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  1. Can't really answer your question as we don't know the best in any category for the job was available to take on the team. Only time will tell if she will be good as it is with any team in any sport.
  2. Money saving as well, not having to pay a Coach.
  3. Is it me or does the team seem very slow?
  4. Wed. is going to be super soccer day. 10 AM CT Canada\France and 1PM Canada\USA U-20
  5. It's now on One Soccer. Only took 70 bloody mins. to finally show it. Pathetic company.
  6. Yeah now I get the You Tube channel but still nothing on the computer or Roku TV. They have to be the worst media company in the World. Pure amateurs, I'm still waiting for a refund from the summer for the missed Valour game they abandoned.
  7. You must be watching the wrong game. Hundreds of people don't have it.
  8. One Soccer Sucks. Trying to watch the Women's Olympic qualifier and Media error on both Roku and computer.
  9. What I don't like is OneSoccer advertised that they had all Nations league games from CONCACAF and yet they maybe showed half and many were not on-demand. I wish they would have followed through.
  10. That video was not even from the game OneSoccer stopped broadcasting.
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