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  1. Right now I would go with Sam at starting LB , and have Davies as a winger , As far as Miller he would be number 2 but didn't soeone mention that he has played at CB
  2. Now that MLS is restarting (Hopefully) I am going to moniter the likes of Raposo in Vancouver Shamit Shome in Montreal and Kamal Miller in Orlando and hope for continuing improvement
  3. we can only hope he can regain his form
  4. its good that we have both David and Davies to build around but I want to see the Liam Millers, Doniell Henry's and Cyle Larins of this world up, there game
  5. I would like to see other areas other than the GTA producing good players
  6. I am not concerned with Superstars I just want us to produce some solid decent players
  7. I can see Herdmann using Davies similar to how Zidane uses Marcelo at Real Madrid
  8. Hopefully in the near future Atiba will come a coach with our National teams he he has played at a high level for many years and his experience could be very vital.I cannot think of any other Canadian past and present who is adored and respected internationaly than him
  9. Nice goal by Junior today, I have always found with the CMNT that Hoilett is at his best when he is dribbling and taking on guys and more recently coming off the bench.
  10. I totally forgot about all the travel Team Canada did during the last Gold Cup . Didn't they go from Pasedena to Denver to Nashville , and finally to Charlotte NC I don't remember the last city. That's a bit of travel there plus different altitudes. I agree with you Bison if you have some of the games involving The Caribbean nations I think you will see a big crowd at BMO and Saputo
  11. Im willing to give this guy a shot We do need all the help on our backline
  12. I wish the Gold Cup was a bigger deal here in our region than I think you would see different regions take turn and hosting it . But it is not , I think in the next few editions we will see Toronto, Montreal and Edmonton maybe hosting games as 2026 approaches, involving Canada playing someone, One thing I do like about the Gold Cup are the double headers in. Actually its the only thing I like about it.
  13. Mitrovic should look at the option of knowing that in 6 years he could play in a World Cup without going through the qualifying stages of course barring any injuries
  14. Bison 44 I have a feeling we will not see a lot transfers in European Soccer this year due to lack of funds because of the COVID.
  15. Ive always said Larin should go were he can get playing time if he stays in Belguim then so be it
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