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  1. To anyone going to Edmonton all I can say is go And enjoy this experience . Ive been to Edmonton for the 2002 Grey Cup and they did a great job organizing stuff so I am sure they will do decent job with this too
  2. Im sure theyn will be at either 7 pm or 7 30 pm Edmonton Time
  3. I guess it depended on what carriage you were on I was on the Lakeshore West line I started from Burlington Go
  4. 338 000 is decent . especially with NHL season openers and MLB playoffs going on at the same time.
  5. We live in a Hockey crazed Country , On Wednesday I took the Go Train to BMO and to be honest on the train at around 5:00pm it seemed to be a 2 to 1 ratio of Leaf fans compared to CMNT fans .
  6. Glad to see him score today . Hopefully this will lead to more playing time in Klagenfurt.
  7. now your talking this is what we need to grow the game here
  8. Ive heard he is living in the States now enjoying retirement
  9. Not the biggest fan of Drake"s Music but Im glad he is sticking his nose into the CMNT we need this sort of endorsement and I say keep it up
  10. After the mat3ch on Wednesday , on my train ride home I talked to a few guys who were at the Leaf game and the first thing they asked me was about Davies Goal, and how was the game. The next morning at work some guys who I thought could care less about The CMNT or Soccer in General were talikg about the Wednesday's game . I think we have finally turned the corner guys.
  11. As far as Wheeler leave him alone . Yes he can be a bit homer like which I do find a bit cringe worthy , but he has a passion of Soccer and like me he wants to see it get to the next level here in this Country and for that I tip my hat to him
  12. I've always liked Gerry Dobson and Craig Forrest . My personal favourite moment was during the 2007 Gold Cup fsemi Final vs the U.S. and the debacle that was that dissallowed goal seeing Both Dobson and Forest just lose there shit on Live TV was hilarous.
  13. My introduction to Canadian Soccer broadcasting was Steve Armitage and the Late Graham Leggett on CBC broadcasting the World Cup in 1982 .
  14. was there on Wednesday maybe the best atmosphere ever at a CMNT game . well done to the players and lets continue this pace we still have a ways to go . I brought my Good Luck Rosary with me and it never let me down. In terms of Importance I think Davies Goal is up there with Altidores game winning goal at MLS CUP Final 2017 as far goals being scored at BMO Field . for sure the best Goal I have ever seen a CMNT player score. . I want to say a special shout out to the supporters in section 112 where I was seated for making the night a very memorable moment
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