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  1. Player registration growth has stopped and has fallen. Despite winning 2 bronze and hosting a World Cup, youth female registration has slipped about 18.5% from 2014-19 as per CSA numbers. I haven't seen any reasons cited for why this has occurred. Covid made it worse. Post covid, there has been some analysis that female sports participation won't be simply bouncing back. Youth male participation has fallen by about 7% from 2014-19. But as others have noted, quantity didn't mean quality. With better youth coaching, more pro clubs and a maturing football culture, more elite players are being developed from a decreasing pool.
  2. It will continue to happen. It still happens in the US. So much so vs Mexico, they play WCQ only in small stadiums in middle America. It happened versus Costa Rica in the last cycle when they played it NJ and lost. Will happen vs ES, Honduras & Guatemala if they pick the wrong cities. The most recent Canada vs ES was pretty tame by historical standards in terms of size and level of support. There have many matches in the 90s with 80-90% visiting team supporters. Honduras 08 WCQ in Montreal was a disaster. Plus, with Canada having no supporters culture of note until recently, visiting supporters from 13 year girls to 65 year grandmothers easily took over the stadium with 90 minutes of songs/chants - prime example being Chile vs Canada in u20 07 World Cup. We might be getting more people more passionate about supporting Canada's national team but for many countries, they have the advantage of their support being embedded in their soul by passion & cultural factors passed on over generations.
  3. CSA dropped TSN in 2019 because TSN wanted the production costs paid and rights for friendlies free. OneSoccer has carried all Canada women's matches ex Olympics since then.
  4. Band 1: English Premier League, the Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A and Ligue 1 + UEFA Champions League, Copa Libertadores & various youth FIFA/ confederation/Olympic/Toulon competitions. Band 2: Portuguese Primeira Liga, Eredivisie, Belgian First Division A, the Turkish Super Lig and the English Championship + UEFA Europa League and the Copa Sudamerica Band 3: Russian Premier League, Campeonato Brasileiro Série A, Primera División of Argentina, Liga MX and the Scottish Premiership. Band 4: Czech First League, Croatian First Football League, the Swiss Super League, La Liga 2, Bundesliga 2, Ukrainian Premier League, the Greek Superleague, the Colombian Categoría Primera A, the USA’s Major League Soccer, the Austrian Football Bundesliga and Ligue 2. Band 5: Serbian SuperLiga, the Danish Superliga, the Polish Ekstraklasa, the Slovenian PrvaLiga, the Chilean Primera División, the Uruguayan Primera División and the Chinese Super League. Band 6 means all leagues not in Band 1, Band 2, Band 3, Band 4 or Band 5. https://www.thefa.com/-/media/files/thefaportal/governance-docs/gbe-criteria/gbe-mens-players-criteria-jan-2021.ashx
  5. Against Mexico, if the turf is icy/snowy, it will negate some of Canada's pace advantage on the wings.
  6. Brooks performance just deteriorated this season. He was a regular starter last year but now is on the bench for various matches. If he continues to play like he has, he won't be at Wolfsburg next season. Likewise, with the US, pre Octo, he was considered a locked-in starter by their fan base. After Long's injury, everyone was thankful for Brooks. But after his bad performance in the first window and his shambolic performance vs Lille, most have already moved on to the next new shiny candy.
  7. Another article with some damning anonymous comments: “This guy is a lost case. He doesn't have a head on his shoulders. He was a guy who was badly advised, he was surrounded by people who did not know soccer and who made him believe all kinds of things. But he doesn't understand what it takes to be a professional. Unfortunately, I don't think he will ever understand it. There are several things wrong with him. " “I remember meeting him on his return from Europe, he was walking with security guards, I told myself that it was not his business. I understood that his entourage must still have an important influence on him. " “Only he can help himself. Several have tried over the years to help him, Mauro, Patrice, Hassoun, Wilfried, but in vain. Even with Didier it didn't work. If you are not able to follow Didier's example, it is because there is no hope. Personally, I no longer speak to him. " “I think his agents have some blame to take. When I got to know his entourage in Barcelona, I worried about him. Yes, there is the logo, that's fine, but that's not all. I tried to make him understand several times. But you know, when a kid doesn't want to listen, what do you do? " “In my opinion, he was too young at 16 to make the jump with the first team. He suffered from the fact that for years there was no reserve team at the Impact. " https://www.985fm.ca/nouvelles/sports/433230/cf-montreal-ballou-un-talent-pur-qui-tourne-en-rond
  8. Gaming is the most popular entertainment activity amongst the u30 crowd. Not watching tv, either linear or streaming. Netflix has said their biggest competition is gaming and sleeping. So, what is being shown below is much more significant.
