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  1. That was really well done. Thanks to everyone who helped put it on.
  2. At this stage of qualifying it is pointless to talk about anyone else other than the committed players we have. As far as I'm concerned Hoillett, Jono, Vitoria, any others are out of the picture until qualifying for 2018. Give them the shot to come out to camp in 2015 and if they don't come then move on. The guys we have on this team have been with us since the beginning of this qualifying round, and they are the ones who are going to get us to Brazil.
  3. Hopefully you still have it on VHS. I would love to see it and could digitize it for everyone else. 10 years later is now finally long enough to watch that game a second time.
  4. Does anyone have the Trinidad-Canada game in Edmonton from back in 2000?
  5. Great videos. Does anyone have a copy of the Trinidad Canada WCQ in Edmonton back in 2000? We were on a 15 game undefeated streak and were opening the group stage of WCQ at home. I haven't seen that game since it was played but I recall us having many chances but couldn't score. I'd like to see this full game, but failing that highlights would be great. Just a request if anyone can help me out i'd appreciate it.
  6. Great job! Do we have clips of the Stalteri water bottle, and the finger incident?
  7. Very nice list but the value on the top 3 appear to be quite a bit higher than the actual transfer. The Gerba deal to Montreal was a trade I think.
  8. Did Bircham play for us again after that photo? I don't remember.
  9. This was just cruel... I was so happy reading the title of this thread...
  10. On the radio they kept saying "Dijon" like the mustard... I thought he was on the field...
  11. I forgot to mention Lenarduzzi's columns, which he writes for the Vancouver Province. They are usually pretty good. Once again I don't always agree with Ben Knight either, and I certainly rarely agree to what Don Cherry has to say. Sure Don has lots of respect from people within the game due to his coaching and playing career. He does know the game, but then again I beleive he is paid by the CBC $700,000</u> per year to appear on HNIC. He also couldn't put 2 structured sentences together if his life depended on it, but that hasn't stopped him from being on TV.
  12. If we're going to do an old fashioned witch hunt I suggest the duck weight method as outlined in Monty Python's Holy grail. It's a surefire method of witch detection!! [8D] "He's a witch!!" Ben is a columnist, and I find he writes with a personal, opinioned style which is best suited for writing columns. Do you expect Ben Knight to break some big story or cause controversy? That's not really the job that Sportsnet has hired him to do. I enjoy some of Ben's columns, but he's not supposed to be the big saviour of Canadian soccer journalism. I agree with your point about having more soccer journalism in this country, but sadly there is a weak demand for Canadian soccer coverage. Anyways getting back to the topic at hand. How much money do you think the CSA should spend on replacing Pipe? Does anyone know how much he was making? A good COO would probably cost in the neighbourhood of $250,000 per year.
  13. Tom Wright would be a good choice. Former CFL commisioner Michael Lysko would also be a good choice. I doubt Soccer Canada could afford either though. And today happens to be my birthday. Thank you CSA!
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