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  1. cannot see the reason why they dont use MLS Staduums at keast during the round robin and QF.
  2. Just curious to see what most of you guys think on how we can improve the way The Gold Cup is run . Love to see your Ideas
  3. after yesterday there should be case for Canada vs The USA matchup at least once a year , how both federations work this out Not sure but we should make it happen
  4. Ya the reffing was not the greatest but at the same time we should have finished our chances we had
  5. I hate to say this guys but with Qatar Hosting the World Cup in 2022 dint be surprised if we see another Korea in 2002. I hope I am wrong big time.
  6. i love International Soccer the more the better I say , But The Gold Cup and the way it has been run through the years kind of saddens me. It should be every 4 years , played in different countries not just in the US .
  7. I would love for Canada to give the Americans a hard game tommorow not saying being rough and Physical but give them a reminder of who we are, This tournament has been a chance for Herdmann to evaluate players that are on the bubble of a first team call up
  8. Plus they pay a lot more than MLS
  9. they have recieved a lot of champions league money so they may have the cash, at the same time I dint think his value would not be that high
  10. Obinna I would rathert see him go to big club like a Sporting, Atalanta, Fiorentina, Ajax,
  11. this will be a good test for Tajon if he has a decent tournament He could get some interest from Europe who knows
  12. Qatar are the Champions Of Asia and they dd beat a good Japan team in the final
  13. Our CB situation is improving , ALL teams have a weak link somewere , look at some teams in the Euro both Spain and Italy lack that striker , for example
  14. as far as Arfield not being at the Gold Cup not surprised to be honest I would rsther have him ready for WCQ if he decides to come. Lets face it he is in his early thirties and may require more rest than others plus not a fan of the Gold Cup and what it has become to be honest.
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