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Whitecaps will finish ahead of Toronto this season.

Drew Shaw

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I won't bother with all the other stuff, but the person who originally wrote perdict is from Alberta.

Actually it was a cheap shot but I threw it in to be funny.

In fact I support TFC only that it is friggin' frustrating team to support, deep down I have no animosity towards TFC or Impact. Vancouver's real rival is Sounders, in spite of a few lame Southsiders sucking up to their suckhole fans constantly. What team would i least like to lose against as a Caps fan in MLS? To Sounders, and then to Galaxy, those are the motivating rivals as I see it.

But I still think Caps will do well merely on the basis of tradition, and you'll see how this actually works.

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This debate is irrelevant we all know Montreal will be the best in 2012 :P (just for Rudi)

No but in all seriousness I think the start to the season will be difficult for Toronto but i see them making the playoffs. As for Vancouver i can see them maybe 6th or 7th in the west.

Just my opinion

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Yes! A Vancouver - Toronto MLS Cup!

In Los Angeles! Imagine the excitement!

I'd pay good money for that to happen.

And to Trillium, as a TFC season ticket holder I'll be at all the games. I'll also be in Vancouver next week. And considering it's myself and Califax organizing the V's bus to Detroit, I'd say there's a good bet that I'll be there, too.

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We're comparing ourselves to Toronto FC in an environment where our sports media is Toronto-dominated, and in a country where the domestic soccer news has been all-Toronto-FC-all-the-time for years now. It's natural that we'd use the most visible measuring point to gauge our team. Believe me, there's a fair bit of measuring against Portland and (particularly) Seattle going on too: you just don't see it on the Voyageurs board because there are no Sounders or Timbers fans here posting all the time.


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MLS simulation: Vancouver Whitecaps to finish ahead of Toronto FC

The Canadian Press March 15, 2011

The Los Angeles Galaxy will post the best record in the MLS this season and debutante Vancouver will win more games than Canadian rival Toronto FC.

At least that's the way a simulation of the 2011 season using the made-in-Vancouver "FIFA Soccer 11" video game sees it, according to EA Sports.

Using March 7 rosters, EA simulated the entire regular season. The Galaxy finished with the league's best record at 24-3-7 for a league record 79 points. Real Salt Lake (21-5-8, 71 points) and the Seattle Sounders (18-3-13, 67 points) were next in the West.

The New York Red Bulls topped the East at 17-7-10 and 61 points.

The simulation had the Vancouver Whitecaps sixth in the West with a 10-15-9 record and 39 points. That's four points better than 9-17-8 Toronto FC, which finished eighth in the East.

The simulation sees New York's English forward Luke Rodgers as top goal-scorer with 17. Toronto's Dwayne De Rosario ranks sixth with 12.

The video game simulation did not include the playoffs.

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Well the power rankings are out in several places (Ives, CNNSI, MLSSoccer). TFC and whitecaps seem to be consensus bottom of the table finishers. We'll see how that plays out... Ironically enough, I bet you after one week of play the winner of this weekend's game somehow jumps some other teams (which logically doesn't follow if your starting with your base assumption that both teams are bad).

As for the complaints about soccer coverage being TFC centric, really? I mean that amounted to: a few extra generic CP articles, 15 seconds of airtime on sportsnet and TSN highlight shows once a week? GOL TV coverage by a company owned by the same parent as TFC? nothing terribly shocking really or substantial.

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