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  1. Let's be clear though, "making an announcement" could very well be something as simple as "I'm open to working with investors in both Laval AND Quebec City should they present themselves"
  2. "Yes, we’re only at the midway point of the league’s inaugural spring season" Wait, we're WHAT!?!?
  3. Unfortunately, the people who aren't "mostly everyone" are probably high-up in CPL & OSEG. I kind of feel that, if OFFC ever joins CPL, it will only happen because OSEG decided to sell the team to an outside group. They know that, if they fold the team, someone else will come into the market eventually, so they might as well make some money first if they don't want to play ball.
  4. How does 3551 strike you? Sure it's not 4300, but the Fury had two matches <3000 attendance by this point last year and their lowest so far this year is 3200.
  5. Sure, but that fact holds little significance when considering that it was a heavily-discounted special event. It's like drawing direct comparisons between Ottawa's attendance of 3700 and Hamilton's attendance of 17000+ on opening weekend; it's meaningless unless you're comparing like vs like.
  6. Sure, but that school day match last year had more than 8000 in attendance vs this year with 6800. 15% drop year over year.
  7. Surprising because there's very few seats available on Ticketmaster. Also who ordered the yellow paint?
  8. I was assuming they just had the camera on the wrong side of the field to see the crowd, but then they zoomed out and it was pretty much just Barton Street there.
  9. The parking entrance accidentally re-routed onto the ramp back to Calgary.
  10. I have to be up at 5 tomorrow morning, but I might just stay up and watch this game just to see how empty the stadium looks.
  11. This, combined with the remote location and the sky-high ticket prices, really has me concerned for the future of the Calgary franchise. I hate to be that "sky is falling" guy after game one, but holy **** they need to get it together.
  12. I know what article that is and I'm not going to encourage them by clicking on the link. The reddit thread for those who are interested:
  13. It also detracted from the competition when championships were being fought by B teams instead of the team that played two-thirds of the season. The later schedule was absolutely a benefit for getting those U18 guys some premium playing minutes, but it seems like they decided to go with their B league instead.
  14. No argument from my part, trust me. I've got a Fury jersey in my dresser but just can't seem to care about the team as much this year. I looked back through the Fury matches for last year and they only had 4 matches under 4,000 fans (of which 3 were in April or May). So having 2 matches under 4,000 at this point in the year may not indicate a huge change. If anything, the fact that they haven't had a match under 3,000 in attendance (as they saw by this point last year) may be a good sign.
  15. I don't particularly care but it's what I expected the preference to be (also "Match Thread" is what I'm used to seeing on Reddit)
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