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  1. I'm not the idiot with an agenda like you are. With one singular reason for posting on forums for CANADIAN soccer fans. You're almost as bad as those retards from Bosnia who post here.
  2. Why would the assistant waste his time doubling as the goalkeeper coach? He may give the goalkeeper coach specific instructions, but it would be silly to see him on the field fully running the goalkeeper practices. Why does it seem like everything BBTB posts has to have an anti-Canadian slant?
  3. David Edgar is the first player that comes to mind. I'm sure we could come up with a few more names.
  4. Can anyone think of another professional sports team that hyped their fitness trainer and program like TFC did with Winsper? Off the top of my head, I can't. Seems like so much of his hype came from the TFC propaganda/PR machine.
  5. amacpher is blinded by his biases, so his opinions on Italy should not be taken seriously. Anyone who thinks the Serie A is still boring hasn't been paying attention lately. If you wanted to say that 15 years ago, I would agree with you. But things have changed dramatically. And anyone that doesn't give Italy credit for their 2006 World Cup victory is just bitter. You can't call Italy whiners or sore losers. Unless you also consider the Irish whiners.
  6. Isn't this a good way to describe the TOA clubs as well? Or do we give them a free pass because Vancouver and Montreal are involved?
  7. This is an interesting theory, yet very doubtful. What did happen is that there was some controversy over land York U. sold to Tribute Homes (a company owned by Howard Sokolowski) without tendering any bids. The school claimed it got full value for the sale of land, but critics disagreed. Of course, this didn't lead to anything meaningful after a classic whitewash investigation cleared the school and Sokolowski. Not at any time during the stadium at York U. was their any mention of a side deals for land development.
  8. Its because of how cheap the Argo owners have been that I have any optimism over this not happening. Although it appears our biggest challenge may be the CFL bending its rules.
  9. For me its all about the money. If the Argo owners are willing to put up the cash to make this happen, it will happen. No matter how much soccer fans complain.
  10. Anyone know a good Polish bar in Toronto that might have this channel and show the game?
  11. Without DeRosario, Vancouver is playing in the Concacaf Champions League. Everybody loves to point out DeRo's faults, but he is still one of the best players in the league and fully deserving of this honour.
  12. Is Fernandes injured? I've noticed that he is now the 3rd choice keeper on a rather bad Bochum. If he isn't injured, there is no wonder he doesn't get called by Portugal. He would fit perfectly into Canada's keeper picture. Another keeper that doesn't really play. How many of those do we have?
  13. I think its sort of unfair to say the CSA rejected Fernandes. I believe it was the coaching staff that did that. To be fair, our best ever U-20 run was with the keeper that was selected ahead of Fernandes. Marcello Lippi continues to reject calling Cassano, but I don't hear anyone in Italy blaming the FIGC. But in Canada we love to hate the CSA so its always their fault.
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