  9. FIFA doesn't allow on the pitch level seating.
  10. For at least a couple of answers, this is Herdman in his element. Yet, I haven't seen none of the soccer media reporting on these answers from a October 15th call yet. Instead, most often mentioned were the call with GGG and the Edmonton weather advantage. But the most telling answers for me were: First camp under Herdman had 2 fights. People said to him that this is men’s football. But Herdman stood against it. You can fight with your opponent but you don’t fight internally. It isn’t a man or woman’s thing. This is a dysfunctional team. We have to eliminate the threat inside this team which is the broken relationship, the factions, these little cliques…The Scottish boys went one way, the Spanish speaking guys went one way, the Eastern European guys went one way. The leadership group now understand the importance of shared purpose, understand the importance of their own humility and understand the importance of connecting every man regardless of race, religion & language. The All Blacks doc he had them watch is I believe Chasing Great: a very personal insight into high level international sport and a revealing psychological profile of the mind of a champion. Natural strength, hard work and sacrifice only get him so far. To become the best he has to master his mind. The mental toughness and self knowledge that Richie McCaw has honed and worked to attain over the later years of his career has elevated him from a great player into perhaps the greatest ever.
  11. On the OS broadcast, it was announced 3k+ for Forge.
  12. After nearly 3 years, having your city in your club's name isn't a key to attendance/engagement. Worst supported is FC Edmonton. Second worst is York United who rebranded from a made up regional name. HFX is best supported - named after the city but in abbreviated form. The rest with usage of city names or not are all reasonably supported. Another disproven projection from CPL year 1 of this forum was that Cavalry was out of touch in charging high ticket prices. Instead, it seems investment in & execution of the match day experience, level of engagement by supporter groups and meeting expectations of success on the pitch are the keys.
  13. Two-faced Perez says at half time to TSN that is the time for JMR. Then he subs him off.
  14. 26k for RDS. Based on Quebec's population share, it should have been higher. But it's about the same number who watched TFC V FCC the Wednesday night a week before this international break. The later Whitecaps v Dynamo match also got similar numbers at 30k.
  15. Only non-recognizable face for most is I believe Amanda Ilestedt of Sweden/PSG who isn't wearing her silver medal.
  16. Local Columbus news report talking to fans attending CR vs US match. This is either a perfect trolling by the local news outlet or they're also clueless?
  17. Why Victoria BC Is Home To Some Of The Most Unique Support in North America Blake McStravick caught the supporter culture bug while in Sweden, where it had leaked over into the country’s hockey scene. ...With almost zero institutional knowledge, McStravick went online, studying tifos from around the world, diving into Youtube to learn how some of the world’s biggest SGs pull off such pageantry. For Michael Geldreich, president of the Lake Side Buoys, Pacific FC was an opportunity to provide an expansive gameday experience for any type of fan. Luiz Alberto de Souza came to Victoria from Rio De Janeiro to pursue his education, and, although he, Santis, and a group of other Brazilian expats still played the game constantly, the absence of supporting a club was felt immediately. The group immediately began to draw on their South American roots and knowledge base to bring a high-energy atmosphere to Pacific FC matches, along with a classic Brazilian tailgate, complete with what Santis assures is the best barbecue in Victoria. https://americantifo.substack.com/p/why-victoria-bc-is-home-to-some-of
  18. Conmebol wrapped up their October window yesterday. Brasil continues to roll but will need to wait for next window to have a chance to qualify. Argentina is 4 points behind but looks set to qualify. Then we have Ecuador, Colombia & Uruguay in poll position for the next 2 auto qualification positions and intercontinental spot. But everybody else ex Venezuela are still in the hunt. Oceania still haven't started yet. New Zealand just played their first matches in 2 years including defeating Curacao. The match of the window was Israel vs Scotland. Denmark has qualified out of the group but Scotland & Israel were fighting for the playoff spot. Now going into the last window for group stage matches in November, Scotland has a 4 point lead over Israel. This is Big. This is Huge. This is Massive. This is Scotland 3 Israel 2. And This is the Scotland Way. You Just Have to Go With It.
  19. Yes, it was Dunfield. One thing for Wheels is he captures the zeitgeist of the biggest moments. The Haiti own goal & now the Davies goal. For the Davies goal, a typical North American broadcast would likely have the announcer or analyst going on something not related to what's happening on the pitch. But Wheels was on top of it from the play's entrails.
  20. You saw it in the second half vs the US. The backline was much less confident in their play. Plus, it would have likely ended in a draw as maybe the own goal wouldn't have occurred.
  21. Even noted soccer hater Bob McCown jumps on board. But it is a very high quality podcast. https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/the-bob-mccown-podcast/id1518820915?i=1000538604796 JAMES SHARMAN - friend of the show and football aficionado - joins the podcast to discuss the big 4-1 win our Mens national team had over Panama in yesterdays FIFA qualifying match. We discuss the events of the game and marvel at Alphonso Davies performance and controversial goal. James gives us some perspective at just how good Davies is, what that means for the future of soccer in Canada as well as the success of the mens team. We discuss the rising popularity of the sport in Canada and the direction we could see it go as Canada is set to host a portion of the 2026 FIFA World Cup.
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