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  1. So, TFC is back to its normal self. Carry On.
  2. Guess you hadn't been introduced the the sites resident troll.
  3. Currently a free download for those who get the full game via Steam.
  4. Announced attendance of 5,103. There were some open patches but a lot of that was at either end of the main stand. That has been an issue for much of the season. Should put Pacific at over 3,000/game this season.
  5. 1-0 at the half. The Women have to get better at finishing their opportunities.
  6. Good push there. Japanese were going down to block those attempts.
  7. Good crowd in Shizuoka, especially with the Rugby World Cup on. Japan gets a good goal attacking from the wing. Canada gets an opportunity just after the goal. they have Huitema and Cincy up front.
  8. Yes, we all wish we had foresight to deal with BC Hydro.🙄 I put Clarke down as it still has the disjointed feel to it. Those manning the broadcast booth generally had to have the broadcast cables run through the stands in order to get to the truck (that was certainly during the NASL days). It could easily be built up in a manner that Westhills is heading, but certain groups will certainly have a say about it.
  9. Well, we are taking seriously the words of a troll who relies on what is in many was a troll site. I'm used to being in hot weather conditions, especially with travel and work over the past few years, but even I learn to have my limits. Victoria, hasn't been too bad with hot weather compared to last year (certainly been more of a wet summer). This is often why I would consider that the only daytime matches should be played on a Sunday. If not for the need to have broadcast requirements, PFC and others would certainly like to have matches in the evening.
  10. Remember, this was the guy who was basically licking the rear of TFC from the moment it was announced. He pumped it even when the team was garbage for most of its history. He went overboard when they won some unimportant cup and used it as proof that MLS was doing what is was supposed to. However, it never turned out well for him after that speedball and he's paying for it with some useless trolling. Anybody who wishes to quote him still, I have the stick ready for use.
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