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  1. To be honest I never heard of the National Basketball League Canada either. No media coverage here in Winnipeg of either league.
  2. What is CEBL? Never heard of it.
  3. I would think the CFL playoffs were more of a problem but reports are the final did well on TSN.
  4. Well I often hear Juventus of Turin.
  5. Two days and still no replay available for the Valour\York game.
  6. The disappointment is tOne Soccer are a bunch of amateurs who don't know how to run a business. From the we cover all Nations League games ( which was far from true), the sending home the camera crew for the Valour game earlier this season. The claim I will get a refund for that, which still hasn't happened and now the worst thing possible. I tried watching the men's National game from last night and it stopped at 75 mins. I had to watch the highlight to see what happened. Way to ruin one of Canada's biggest soccer moments.
  7. So I see onesoccer does not have the Valour\York 9 game on it's schedule tomorrow. Another disappointment from One Soccer.
  8. I would like to help you but until the plows come, I can't get out.
  9. So now many of the recent replay games won't on my Roku but do on the computer.
  10. They have yet to put any of the other games up. They advertised that they would have every game live or on demand. Yet some have never been shown live or on demand and they have yet to reply after many days to me.
  11. What drives me nuts, is that when you ask them a question through e-mail or twitter, they never reply.
  12. Onesoccer says some of the Nations League games are live and some on demand. I see the live games but how do you access the demand games?
  13. Problem with that is, people will sell them for less than the value of the ticket. When that happens clubs lose season ticket holders as they feel that they can give up the season tickets and just buy cheap seats on the secondary market.
  14. No, Out right fired. Missed penalty, hand ball goal, tons of cards, getting in players space. This guy has no play in pro soccer. Allowing all the delays and carding the other team for protesting.
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