unspecified number of Voyageurs points.

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I'll hazard a guess that the start with six, but with more to be added later is because western Canada isn't solidly in the mix at this point. Almost all of the recent rumours and mainstream news reports on this revolve around Ontario, so if this does get off the ground I'll go with a 1960s ECPSL or 1970s NSL type geographical spread with Hamilton, Toronto {possibly but not necessarily TFC II rebranded in some way}, Ottawa {probably but not necessarily the Fury}, Montreal {possibly but not necessarily Impact II rebranded in some way}, Quebec City, plus one more from somewhere in the Quebec-Windsor corridor (possibly the rumoured billionaire in the GTA if TFC II were a factor, for the sake of argument let's call them the AFC North York Rockets, but maybe a group like the K-W PDL team or FC London).

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Original 6

  • Hamilton
  • Winnipeg
  • Toronto (Varsity Stadium reconfigured or Lower bowl of BMO Field)*
  • Ottawa
  • Regina
  • Calgary

*BMO field is owned by the city of Toronto, not MLSE. Unless there's an agreement that the facility is to be used exclusively but MLSE, nothing stops a CPL team from renting the stadium.*

1st Expansion (2019-2020) (emphasis on locations with existing stadiums and bringing the Pacific, Quebec and Maritimes in the fold to have a real Canadian league coast to coast)

  • Edmonton (different ownership hence the 2019 rumor for clubs needing extra time to figure things out-Expanded Clark Stadium)
  • Quebec City (PEPS Stadium)
  • Moncton (Stadium used during the 2015 World Cup)
  • Victoria (A temporary stadium like Empire Field can be build for very cheap)

2nd Expansion (Post 2020 with Canada hosting 2026 World Cup)

More stadiums gets upgraded and built due to FIFA tournament being expanded. We could be very interesting to FIFA by pitching more stadiums (with temporary 40kseats which can be downgraded after) within the Quebec-Windsor Corridor which would give us a logistic advantage in a bid. Those new stadiums would be heavily subsidized, attracting investors to own a CPL team.

  • Halifax (Brand new stadium)
  • Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge (Brand new stadium)
  • London (Brand new Stadium)
  • Windsor (Brand new Stadium)
  • Vancouver (Waterfront Stadium gets finally build, shared between CPL and Whitecaps) or Vancouver-Surrey (CPL New Stadium)
  • Montreal Downtown (Percival-Molson stadium)
  • St John's (Brand new stadium)
  • Saskatoon (Brand new stadium)

Table of 18 teams :D

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