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  1. Lets keep an eye on this kid and hopefully he can develop as a solid player for Canada for years to come
  2. TFC Reject and must be good so true lol
  3. he has had two solid starts for Houston To me he is better on the right side than left. Well done so far by the Elmira Ontario boy
  4. cristante wasnt going to commit to CANADA
  5. Zambrano is gone , Herdmann in charge and know lets forward the past is the past
  6. Well done By the Whitecaps, Nice to see them start 5 Canadians keep up the good work guys . Lets piss off those American MLS teams
  7. TFC lost that sucks but it was nice to see CF Montreal win Im hoping that both TFC and Montreal caN renew that rivalary they had going during the seasons of 2015,2016 and 2017. That Eastern Conference final two leg series they had in 2016 was maybe the best thing to happen in Soccer in this country since Canada won the Gold Cup in 2000. And this guy here wants to see it again in the near future , And yes I am a TFC Diehard
  8. He will be a starter in the near future . for now bring him in around 60 or so minute in games.
  9. if it was up to me, The Gold Cup would be played every 4 years not two ,
  10. The reason I have St Clair slightly ahead of Crepeau is that Crepeau due to injury bearely played last year and St Clair played plenty
  11. My top three are Borjan, ST Clair. Crepeau. on the rise I say Hasal, and Pantemis
  12. I think Lille made a good call in getting David , Im sure the supporters in Lille are pretty happy with the signing also ya he started the season not that great but since Christmas he has been the top scorer in Ligue 1 .
  13. We should be moving up at least a spot or two in the fifa rankings after our last two games
  14. U know with the Gold Cup coming Why Not call him up to the senior side along with Floro , Mitrovic, and Theo would not hurt to give him some play vs adults. Plus I think Canada will send a B team anyway. The Gold Cup unfortuntaly is a bit of a farce to be honest, But that is another topic for another day.
  15. lets just concentrate on improving our development , increasing the number of clubs and acadamies. and beating the likes Haiti, Jamaica , and Honduras on a consistant level
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