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  1. For those of you who gave me their email, I just sent out an update on this.
  2. we will go with whatever the cpl site has listed once the rosters are set.
  3. I'm attempting to balance the scoring system enough so that it won't matter. But it may be a case of choose wisely once the scoring system is set.
  4. No. Please Stop. No need to kill the three most successful teams quite yet. Let the CanPL piggy back on the MLS credibility through the voyageurs cup until CPL gets it's legs. And then potentially the CSA could step in. Way too soon now, though.
  5. Bumping this thread to the front page (shamelessly ;) ) There's nearly 20 of us now, and I think we've more or less settled on a format. If you didn't get my email but want in, let me know. Here's the tentative format/scoring system: Format: Eleven Player Roster - 4 D, 4M, 2F, 1G Each Manager gets 5 Add/Drops per season - use them wisely Each manager gets to designate one player(you could call this a "designated player" ;) ) that no other manager may have on their roster. Other than this, managers can select players that other managers have on their rosters. This will be determined by a draft(likely draw names out of a hat- once we know the order i'll email people in order with the list of players protected).
  6. Hadn't thought of this. Yeah, it might get complicated. I wonder if we could each take a team to keep track of(assuming I can find 7 of us, but pretty close already). I don't know if I would be able to keep track of all of that for the entire league. But I could handle doing it for say.. FC Edmonton. We probably won't be able to know the exact system until fairly close to the start of the season(as I said, not sure what they'll track). I wonder if I send Pauly B a message if he'll get back to me/know
  7. yea I wanna do these but I'm not sure if they'll track them. Down the road, as you said.
  8. fair enough, let me know if you guys have any ideas for format
  9. People can just post their email addresses here if they are interested. I have a pretty good idea of how I would do it, just throwing it out there that i'm open to ideas
  10. Hey Folks, Hope everyone is doing well. I'm just wondering if anyone is already planning or would be interested in helping me organize a fantasy league for next year, just gonna kind of put the word out everywhere and see what comes up. There will be a few logistical challenges and I'm not sure if there will be any official system for us to use, so it might be pretty manual/basic for the first year. But I know it wouldn't be quite the same for me without it. Here's the scoring system I was thinking about - it's pretty basic, but if the stats recorded in the first year of CPL are as limited as I think they might be(no one is expecting passing % for example, are they?) then this should be manageable to keep track of and calculate. I'm not sure if this makes sense or needs tweaks, and we would also need to talk about team selection and things like injuries etc etc. Curious to hear what people think.
  11. I won't go blue in the face holding my breath, but good luck there bud!
  12. There are plenty of suitable places in Edmonton. Hawrlak(sp?) park and Gallagher park come to mind
  13. The only way I would like it more is if they literally used the one I designed. It's great, really represents what Edmonton has become as opposed to what it used to be/what people who aren't from there think it is. Can't wait til i pay for this wedding/credit card debt and can afford a bit more swag haha
  14. Maybe it's due to the french thing, but I feel like you guys are the exception. It was damn near impossible to talk to people about Ft lauterdale and Jacksonville when FC Edmonton was in NASL, but the prospect of Edm vs Cgy has even casual sports fans somewhat interested. In terms of how to describe it - I said this the other day and it seemed fair. "It's not a farm league but it'll likely be a bit below MLS in terms of quality simply due to the fact that some markets are smaller" I know there is MLS hate but people do somewhat respect it and this is a believable and more or less true statement.
  15. Yea I will say i'm pretty surprised there isn't blue but maybe that'll be part of the kit colours? this version is a little low resolution but other than that I think it's my favourite so far.
  16. what does the financial contribution do? (not very familiar with it)
  17. it would be hilarious if Victoria took it from Van and then never had a chance to lose it to portland or seattle so just held on to it until Van beat them again. Not sure portland and seattle would see it that way though
  18. Forgive my ignorance if this has been talked about already, I haven't been on here much recently, but has anyone considered the possibility that Port City actually refers to Mississauga? am not from the east so don't even know if this makes sense.
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