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  1. TSN highlights 3 choices: Wilkinson, Priestman & Laura Harvey. https://www.tsn.ca/soccer/video/three-coaching-candidates-for-canada-s-women-s-national-team~1979237
  2. CSA said manager should be announced in August. One potential option is Bev Priestman coming back. There is now also a bunch of club football managers to look at. Maybe one of the Champions League managers - assuming CSA can and will pay more than women's club football.
  3. NWSL tournament starting this weekend. Orlando Pride pulls out because a number of players and staff test positive. Apparently some went out and about around Orlando including night clubs. Some matches will be on CBS. Rest on CBS All Access.
  4. Fox won't have rights anymore as of next season. Most of the matches will be on ESPN+ with about 4 matches on ESPN. More maybe if covid screws up US sports in the fall. Bundesliga wasn't entirely happy with Fox's coverage after initially being excited. Plus FS1/2 don't have much of a reach. So no surprise with the restart, Fox's coverage is just carrying the world feed like Sportsnet. Only difference is that they carry the feed with the enhanced crowd noise while SN is au natural. But with nothing else on, Fox ratings have been the highest since 2015. But ratings for la liga matches this weekend were still higher even though bein has even much less reach than FS1/2.
  5. In the age of Covid, the US Fed, Bank of Canada and other central banks are also buying almost any corporate bond within their reach. So there is no shortage of demand for debt from the most crappiest of companes. And any corporate bond rating should be viewed skeptically since one of the 3 major rating agencies are being paid by the issuer for the rating.
  6. 21st Club - the firm CPL hired to set up their international player pool database - did a podcast with Athletic UK. CPL content starts at around 39:25 mark. Items of note include too many bears in Canada was a headwind in having a pro league for the past 100 years. Quality of international players was a disappontment in year 1. Lack of connections and inexperience amongst club management was the primary issue. Cavalry signing Cordova came from their database as 21st viewed top teams in Peruvian 2nd division similar to CPL level. Also compared CPL level to English League 2/National League. Podcast host knew Cavalry came from Calgary. Life in Canada great selling point for players. High production quality of matches also helps.
  7. Good news everybody, looks like we'll qualify for Qatar. Supported by the Donald himself.
  8. MLS playing in Orlando is a risky move. Florida reported this week their highest daily cases. Florida recorded more than 1,000 new cases on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (the state’s highest daily total yet). That record only stood for a day: It was eclipsed on Friday, when the state reported another 1,902. Florida is also playing fast & loose with their numbers. They fired their web dashboard person for not manipulating figures for the website. They also stopped reporting hospitalization and never have reported cases in nursing homes. Republicans getting flak for moving their convention in late August to Jacksonville. No fans for MLS but I'm waiting to see if MLS shows up on the media's radar.
  9. Overall good that he is leaving as he wasn't going to take the team back to the top 5. Herdman can be interim manager till they start playing. 😏 It better not be Wilkinson - tactical acumen is non-existent. You also need someone who can identify talent since our youth system isn't good at it & there aren't good enough leagues for u20 to display their talents. Canada has second most registered women players, top 10 ranking and going to Olympics. So, CSA should be able to attract an experienced senior national team manager. Pandemic hit for CSA shouldn't be too much since they didn't generate much revenue from the private sector and fans anyway. So, they can probably still pay similar levels to what KHM was receiving.
  10. Right now, he's not promoting anything on TV, radio or billboards. No name Raptor players have gotten more endorsements (even before they won). He's known in Canadian football circles and is in the process of getting known by the Canadian sports fan. He didn't even make the short list for athlete of the year in 2019. Yes, he trends on Canada twitter when playing now but the vast majority of the tweets are from outside of Canada. Canada has a problem promoting athletes outside of the major North American pro leagues. Olympic athletes get a bit of action just before and after the Games but then disappear. Andreescu won athlete of the year in 2019 but I haven't seen her yet on tv, radio or billboards.
  11. Article in the Province with some new tidbits: Manchester United was the first major club linked to him, with their head North American scout Jorge Alvial, raving about the 15-year-old midfielder, sending upwards of 40 glowing reports back to his bosses, rating him higher than Chelsea’s Christian Pulisic. In December of 2017, Whitecaps coach Carl Robinson wanted to take Davies to England for a trial with two Premier League clubs, but Huoseh, was hesitant about that arrangement. That following January, Huoseh had arranged with United for Davies to train with the team for two weeks, but this time, Robinson shot it down, saying Davies wasn’t ready to train at that level. Once news of Bayern’s interest broke, several other suitors joined the fray. Stuttgart and United were active bidders, with Barcelona also coveting Davies for their second team. Paris Saint-Germain, in a connection brokered by then-assistant coach Pa-Modou Kah, was a late and ultimately futile entry into the field. The Whitecaps and Bayern hammered out the details on a transfer agreement, finally settling on a fee reported to be €11.3M. Ten per cent of that fee is supposed to go to the player. It’s not uncommon for MLS clubs to request that clause be waived, but Huoseh’s initial shock turned to disappointment when the Whitecaps asked Davies to give up that money. Huoseh got Bayern to up their salary offer to cover the 10 per cent he’d had expected from Vancouver. The Bayern guys, you’re dealing with people who know the ins (and outs). Dealing with them was completely … day and night between them and the Whitecaps. Huoseh and Davies then hopped on a red-eye flight to Edmonton, where they signed the five-year deal in a quiet corner of the airport with Davies’ parents. https://theprovince.com/sports/soccer/mls/vancouver-whitecaps/done-deal-how-alphonso-davies-record-setting-transfer-to-bayern-munich-came-to-fruition
  12. The commentator isn't entirely unfamilair with Canada. He was Aussie goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer. Besides the language and Commonwealth connection, he played against Canada in the 94 qualifying playoffs in Edmonton - his first cap after starting keeper was sent off.
