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  1. I was looking to post this somewhere (hope this is the right spot) and its based in nothing but some of the more credible rumours and the last seasons standings. Looking at how good the L1O and PLSQ teams have played in the VCup, this started with "I want to see teams like Oakville and Blainville play more often". So, I started with the East. (side: My Canadian Pyramid would see a CPL2 with 2 groups split East and West) CanPL 2 East Oakville Blue Devils promoted from L1ON CanPL 2 East Vaughan Azzurri promoted from L1ON CanPL 2 East Alliance United FC promoted from L1ON CanPL 2 East Master's Futbol promoted from L1ON CanPL 2 East Sigma FC promoted from L1ON CanPL 2 East AS Blainville promoted from PLSQ CanPL 2 East CS Mont-Royal Outremont promoted from PLSQ CanPL 2 East CS Fabrose promoted from PLSQ Ideally, it would be a balanced number from QC and ON but I didn't want to leave the PLSQ with too few teams. With Quebec Dynamo folding put a wrench into it. If Ottawa South and Gatineau could stay and join the PLSQ ... it would help. The battles in this league could be outstanding, IMO. With Ottawa Fury dropping out of the USL and the talk of Canadian USL2 teams being organized in a different way ... I tackled the west. CanPL 2 West Victoria Highlanders Promoted from USL2 CanPL 2 West TSS Rovers Promoted from USL2 CanPL 2 West Calgary Foothills Promoted from USL2 CanPL 2 West SK Selects new CanPL 2 West WSA Winnipeg Promoted from USL2 CanPL 2 West Thunder Bay Chill Promoted from USL2 CanPL 2 West Kelowna new CanPL 2 West FC Edmonton 2 new The West is very tough. The spread between the population centres, is much different that the Quebec City-Windsor corridor. By staying with the 8 teams as the base, it makes for 14 games (home & home format) which stays with what the teams in USL2 are used to. The only team missing is TFC2. I suppose the 2 teams of Whitecaps and Impact could be added. So the major thought with this format is to allow teams to get some development going and when they are ready for promotion (stadium, ownership, etc) they could be considered. Ahhhh the off-season.
  2. It’s a bit much to ask ECHL teams to fly to Newfoundland. I live in a city with an ECHL team and the budgets do t appear to be that big. Travel is always going to be an issue. I’m guessing sponsorship will come considering it’s tier 1 soccer vs tier 3 hockey. I think the CPL’s structure, single table quad round robin, makes the budgets easier. Makes the expenses more stable.
  3. Enough quality players? 48 U Sports teams equally close to 1,200 players. Even if the CanPL starts with 8 teams with 25 man rosters, that's 200 players. Quality is subjective. I haven't counted all the "better" NCAA players. I feel like the 80% Canadian per roster will be a good number, so 160 Canadian players. Quality will improve over time as more "Wanderers" come home. Top 2 Carleton goal scorers are also 1st year players. Bitar and Karajovanovic could be ones to watch.
  4. Was looking at some players for next season from the U Sports program. A couple of stand outs for the AUS to be considered are Dan Hayfield (StFX) and Charlie Waters (CBU). Both are out of the UK. Dan Walker (UNB) had 8 goals and hails from Fredericton. Unfortunately, the local schools of SMU and DAL struggled this year so the stats might not be a good indicator.
  5. Did I hear that Guatemala was reinstated? Does that mean they are back in the Nations League? Re CPL stadium ... Could Winnipeg host? Give the Valour FC members a crack at some tickets?
  6. "No viable stadium solution"? I thought the "pop-up" style stadium was helping that situation.
  7. https://www.seatlantic.ca/rugby-series This site has the layout of the Wanderers Grounds stadium. Not sure what happens with the lawn bowling green.
  8. I won't be able to make the trip from Cincinnati. I'll be there in spirit!! Can't wait.
  9. I was reading so much this morning, I thought someone was talking about a regional split, maybe it was the early rounds of the VCup. #morecoffeeneeded #prematureposting? Also was thinking about the potential CPL2 being an east/west split. The population is skewed to the east.
  10. So, this is getting off topic, 10 markets in the west (including Thunder Bay) and 23 in the east. Hard to keep geographic balance.
  11. As I type, CPL-Rumours has 21 tweets. Have we seen any come true? I guess time will judge.
  12. Ottawa doesn't even travel to Windsor in L1O. They meet in Toronto. Granted this year is a bit different with the single round robin schedule. Travel is the real issue for this league. I like the one week, 3 game road trip, only if it's coordinated with others. Nothing worse than getting to that last game and you opponent has been sitting all week. My big hope is that the league operates in 'rounds' similar to some other leagues. It balances out the work/rest periods. The NFL is stretching it going Thursday to Monday. I believe that some smart scheduling will maximize the travel dollar without killing the product on the field.
