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  1. good more players to add to our depth on the national team
  2. well done Davies Now I want to see the Liam Frasers , ZBG , etc f this world up there game
  3. We will see Liam play more minutes as this season progresses TFC will have plenty of games to play and bradleym cannot play every minute so There is a chamnce I hope
  4. Ive always said Jonathan David Is a smart player who can read the game well and can anticipate what his opponants are doing thats why I think he will be successful in Ligue 1 he may not score the way he did in Belguim but I think he will adjust his game accordingly
  5. U gotta have Kaye in the staring 11 as a CDM he is good definsivly and can play in the attack when needed
  6. lets just see how this plays out . In the meantime continue to pursue this player
  7. There is a good article on the NSXI Network webpage on the Canadian National Team titled Scapin's Canadian National Team Starting XL A decent read..
  8. All I want is to see is David Testing himself in one of the biggest leagues in Europe
  9. The more I think about a loan spell to Belguim or Holland would be good from the sound of things looks likr millar needs some playing time to regain some confidence,
  10. IM hoping he chooses us but Lets just see what happens
  11. I would like to see Liam Millar get some first team playing time. Curently it will be very tough to crack that Liverpool lineup at this present time , So hopefully Klopp will loan him out
  12. My mother and I have been making masks since this COVID 19 started . Would love to make some with The Voyaguers logo
  13. Love it I would Have the Voyaguers in a similar font to what our Team Canada jerseys used to look like when they had Canada on them circa 1986 if it is possible. Other than that Love it
  14. it was nice to see Tabla actually having a decent game for Montreal hopefully this is a start of something
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