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Anyone interested in watching the 1st SVG ?


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After watching Brazil-Canada on JumpTV, a survey was offered

which I participated in and the admin guy actually emailed me back.

He says he may be able to get the SVG match (first one)if there is

enough interest.

Could you guys give an informal reply if this is of some interest?

The Brazil match cost me only $4.95 and it was of HIGH quality.

(And I have no commercial interest in this company, which ironically

is out of Toronto.) Check out jumptv.com if you wish.

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quote:Originally posted by Gian-Luca

Are they sure they can even get the match? Gerry Dobson has indicated there will be no tv coverage whatsoever in St. Vincent, so are they sending their own crew down to record the game?

That's what the guy says. I'm not exactly sure how he'd do it, but

they can contract a local channel and have it webcasted. I suspect

that if the SVG FA wants to tape the match for archivial purposes

there's a way ...

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I too watched the brazil game, but mine took a long time to configure properly and I am still not sure if that was the issue.

I was calling it jumpyTV as it seemed to freeze every ten seconds.

Did you go through their whole setup instructions? Any advice you can provide?

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