  13. Q: What's more of an attendance killer? 1) mid-week game in Jul/Aug or 2) Apr-13 / Oct-19 in Edmonton
  14. As the CanPL teams get announced, it will be soon time to fill out the rosters. Let's start with coaches (and/or managers and/or technical directors and/or general managers). [players will come later] One thread was suggesting Steven Hart for Halifax. Would Tommy Wheeldon Jr. be an easy pick for Calgary? One thought was will we see local coaches move to these pro teams or would we see other coaches brought in? The return of Aron Winter and Bob de Klerk? I noticed Andrea Lombardo is assistant coaching for Vaughan Azzurri.
  15. I think I always forget how many teams are at that L1O/PLSQ level. This year it's 25 teams. If it was "fully open", this year would see a good number of rounds to get down to the one spot to play Ottawa, with that winner getting into the "MLS round". Let me ask this ... Should last year's standings matter for the L1O/PLSQ teams? The 2018 VCup sees the previous season's league champs face-off. This gave teams time to prepare, add players, sponsorship, etc for the VCup run. Remember, initially, they were to face either Ottawa or Edmonton, so there was some travel costs to be considered. I'm really excited to see what the 2019 VCup will bring. I just hope the CSA is in control of it rather than the CMLS owners. Open it up. Even just a little each year. 2018 MLS = semifinals 2019 MLS = quarterfinals, CPL = round of 16 2020 MLS/CPL = round of 16
  16. I see the 2019 V-Cup looking like what @michaeltfc91 had mentioned. Since it would be the first CanPL season, there would be no way to seed the teams. Round 1 = 8 CPL, 1 L1O, 1 PLSQ [5 winners advance]. QF = 5 round 1 winners, 3 MLS. My concern is if the MLS teams push back on being pushed back in the competition. Instead of 4 games, it would be 6 (I believe the MLS teams resisted 6 a number of years ago). Beyond, I'd see it tightening up. I'm assuming the MLS teams will push back on the competition being "too long".
  17. I was watching a video posted on another thread ... http://www.thevoyageurs.org/forums/topic/32280-csl-any-and-all-infomemories/?do=findComment&comment=639723 I got thinking about the old CSL and its travel issues. I don't believe anything has changed on this front. Flights aren't any cheaper. We are still talking about a single table, coast to coast. I have not been convinced that the provincial associations are supportive of the CPL. The rival CNSL is now labeled as the CSL and is not sanctioned by the CSA. I need a serious history lesson to understand what happened and how the CPL plans to not make the same mistakes. Has the appetite from the general public increased that much for soccer (nation wide) compared to my summer in Toronto in 1999 at the Toronto Lynx games?
  18. I guess I should have edited my post above. Fact - I listened to Oranges at Halftime Opinion (dream) - Would love to see those cities Opinion - Edmonton is too big a city to forget about. Yes, I missed K/W and York, not on purpose.
  19. Thanks for all you do. Your website helped keep me connected to soccer while I grew up on the east coast. Once a moved to the GTA for a couple years I stretched my legs out and saw a couple of CSL games, Lynx games and CAN v Jam at Varsity. Maybe I'll get back and watch more than just TFC.
  20. Just listen to the Oranges at Halftime, https://www.tsn.ca/radio/montreal-690/clanachan-we-are-going-to-create-a-professional-soccer-economy-1.972475 , and the rumour mill continues. 8-10 teams out of 15 potential communities. Halifax, Quebec, Montreal, Ottawa, Hamilton, Winnipeg, Saskatchewan, Edmonton, Calgary, BCFC. That would be an amazing start. Can't wait for all these announcements ... I'm going to be sick of announcements.
  21. I watched on TV as much as I could. I was living in PEI at the time. When I got to University, I started watching live games at that level and quickly became a fan. Of course by the time I got to Toronto, the league was shut down and I was stuck watching the Toronto Lynx. I loved Vic Rauter's call of the games. Still echos. I miss Bunbury. I miss Pesch.
  22. I got looking at the new teams coming in and last years table (and the Voyageurs' Cup debacle) and then wondered if the 2018 season could see a one tier step up. I know not everyone is a fan of promotion/relegation and we all can't wait for the CanPL; what about something in-between? Six teams ... promoted to a regional league. Top 2 from each league's division. AS Blainville, Dynamo Quebec, Oakville Blue Devils, Sigma FC, Woodbridge Strikers and Vaughan Azzurri. I'd be really curious to see how a few of those games turned out. Get the best playing the best, that's really the idea here. ps- if BC's league was operating, I'd add them to the mix too. Then, Winnipeg, Hamilton and Ottawa Fury = CanPL (if every team can get a pro-license)
  23. The new format is junk. The CPL can't get here fast enough. Maybe 2 of the 125 senior teams can push the envelope enough to go pro.
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