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  1. Just read through the thread. I always do this when Canada has a match, though there is little entertainment value in discussions of whether we should start Useless Tool A over Perennial Non-entity B (and why for heaven's sake wasn't Good-for-nothing Hack C called?) . . . Tuscan and Brennanfan wrote the only decent posts in the thread. The rest of you can go soak your heads.
  2. But . . . but Henry is TFC Academy! That means by definition he must have diamonds flying out of his arsehole- so how can you criticize the lad before he's had fifteen years to get his feet wet?
  3. Lol! This is the Canadian way of asking: Why do they suck so bad?
  4. You'll see what all the negativity is about on Tuesday night.
  5. It's about as good as it gets - which, by international standards, is poor. But considering the side opposing us tonight, we have a chance for a result.
  6. I still say crap - oh no, another one in Tippeligaen! Our players are 2nd/3rd rate - even the best players we have can't cut it at the highest level or anywhere near the highest level so relax -
  7. If Toronto Croatia doesn't take care of Brantford tonight then something is definitely "up". Pinnacle has Croatia .1599 (1x2). They have Toronto Croatia -0.5 and -1, 1.758. Pay the juice and go get it.
  8. Sorry, we aren't making the hex with this bunch ("this bunch" includes the coach). Just not good enough. Above all, we need a Big Time coach with international cred that the players will look up to and respect and play for, a coach who isn't afraid to make waves, not some ass-covering bureaucrat sweating his pension.
  9. Stick your logic up your ontological void . . . this Canadian team is weak.
  10. We should be able to destroy a team like this but we struggle with them because the ugly 800 pound gorilla truth--that few of you clowns will acknowledge-- is that we have very little skill/quality in our team.
  11. And some people have yet to see the Guadeloupe game it seems.
  12. Damn right it isn't. But that's probably because he isn't playing "in the hole". What tournament are you watching?
  13. Serbia might be deep in keepers for all I know. We, on the other hand, are terrified of getting stuck with a guy who lets in shots a ten-year-old should stop.
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