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  1. Like most fans of the CMNT I am getting tired of all this Akinola talk I hope he decides to play for us, but Iwish he makes his choice soon . Just so we can move on from this in all honesty. Like Dominic 94 says hopefully Peruzza can get some minutes at TFC Its all up to him to impress Armas
  2. The few times that I have watched Lille play this season these guys seem to be ball hogs I bet the manager must pull his hair out on few occasions especially with Bamba and Ikone
  3. they have a Euro match with Ajax this week
  4. Yes he is I believe they played footy together in Hamilton
  5. I think Mitrovic will play for us
  6. I always thought it was Aberdeen to be honest , Other than that Im glad Miller is getting some playing time
  7. Other than Celtic , Rangers and maybe Aberdeen the rest of the SPL would have a hard time vs some MLS teams
  8. I wish Canada had a deal with Hummell for what ever reason Ive always loved there designs
  9. I am rooting for James to get more playing time Our depth at cb is pretty low the more playing time he gets the better for us
  10. To me this seems to be more of Depth at CB move he is injury prone which is my biggest concern
  11. Oh qualifiers sorry I thought you meant World Cup play My bad so sorry
  12. We need more academies to start with ,All CPL teams present and future should align themselves with as many youth academies in there region and help create new ones too
  13. actually 2002 in both 2014 and 2010 both countries finished at beginning of the knockouot round
  14. id rather concemtrate on overtaking the likes of Costa Rica,our bogey team Honduras, and the MAGA USA for now
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