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  1. Imagine a forum where everybody agreed. Wouldn't that be fun. Each thread would consist of 1 post. I hope someday you find this forum.
  2. Thanks for proving my point. No substance, just insults.
  3. Both sides have posted their opinion - numersous times. That is what a forum is for. You just seem to post vitriolic comments aimed at anyone who doesn't agree with you. Your choice, but personal insults are not going to get your point across.
  4. I work on databases for the Ministry of Health in BC, and the database described (though smaller - there are 5 million people in BC) gives me headache to even contemplate. It would probably require contracting it out to a medium sized IT company to manage. There would have to be constant updates to the system as people moved, got divorced, dropped out or re-joined,...etc. Some of it could be done by an online interface that the registrant uses, but it would still take a lot of work to maintain. God...I could write all night (don't even get me started on privacy issues), but as I said, it is making my head hurt. Maybe the Voyageurs could start a company to run it - some kind of non-profit gig.
  5. There are many people on this board who feel that if we qualify for the WC that everything else will magically fall into place. Sadly, it won't. It we do qualify, the CSA will take credit and further entrench. The reality is that we have a current crop of above average Canadian players and it may be a long time before we see this level again if the status quo of CSA is maintained (there will be more Jono’s, not less). I think our not qualifying and the dismantling of the CSA (as a result of yet another failure) will do more to help out future generations of Canadian teams than qualification and another 20+ years of the CSA. I am not too worried about us qualifying as I do not think the preparation will be there again, and as a friend put it, “We will be pulling out our calculators after only a few games to work out our chances of qualifying.” Same thing happened last time.
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