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  1. I like the call ups similar to what we had in October. MY only concern is please no brain farts by henry
  2. The best part of our victory over the US was everytime guys like Pulisic and there other big time forward who plays for Seattle I forget his name , guys like Piette , Arfield , were on top of them they couldn't do anything . At gthe same time they could not handle Laryea speed and play to the point were they were trying to goad him into a card
  3. we need to look further than the three MLS academies for starters. hopefully some of these players will get loaned out to CpL teams down the road
  4. Larin's form while playing for Canada has been to say at best mediocre , I Would use him as as a Sub
  5. good to hear hopefully that can raise his confidence up
  6. I can see Larin getting a call I would only use him as a late sub though to be honest, I think Herdmann has to tell his guys that this game in Orlando is way more important than Oct 15. For one thing A place in the Hex is at stake , The Americans are going to be coming at them harder, Hopefully Herdmann uses some of the commentary from the American Soccer Media as extra motivation
  7. Canada only motivation should be the lack of respect they gave us after the win who cares if they have some new editions that's part of the game my concern will be the bias reffing that will occur .
  8. im a bit nervous about the game in Orlando. I'm expecting he usual concacaf ******** officiating I notice some of the American players were trying goad LARAYEA. who says they try that stuff again
  9. Halifax would awesome for a team Canada game
  10. listening to guys like Gomez and Twellman if I were a guy like Herdmann I would be using this as motivation big time , Afriend of mine made a good point we beat the The Yanks with a player who barely gets first team minutes with TFC Liam Fraser
  11. We beat the most overrated nation in Soccer ALL year they have played all there games at home to chicken to play abroad. Davies outshone Pulisic bigtime
  12. Ya at work I was singing it all shift especially in front of these Trump and Ford Nation idiots I gat to deal with
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