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  1. Sorry, you are correct. I should have specified reserve league rather than development league.
  2. The other concern I have is how much independence this club will have from Atletico. Others will know better than I would about how things stack up with their network of other clubs. A lot of effort has gone into avoiding the appearance of a development league. It would be a shame if this Ottawa side essentially turned out to be a development club.
  3. The one big concern I have is how committed Atletico will be to this project if it doesn't meet their expectations. Most other clubs in this league have their success (and the success of the league) as their main focus; for Atletico this is more of a side gig. OSEG support seemed to be a great thing for the Fury Academy and the Fury Women's side, but look how quickly that dried up when things got tough. Hopefully Atletico isn't too quick to take their ball and go home if things go sideways.
  4. Wasn't there some talk about them potentially being more interested in that D2 league that was being kicked about?
  5. I've lost interest in anything that comes out of Clanachan's mouth on the expansion front. Heard enough of the same from Bill Peterson during the NASL days. Clanachan hasn't shown himself to be any more reliable. I'll believe it when there's a formal announcement. Until then, it just seems like hot air.
  6. Expansion Draft. Every team can have 3 players stolen, except for Forge, because reasons.
  7. Remember the good old days when OFFC was leading the charge into CPL and the Faths were the holdouts?
  8. Definitely sleeker, but I don't think your big teams would be overjoyed at being only one round away from the D3 minnows (or even facing them right away, as in Cavalry's case)
  9. I agree the semi bye was ridiculous, but that didn't stop them from doing it - and with fewer teams this year, there's even less of a reason to get rid of a late-round bye. Maybe they got the feedback but there was probably pressure from MLS/TFC for fewer games. They also seemed to like marketing building the cup through successive rounds, so I'd be surprised if they got rid of that aspect. Ugly but it works.
  10. The CSA seemed to build this year's bracket for future expansion, and I'd be surprised if they abandoned the format so quickly (crazier things have happened though). What I think we'll see: QR1 2 x CPL L1O PLSQ QR2 2 x QR1 4 x CPL QR3 3 x QR2 1 x CPL 2 x MLS SF 3 x QR3 1 x MLS F 2 x SF Essentially, one less matchup in QR1, and one more bye into QR2. How they'll assign those is anyone's guess (league table vs cup results). Probably easiest to assign everything by league results (with the exception of the Impact into that SF bye). I'm sure these forums would love if Forge (lost QR2 to Cavalry) was seeded ahead of Cavalry (2019 semifinalist).
  11. There's no way the CSA will place a CPL team ahead of an MLS team. Yes, I agree, it makes sense - but I'll eat my hat if it happens.
  12. Yeah, it depends if they want to reward V Cup play or league play. History would suggest V Cup play (TFC got the semi-final bye for winning the V Cup, not for MLS results), but you raise a legit argument for why it should go to Forge.
  13. Speaking of the V Cup, this really simplifies things for next year. 3 MLS + Cavalry (Forge, because reasons) get byes. 8 other teams face head-to-head, with the 4 winners facing the 4 teams with byes. I look forward to see how Canada Soccer will make a complete mess of this.
  14. I love how each article lists three expansion cities and can't agree on a single one.
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