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  1. Honestly, they need to do something to mix it up with so many games for so few teams. Either bring it down to 24 games and do a double home & away, or add some extra cup tournament in there to make the midweek games mean something if you're intent on keeping it at 28. Also yes, fix the goddamn schedule. York had 10 home matches in 8 weeks during May & June, and now none for the last month.
  2. I want them to call themselves United Western Ontario just to piss everyone off.
  3. Not to mention that London is its own distinct media market, which would definitely help with notoriety/publicity.
  4. Yeah, it's kind of amazing how little we generate in the final third some days.
  5. Sadly, due to Concacaf roster declaration rules, the match is awarded as a 3-0 win to Saint Kitts & Nevis.
  6. I'm not too sure about his inclusion of Yorky on Canada's 19th-string team; seems more like a 17th-stringer personally.
  7. Thanks, I was wondering if this happened. We should bet on an over/under for defections after the Cuba/US match
  8. Some more variety in kit sponsors would be nice - especially ones not as tied to the league. The worry would be that OneSoccer & Macron are kit sponsors only because no one else was interested.
  9. https://www.forbes.com/sites/manuelveth/2019/08/26/pacific-fc-german-experience-at-the-core-of-canadian-premier-league-project/#7b4e565f11f7 Really nice article to read, but this part stands out for this thread: "There is no doubt that expansion is coming, and the likely date will be 2021 for another two or three clubs to be added. “It has to be done in the right venue, the right ownership group, and the right leaders,” Friend says. “There are seven or eight groups at the table that we know of right now that want teams in this league. To be sustainable as a league, you have to have the right ownership group.” Confirming what we all had expected by this point; no new teams for next year.
  10. Yeah come on you usual suspects, lay off him.
  11. It would be interesting to hear the exact quote regarding the 8th team for next year. "We're committed to working towards it" is a lot different from "We have a commitment from an 8th team for next year".
  12. They did make an exemption. Ottawa said no.
  13. Alright, who kept hitting F5 on OneSoccer?
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