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  1. Herdman was quoted in the Athletic article that the country would only care if Canada men made the World Cup. So, as history has shown, winning the Gold Cup means diddly especially this year when it isn't a priority for many nations. “But I was pretty clear that if I could stay and help this country, and take the men’s team to a World Cup, we knew what that would do for the women’s game. I could have stayed in the women’s game for another quadrennium and we’d have maybe finished in a bronze medal, potentially pushed for a silver if we’d got lucky, but the way I could see it, this country
  2. US is sending a B team. “One thing I can guarantee you is a guy like Christian Pulisic is not going to be playing Nations League and Gold Cup – it's not going to happen. These guys need a break, so I can imagine them playing one of those tournaments and then getting rest. That's going to be true for a lot of our guys who are going through similar situations right now.” https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2021/02/06/gregg-berhalter-most-usmnt-players-wont-play-gold-cup-and-nations-league-extratime Mexico is in similar situation, so likely following the same pathway.
  3. Atlanta United is not releasing any of their players: M Robinson, Bello & Lennon. Not sure why ussoccer included them. US has done these long camps before Olympic qualifying. And they haven't made it. I think a camp like this can be too long especially if no friendlies are played. Players also need a break before the tourney starts.
  4. Herdman name dropped Rutty in his latest onesoccer tête-à-tête. Only other Olympic players he mentioned were Buchanan & Prisio. But in age group tourneys, older players tend to dominate even if they're less talented than a 16 yr old. So if Rutty makes the team, then we know he is our next generational talent.
  5. 27 mins OneSoccer interview with Herdman today. Looks like he is leaning towards Euro-based players for March window due to being more in form. Players condition in Jan camp was worst he had seen for January window. Best players will be called up. Noted Eustaquio, Kennedy, Johnston & Millar. Ferreira, Hutch & Arfield TBD. Buchanan & Prisio noted for Olympic team. Thinks Suriname is a top 5 Concacaf team with Euro-based players.
  6. Jamaica also have Fulham's Bobby Decordova-Reid. 5 goals this season. Antonio has scored 42 Premier goals - all in the box. International play & Concacaf are different beasts, but if Bailey can deliver to Antonio/Reid, good chance of goals or penalties happening.
  7. Vs under KHM's tenure, my take of Canada's SBC performance: Progression: Backline depth increased. Younger players got on the pitch. Less sideways/back passing. Regressed: Nothing happened offensively in the middle of the pitch. Except for backline/goalkeeper, connectivity is missing. More injuries. Same as She Ever Was: Bad running into space. Bad first touches. Minimal touches/passing in and around the opposing team's box. Can't break down teams. Can't/won't shoot. Can't score. Bad at set pieces. In contrast to the men's pipeline, the women's youth development cupboard remains
  8. American manager had a different view about the midfield: Andonovski commented on the Canadians’ ability to control the midfield, forcing the U.S. to attack wide in order to work the ball downfield and look to find an elusive goal. But Canada couldn't break them down. ”One of the things that makes me happy from a defensive standpoint was that they didn’t break us down to create the opportunities,” he said. “We gave them the ball, they created opportunities. We made a mistake, they created opportunities. That’s the positive thing, but why [we gave] the ball away and how all that
  9. After watching European men/women football for a year, it is a bit jarring to watch the US women. Their focus is on power, full press and seeking set plays rather than passing between defenders/keeper and full team arc passing in the offensive half. For Canada, the team looked less boring than under KHM. Thought they would lose 3-0 but got Concacafed to not get a draw. Individually, the good is that Gilles made the Olympic team and maybe can start with Buchanan & Zadorsky. This could allow Lawrence to play mid and juice up our midfield and attack. Quinn looked good and others pl
  10. So OL released Catarina Macario for USA but not Buchanan. So the recently arrived Macario isn't in OL's near term plans? But it looks like they need Buchanan.
  11. Only Sinclair is the big loss. But maybe a blessing in disguise as the team needs to start moving away from Sinclair. Not having Lawrence, Buchanan & Huitema are big losses also. Matheson & McLeod provide veteran leadership but won't be missed as much on the pitch. And these are also two players that the team has already moved away from.
  12. Maybe Bermuda was on a roll based on some recent results and because they typically lose by a bigger margin to Mexico. And just a month before they lost 1-2 in Mexico, they lost 1-5 in Bermuda. Difference in second match was that Mexico had already clinched and switched out about 6 players. So assuming a motivated Canada line up even if it is Bish should win.
  13. If PFC ever make the CCL, I can't see them being allowed to play there with a pole in place. FCE also has a crappy looking stadium and lighting for tv.