  13. All these drug/device tests start off with a small group. Just like today Moderna announced good results on a possible vaccine done on 8 people. Dow shoots up 900. You won't get conclusive results on any drug or medical devices for years under normal situations. Being in the age of Covid will mean a speed up of the process though. And of course the company would question the validity of the tests. Given Covid, everything is being rushed out, so not really a surprise modifications are needed in the field or tests are not always performed in the right manner all the time.
  14. UFC implementation hasn't been good. As per NYT: .U.F.C.’s Coronavirus Plan Is Careful. Its Enforcement Has Been Spotty. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/12/sports/coronavirus-ufc.html?searchResultPosition=26
  15. The quick turnaround 15-30 minute test from Abbott has shown to be a coin toss in terms of reliablity as per FDA. https://www.npr.org/sections/coronavirus-live-updates/2020/05/14/856531970/fda-cautions-about-accuracy-of-widely-used-abbott-coronavirus-test
  16. As long there is video, nowadays, there are a number of companies that offer video combined with analytics scouting packs. Behind a paywall or not doesn't matter.
  17. red card


    That wasn't your point in your first two posts: Yeah but under Umbro and or Adidas Canada was not making money with their Jersey sales...but at least with Nike making way more in sales than they ever did with either of those companies... Whether Nike designs better jerseys than the others is highly subjective. I like some of their kits with other countries but they have also whiffed on many others. So far, Nike hasn't done much to generate sales beyond what Adidas or Umbro have done previously. As other have noted, for a country like Canada, results on the pitch matter more than anything a kit provider does. We have seen this with the women where jersey sales jumped post London. Nike jersey sales will have a hard time matching that sales level until the men's team qualifies for the WC. For Nike so far, they had a good tv ad for the Women's World Cup and an ad featuring AD that got some traction online. Up until this release, the jersey has been pretty generic and not widely available.
  18. Correct. Spain was neutral during WW1, so they were the first ones allowed to actually report the outbreak. Other European & US censored flu outbreak news to keep focus on the war and keep up morale. Educated guesses I have read is that it could have started in the US or UK.
  19. Map shows countries based on players abroad in 2019. Brasil is of course #1. Nigeria leads African countries. Japan leads Asia. Canada had 65 abroad with 27 in the US; followed by Germany. Then 3 players each in NZ, Norway & Portgual. https://football-observatory.com/IMG/sites/atlasmigr/
  20. He's back training. Bundesliga is planning to be back in May in empty stadiums.
  21. Some glimmer in the horizon - Bundesliga is looking for May return. This week, all the clubs in the top two divisions — 1. Bundesliga and 2. Bundesliga — returned to the practice field. Plans were being put in place for games to return at all 36 stadiums by the beginning of May, with the remaining nine games of the schedule to be completed by the end of June. So-called ghost games are to be played out in cavernous arenas devoid of the usual carnival-like match-day atmosphere. Soccer will be a TV-only entertainment, and is likely to remain so until the end of the year. Germany’s testing regimen, by far the best in Europe, means that supplies needed for medical staff will not be diverted so soccer stars can get on the field. For the moment, we are all fighting to survive,” said Bundesliga chief Seifert, predicting that 50 percent of the second-division teams were “very much in danger to file for bankruptcy,” if the season were canceled, while as many as five top-division teams would face serious problems, too. “In the short term, I would say the transfer market this summer will not exist, it will collapse,” he said. “Some agents will suddenly understand that they will have to work hard, or at least work; some leagues will understand that money is nothing that is coming automatically every month from heaven.” https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/08/sports/germany-soccer-coronavirus.html?campaign_id=2&emc=edit_th_200409&instance_id=17426&nl=todaysheadlines&regi_id=77026768&segment_id=24411&user_id=2d668403a0aef4a8ff3c4a74a221176c
  22. John Herdman prepares for the future, looks for silver lining in COVID-19 cloud ..that has included strategic planning, statistical analysis and tactical reviews as well as starting scouting possible World Cup qualifying opponents. Herdman expects a congested schedule when soccer returns, so being prepared is key given time may be short. A Canada Soccer committee is looking at short-, medium- and long-term scenarios, as well as “best and worse scenarios” on when the sport returns. It’s not easy in an ever-changing landscape. Players on the national team’s leadership group met remotely last Friday. One-on-one “connects” with the players are coming up. Work continues at the younger age levels. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/soccer/article-john-herdman-prepares-for-the-future-looks-for-silver-lining-in-covid/
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