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  1. Thats it. I quit. I am done. It was great to know all of you and to meet some of you in TO. Paddy is gone. I am a dot on the hillside - Bye.
  2. I was hoping the extra "u"s would sneak it past the spell checker
  3. if we score within the first 10 min of the second, we win this game.
  4. It does if you can let yourself understand what a piss-poor organization the CSA is. I didn't see any post by you in the pro category when someone asked about the good and bad of the CSA. So please, enlighten me, what makes them a good boss. They players employability speaks for itself. I'll wait...
  5. Ever work for a company with a bad boss, and people leave because of said, bad boss. Or, the bad boss can't motivate his workers, so productivity goes down. Or, the bad boss is an idiot and everyone knows it. Do the workers have an attitude problem if they complain or leave?
  6. If the "mentality" of the players was exclusive to this qualifying round, then you'd be correct. Unfortunately, this is just history repeating. The players (past/present) aren't all from the same gene pool, are they? What is it then that gets them to this state?
  7. Hi, Is this going to be on regular old Sportsnet, or does one need one of the digital subscriptions? On one of the schedules it said that the game was on on "pacific" and "west" at 9:30pm est. Then on another it said it was only on on "west" at 6:30pm pst. Can anyone clear this up. Thanks, Paul
  8. There are acceptable levels criticism and I think those levels, in regards to the players, have been breached. It is one thing to not like a player, think a player isn't playing well, etc, but the accusations and expectations now are bordering on the ridiculous. And no, I don't think those criticism leveled at the CSA are excessive - it has been a long time coming and they are fully deserving. Also, the harshest critics of the CSA on this board are ready to step up and do something about it. Anyway, as always, I will be watching the game tonight, and if we lose I am going to be curious w
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