  14. Or in other words, another 7 years of playing it safe. Complicated comp rules will remain or get more complicated. Chance of winning CCL remains unchanged. Owners remain undefeated. Players choked again.
  15. Davies isn't coming to any Olympic qualifiers. Besides the covid issues and Euro clubs not rating Olympic qualifiers for any first team players, Bayern is playing in the Champions League on Mar 17th and then have a league match on the weekend.
  16. Caldwell being viewed as TFC and/or Canada negative is our bias showing. American MLS fans regularly pick the TSN crew in the top 3. Main reason why? They're not homers like nearly every American MLS broadcast crew. But TSN soccer broadcast crews have been way too British. It's especially obvious during men's World Cup/Euro coverage - other than bringing in an ESPN analyst of American/Balkan origin for a few days, they have had no perspective of any other football culture. Given the sport's global footprint, Canada's demographics and TSN covering World Cup/Euros for a number of cycles, th
  17. Vic is bringing some organization into Concacaf - first at the nations level, now at the club level. Next step is refs. Great news for CPL. One more club gets in. Get to play a MX & MLS teams twice at home should help bottom line. Playing 4 matches against MX & MLS teams should help player development and transfer potential. Reward for winning league and/or playoffs becomes even more magnified. It will increase the difference between the haves/have not CPL clubs. Players already in the CPL will want to move to clubs in the CCL. And it will be easier to attract higher quality
  18. We know how to pull it off - been there. done that with Women's World Cup & u20 men's WC in this century. But with a 48 team field and higher requirements for a men's World Cup, CSA knew we don't have the stadium infrastructure to pull it off alone. For the US, because of the NFL and college football, they don't need to ask for too much government involvement. Though, many of these NFL stadiums were built by billionaire owners blackmailing local governments. In Canada, we don't have this deep billionaire class and the populace isn't as keen in seeing their taxes used for pro tea
  19. Ayo is still ahead or at least on par with Hoppe (meaning a 3rd or 4th tier American selection). Hoppe barely scored in 4th tier Germany. He knows how to finish but is rough in almost every other facet of his game. He reminds me of an unpolished Wondo. Sargent is still more valued by American supporters and his manager who just was quoted saying: I know that forwards are always judged by the number of their goals. But that's not fair and it falls short of what a coach needs to look at. Josh always gives everything and he's incredibly important for the whole construct. Now he scored, and t
  20. MLS offer basically cushions any major impact to player salaries this year despite the covid hit. But MLS gets a larger share of any spoils from a better tv contract and bump from WC 26. So the players are in a tight spot - get a pacifer today to get royally screwed later unless you believe MLS revenues will have hard time recovering from covid. I don't think most of the players are in a position (or care) to think about the prospects of future players but I also think they won't back down too easily given what they are being asked to give up. So, I think there will be a delay to the
  21. I agree, it reads like a guy pleading to his wife who just asked for a divorce. Lots of emotion but little substance offered. And what was provided is pretty weak. In a way, they're like Saputo who also couldn't really express what Impact stood for when his current management asked him.
  22. Pulisic has arrived at Donavan's water fountain drinking level with this GQ spread. Plus, usual American hype and ignorance of him being one of the best in the world. https://www.gq.com/story/americas-global-soccer-star-christian-pulisic
  23. I agree with this. They don't want to the teams competing on wages. But attempting to control draft player wages via Generation Adidas has created unintended consequences. The higher GA player wages don't count against the cap for a few years but this creates a cap time bomb later. So, if the GA player lives up to expectations, his wage increase after the GA label expires makes the player often overvalued given the cap hit. If he underperforms, he also becomes overvalued even without a raise. He is then often dumped as no other MLS team won't like the cap hit either - likely the Shome si
  24. The MLS draft is past its prime. It's looking to retire but given Garber's NFL background, he doesn't want to let go. But coaches like from the champions have moved on. “There probably won’t be a draft at some point because you’re seeing more and more people are passing in the second and third rounds,” Porter said. “Maybe you get something first round. Not to say there aren’t good players though. You can find them.” When Porter coached his first year in the league in 2013, three of the 19 first-round picks didn’t play in their rookie year. Just half of the 24 first-round picks in 201
  25. The covid vaccines so far from western firms or China aren't as effective for no or mild symptom covid. It's 80/90%+ effective for severe covid but only around 50% for less severe covid. Will have to see how effective J&J vaccine will be. So, many US states will continue to allow people in stadiums but having 50%+ full in the summer for the Gold Cup would seem risky still. Though, mostly an issue for Mexico & US matches only.
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