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  1. That was really well done. Thanks to everyone who helped put it on.
  2. Most people will be meeting at Doolin's on Granville Street Friday before the game.
  3. Victor just was on Vancouver radio and said there are 46,000 tickets sold. 50,000 is in range and a 54,000 sell out could be possible.
  4. I'll plan on being there. Should have a better turnout with Friday a holiday.
  5. Sure maybe you're right. I'll hold off on picking anything up unless I hear otherwise.
  6. I will pick some up some name badges and bring a couple of Sharpies.
  7. Some wise words here. We want to be inclusive with new people coming out and making an extra effort to get to know people. I've always thought name tags at the pre match pub would be a good idea. Also some way to recognize people attending their first match. (Maybe on their name tag?)
  8. Guys he is a Dressage Enthusiast. Pretty much says it all right there.
  9. ***MOD*** Speaking of Fun Police, we're received a complaint about some of the comments contained in this post. Let's keep this fairly civilized and let's not resort to petty regionalism and personal insults. Thanks for getting things back on track and let's have a positive discussion. Fun Police Out. Personally I'm not a big fan of flares and I don't think they have any place at BC Place stadium. If David Pearson lit the flare, I hope he gets the book thrown at him. EDIT: I mean if he's guilty.
  10. Alright have to put on the moderator hat here for a minute. Everyone on this board is entitled to his/her opinion, and can state it as long as that opinion follows our guidelines for posting items. You don't have to agree with everyone's opinion but if you disagree don't resort to name calling and personal attacks. Thank you everyone for keeping things civil
  11. I meant the same game, Canada vs. Mexico. The Mexican supporters directly opposite of us, "Villa's Army" the tickets were set up as General Admission.
  12. You know whats going to happen, we'll probably destroy Panama then Martinique and Mexico will be a draw.
  13. I missed this incident as i was re-hydrating at the time. But after hearing about it i'm still shocked because those seats were filled quite quickly after the code was released. I remember SoccerOnly was saying that some tickets were sold through Whitecaps presale for season ticket holders. Could that have been the source? I think on future purchases we should press to make the tickets read general admission. That's how the Villa's Suporters section on the other end of the stadium was set up for this same game.
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