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  1. Please close the door on this one. There was some money involved from many parties, and Andrew WAS out of contract on December 2008. Just be happy for him he's ready to go. Thanks
  2. Will do, needless to say we heard from him last night and he was relieved all this was finally done. He can now concentrate on playing and not so much on paperwork and legal mumbo-jumbo. We all hope he can help out the team, starting on Sunday...
  3. Don't know if this has been mentioned but Olivier Lacoste has left, or will be leaving Strasbourg and will be heading off to university in the USA (Syracuse I think) in the spring. Good luck to him. If anybody is still wondering about my son Andrew, Yes he has signed with Houston but is having issues with his ITC as Banik Most are grasping at straws. Unfortunate turn of events for him as he has to wait for all this before he can start playing. Few more weeks should do it.
  4. He also got the wining goal in the game... but looks like that was still not enough though.
  5. Hainault has goten the call, Maybe with all the goals he's scored for his club lately he could play up front...
  6. Hainault goes another 90 minutes, a big win and another goal in the 3rd minute for him. 2 goals in 2 games. Must be loving it. Tied for top scorer on his team...not bad for a centre back.
  7. Andrew spent 1 week with FSV Frankfurt, played 2 games with good results. The coach loved him but I noticed they just picked up a central defencemen, for free, so I guess that door is now closed. FC Mainz may have some interest but nothing has been said yet. His club is trying to pressure him in signing an extention on his contract and believe they are sitting him out until he makes a move. I'll post more when i get news. Hainault will NOT be going to TO. for the Jamaica/Can game which i guess is a blessing since he will have a few more weeks in the transfer window to impress somewhere. That
  8. Dont know if this helps but it looks like the game will be aired at 22:30 on ESPN deportes Saturday night. http://www.livesoccertv.com/fixture-2008-05-31.php Anybody aware (for sure) if Champs in Montreal has this chanel, i know that if you call they will say Yes</u>, but i've been burnt there before after making the trip down town.
  9. Hainault got 88 minutes with Sparta on Sunday because of an absoutely ridiculous red card taken from Repka in the 4th minute. They lost 2-0 but had a fair share of chances, including a close one from Andrew in the 44th minute. They have a Cup game on wednesday and imagine Hainault will start on Saturday against Ostrava. Sparta are still in the lead with one point and 2 games left. http://youtube.com/watch?v=ZekN6WVW0DQ
  10. Hainault plays another 90 minutes in their home portion of the Czech cup, against HFK Olomouk. Final score 3-1, Sparta goes toe to toe with his old club Most on Sunday. Sparta remains in first place in the Czech league but only on goal differential. Tied for points with Slavia.
  11. Hainault goes 90 minutes with Sparta for a 2-1 win in their Czech Cup game yesterday.
  12. Andrew himself has told me how hard it is to tone it down from the Czech league when he plays back home or in central/south america as elbows, puching, grabing and all kinds of hard play is readily accepted there. A little Mexican wouldn't last 5 minutes on the field and would WANT to be streachered out asap. Not a bad result considering, too bad about the first goal, and now Will has to sit out against Haiti.
  13. Usualy when there is a guarranty that there will be mandatory drug testing they bring a doctor on board. Obviously he is there for the boys wellbeing as well but world cup qualification as well as olympic usally require one with the squad. Usually the big boys get tested. Andrew has been brought in the "peeing" room more than once. Always tested negative for drugs of course.
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