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  1. Hopefully he goes to Cruz Azul he will get some playing time there Liga MX is not that bad
  2. Quebec City make it happen, also Kitchener Waterloo
  3. October cannot come soon enough
  4. we lost oh well at least we are in the U17 World Cup which was the objective . Lets prepare for tha instead and hope for the best
  5. Now with CPL I am hoping these Clubs both current and future will create Acediemies therefore making our player pool even larger
  6. it would be nie to beat the americans
  7. Quebec city would be awesome Looking forward to that I can only imagine the Impact v Quebec City CCL match ups Habb v Nordiques all over again
  8. will be interested to see any CPL players called up .
  9. I watched the game today and I was pleased with what I saw my only complaint was Jim Brennan's tie . just a bit to loud for me, but kidding aside. The play on the field was fun to watch two nice goals and some excellent shot stopping from Ingram
  10. MAK Piette and Eustachio we finally have some depth
  11. My starting 11 Borjan Godinho Henry James Adekube Osorio Atiba Arfield Davies Cavalini Junior. This is just a rough idea this will will probably change down the road
  12. error on my part it Denver is 5200ft not meters sorry
  13. Traveling 3500km in 8 days plus one game playing in 5200m above sea level in Denver , Canada sure has it rough but lets see how Herdmann does his squad rotation
  14. don't mean to whine here but the distances are just to far for me to travel
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