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  1. Have to say the team seems to be in serious trouble. Lots of players yelling at each other. They look very frustrated. They don't seem to be very united right now. I hope they can find a way to turn things around or it might be a very long season.
  2. Yes I know what Sinclair can do, that is why I said she could handle the pressure. I was replying to why Sinclair thought Beckie could do it as well.
  3. Sorry wasn't trying to shout. That was a copy and paste.
  4. This is why Sinclair had confidence in her- Canadian international Janine Beckie proved to be the difference in a penalty shootout Saturday as Manchester City beat Arsenal to claim the FA Women’s Continental League Cup.
  5. That's my point. why would Sinclair ask her? Sinclair could handle the pressure of taking the kick. I believe Sinclair was being a great captain by trying to give Beckie the chance to redeem herself for the give away that lead to the goal. I really believed she thought Beckie could handle it and as great leader want to support her. I respect Sinclair even more for by passing the chance to increase her goal total to try and support a team mate.
  6. Are we sure that Sinclair didn't want it but instead is trying to take the heat for Beckie instead? Sinclair has always been good under pressure.
  7. I think it had to do with the fact that Quinn is good at driving in balls and has the height for corners and the late push at the net rather than being another defender coming on. I don't care for Heiner-Moller that much but I do understand this move.
  8. I feel your pain. I have a group of relatives coming to town on the 21st and we were scheduled to go.
  9. It is to this one. If the league allows this stuff to start it will keep snowballing to other things. Bumping TV games for bowling events etc. It doesn't take much for things to start derailing quickly. Making this league look professional right off the bat is important.
  10. It's pure second class. The Bombers apparently wouldn't allow the game on the 23rd because the Bombers were on TV yet move a regular scheduled game because it's only soccer. I love the NFL but not over my team. I hope they issues refunds for those who can't make the rescheduled game.
  11. Real slap in the face by the Bombers to to move a regular season game for a meaningless pre-season game from another league. I won't be surprised if they fold the team sooner than later. Non- Soccer people running a team is always a bad idea. The message is awful, sorry we have something better that night. The league should step in and do something. I can't imagine a European club saying we will cancel our regular game because we found a way to make more money with the stadium. This league will fold if it accepts being treated as second class.
  12. What happens if the total is not reached?
  13. Thanks, I see they are up today. Well MrsC, I have seen you on onesoccer in two stadiums so far. You have five to go this year.
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