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  1. I did my share, made a few purchases on-line the past year and half.
  2. I'm in Canada and can't get them either.
  3. Not sure it's the main BEIN channel. I say it the other day and it's free but not sure what games you will get with it.
  4. Problem is that for a lack of a better term, she chokes when playing for Canada. This is not first time she should have scored goals for Canada and failed to finish.
  5. I believe the rights of Canadian National Team games where for games that were on Canadian soil only.
  6. The NHL Training camp after Christmas in Canada only required a 7 day quarantine but now it's back up to 14 days.
  7. Can't really answer your question as we don't know the best in any category for the job was available to take on the team. Only time will tell if she will be good as it is with any team in any sport.
  8. Money saving as well, not having to pay a Coach.
  9. Is it me or does the team seem very slow?
  10. Wed. is going to be super soccer day. 10 AM CT Canada\France and 1PM Canada\USA U-20
  11. It's now on One Soccer. Only took 70 bloody mins. to finally show it. Pathetic company.
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