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  1. im glad tha Shaffelberg is getting some playing time and rewarding his coaches with some good play
  2. He got a 7.0 rating om Fotmob
  3. if Waterman continues to improve like Kamal Miller i think we will see him get a call up soon
  4. It will be diffulcult especially in the altitude of Azteca and CONCACAF officials too, Every game day that Canada has had Ive gone Too Mass over at ST Joseph Catholic Church here in Guelph since they started the Octagon matches and each time Canada has not lost , So On October 7 Ill be going to early morning mass that day.
  5. just keep winning when it matters, and you will see us gradually move up in the rankings
  6. Im glad he is strating to find his confidence back still a way to go but good for him
  7. I VOTED for Tomori due to the lack of depth we have at the CB position
  8. I wish Concacaf had a U21 tournament similiar to UEFA
  9. Last week when I was at the Canada Honduras match we had Hondurian supporters surrounding us but to be honest they nice and like me they were just happy to be watching some live footy
  10. I know nothing about The Fraser Valley bid . Hopefully they will have a suitable staduim in place, Ive been hearing rumours about Barrie Ontario, But I think its important that they put a team in Quebec City, they can grab some of the french speaking market , plus a great road trip
  11. Would love to get my Hands on a 1986 team Canada Jersey and a 2015 jersey
  12. IM glad Doniel Henry is improving Ive been pulling for him since 2014 when he played for TFC
  13. I am glad with the point we could have had another goal in the first half when Larin missed that that chance fron the Davies set up but thats how the ball rolls sometimes . in the 30 minutes Buchanen had he was deadly , My un sung hero goes to Sammy Adugube . lets keep,this rolling
  14. Aew we favourites probably but not overwhelming but I would love to avenge forthat 8 nil drubbing and all the otyer times we have lost to them
  15. IF things are okay covid wise I am hoping to go to the January 28th game vs Mexico at BC place .
  16. TSN would rather talk about the Leafs
  17. any news of a upcoming transfer for Buchanan
  18. I didnt see the game but from the sounds of it looks like he had a bad start but according to FOTMOB he was POM and had a rating of 8.4
  19. Hopefully the coaching staff at TFC will give Priso some more playing time . The rest is up to him
  20. ZBG is getting better and better each game
  21. right now as far as CBs go I would have Kennedy and Miller ahead of Henry
  22. According to FOTMOB he was given a rating of 6.8
  23. Well done young ladies Hopefully this will lead to more Corporate funding towards Soccer in this Country
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