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  1. Black numbered column is the per-match price for year-long STH. Red/green column is how much more or less a fall-only STH pays
  2. For comparison, OFFC's attendance so far is 4327, good enough for 4th place out of the 8 teams.
  3. Quick little comparison about York9's fall pricing vs the per-match STH rate.
  4. Interesting bit about York9's business outreach that I stumbled across on their website https://york9fc.canpl.ca/york9-business-alliance https://s3.amazonaws.com/cpl-uploads/app/uploads/kw/2018/11/21165843/BusinessAlliancePackage_85x11_NOV18_v5.pdf tl;dr $3k for 4 club seats + website & program ads, $5-7k for 4 seats at one of the concourse tables + ads 38 companies listed, let's assume it averages to $5k/per, works out to nearly $200k in revenue.
  5. Nah, I can't ditch my wife with a 10-month-old right when she gets home from work so I can go to a soccer game... Otherwise I'd be buying one less season ticket next year. I was putting in my token order today and realised that there's only five games left that I'll actually be able to attend.
  6. I'm the opposite right now - Wednesday will be their 5th midweek home game in 7 weeks. I can't take anymore.
  7. If Y9 doesn't pan out, they should go completely wild and create 905FC, which just bounces around between York, Durham, Halton, and Peel for all their home games.
  8. Looking on the bright side; it's the first time our attendance was higher than it was for the previous game.
  9. I'm starting to lose track of how many "test balloons" there have been for an SK club.
  10. The CSA might not care as much these days, but Vic sure does, and Concacaf has to sign off on any cross-border play.
  11. (Also: start your entry-into-the-2020-Fall-season prediction engines)
  12. Just before people start getting their hopes up or developing unrealistic expectations, "potentially" is not the same as "probably" or "likely". Not that the tweet means anything bad for the league if we're waiting until 2021 - just that nothing is being promised for 2020 with this tweet. We just get to consider ourselves lucky if they beat expectations and announce something for next year.
  13. Cup is more difficult for obvious reasons, but I really wonder whether the CPL would be better off doing Friday/Sunday matches instead of Wednesday/Saturday.
  14. I'm pretty sure the stars represent championships from L1O and whatever they were previously. Also I'm going to be really annoyed if all that comes out of this is "Oakville TFC"
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