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  1. Top of the list: What criteria must be satisfied to achieve the entry-level club award?Criteria include: Having an FA-trained Club Welfare Officer An FA Level 1 coach for each youth team (U18 and below) Criminal Record Checks (CRC) for all volunteers involved in youth football teams FA Emergency Aid-trained volunteers linked to each team Sign-up to and deliver The FA’s Respect programme Appropriate administration governance in place – in relation to the club’s size An FA Charter Standard Co-ordinator recruited for each club.
  2. Yes and no. It hasn't been going on for 11 years in the public sphere, more like a couple months, and even that's mostly to people who follow women's soccer. It's just coming into the broader realm now and has inertia and traction and a life of it's own already Even if the group was one that had proper governance and could make policy statements, what do you say? That it believes in the laws of the country and the general sport policies of pretty much every sport in the country including soccer? Isn't that a given? How could anyone ever come out and say anything to the contrary. What exactly do you say? Who writes it? How do we as a membership of massive numbers come to consensus and agreement? How many iterations is that? How long does it take? Who approves it? Is it checked by a lawyer? Who pays for that? There are people regularly convicted for assaulting minors in Canadian soccer in horrific ways. In the UK I believe you cannot have a club charter without a Welfare Officer. I think that would be a good outcome here with the additional step of some variant of the role in our national programs. The recent Australian situation would lend credence to that as well.
  3. I could have sworn I read somewhere it was going to be. May have just been like you though and my hope getting the better of my memory. I think it's one of those things that really can't be avoided, anyone who ignores it now with the documentation and support it has is knowingly culpable. And if there is no movement you find a good high level politician and then all parties wish they were more proactive in getting out in front if it.
  4. This isn't really the type of organization that makes statements. There is no structure. No board of directors, no executive committee. It's more of a hive mind. I'm also not sure now is the right point to engage. I think the point of due process is to allow it to run its course. After a qualified independent body or bodies review all the information and publicly and transparently present that with their findings it might be a better point. Really looking forward to that read and it's recommendations.
  5. Been a pretty hectic couple weeks and am a game behind. Wish we could have found someone else to sub off late to kill the clock than Beckie. She plays in Manchester, would have been nice to not have her do the walk of shame. We had a core who stood out - Lawrence, Buchanan, Fleming, Scott, thought Schmidt and Zadorsky did well too. Riviera often turned over the ball cheaply and marked poorly. Rose struggled to integrate with the play. Both looked like good prospects but healthy ways from top end international women's. As the announcers said the gift is being in the right place at the right time, but having a shot come off a crossbar and right onto your thigh a few metres from net is a pretty random feat to replicate. Lost in the goal count is what a great shot it was. Man what a cracker, she deserved/deserves the accolades. It was good to see the tactics deployed with the tournament looming. But we gave up too many opportunities and have a lot of tightening to sort that out. A team like the Americans, French or Germans would have buried us and we'd be sitting on a plane home from France. England pretty much crapped the bed. The were weak and insipid and looked a shell of their intensity, sharpness and danger of the recent past. It was a very different game for England. Because there are almost no other women in Canada competing at this level, our team is pretty much formed. Sure a young player or two here or there who will never touch the pitch could go either way but that's it. England have a lot of great leagues, programs and players and were using that game to help pick their squad. They looked terrified of making mistakes and like they had everything to lose and nothing to win. Except Nikita Parris, she was wonderful. This was from the Guardian: "there was a wider sense that slight nerves rather than any real unfamiliarity provoked a litany of misplaced passes and cheap concessions of possession. With Neville due to name his World Cup squad by the end of this month, the tension was at times almost palpable as some players clearly struggled to relax." I'd say it was a lot more than slight nerves. That was a team that can play sharp, decisive attacking football (like during their run to the semis the last World Cup) that looked milquetoast. Couldn't help but chuckle when the commentators whined about a penalty on Buchanan late in the match with zero mention of White stabbing through the back of her calves and sending her flying. Bev Priestman. Karma.
  6. England Women v Canada: SOLD OUT7.15pm, Friday 5 April 2019The Academy Stadium, Manchester City FC Tickets are priced at £1 for concessions and £10 for adults (£7.50 for ‘early bird’ offer) Tickets for Canada v Mexico women at BMO are $125, &74, $50, $35, $20 (end zone) plus a healthy Ticketmaster surcharge and plus taxes. The best seat for any Lionesses game bought ahead of time is about 7 pounds . A good seat for Canada at BMO bought ahead of time is $60.50. With concessions for a family of two kids with dogs and drinks thrown in that is 34 pounds there and 300 dollars here. England play Spain four days later in Swindon, and then shortly before the WWC they play Denmark at Walsall and NZ in Brighton at the Amex. All England matches are on BBC. Denmark and NZ on BBC One, Spain on BBC Two, and Canada on BBC Four. Kickoff times in Canada: 11:15am Pacific 12:15pm Mountain 1:15pm Central 2:15pm Eastern 3:15pm Atlantic 3:45pm Newfoundland
  7. Perhaps it's just me but a post in a soccer forum, about soccer, from people who play and enjoy the game of soccer called "CPL bilingualism" doesn't need me to politicize it. I was there for the protests and talked to many amazing Catalans over the past month. About football, food and politics. They really are wonderful and very charming people with a beautiful energy and lifestyle. And if I learned anything it's that the Catalonian situation is very different from anything here. That and Lionel Messi is truly and without a single thread of doubt the best player I have ever seen grace a field. Between my flippance and your misleading misrepresentations this is about as bad as conversations go. So I'll leave you to your language politics, or not as you prefer.
  8. Reading that now from over a decade ago brings back memories. Our old friend Richard Howes closed things off with: "This is an employer/employee issue that has nothing to do with the general public and if a media outlet publishes anything to do with the reasons for the 'parting of the ways' without the formal consent of the parties involved they had better be prepared for a lawsuit." Well it clearly has a lot do with the general public, and thank God there is someone out there who has the courage to stand up against threats like that.
  9. Inclusivity of all groups and minorities is always to be lauded. There are too many places in the world the game is highly politicized, hopefully we're not one of them.
  10. Another of the world's greatest female strikers. Excerpts from: https://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2019/mar/12/vivianne-miedema-world-cup-arsenal Vivianne Miedema: ‘There’s a big difference playing with boys and with girls’ Her father and brother were both keen footballers, while her mother played hockey to a high level. Miedema played alongside boys when she was young and perhaps did so for longer than many. “I think it has really benefited me,” she says. “I used to play at one of the highest levels of boys’ football too. I played against good boys, some of which are playing top-level football in Europe now, and that has really helped me. There’s a big difference between playing with boys and with girls and I would always advise girls to play with boys.” [Both parents athletes and playing with boys... Hegerberg deja vu] And if Miedema scores, do not expect wild celebrations: “I am happy when I score goals but I also think you need to show a bit of respect to the opponent. It depends on the goal but I’m not a big shouter or celebrater.”
  11. I've been there a number of times and am well aware of the differences between Mandarin and Cantonese. But thanks for the preaching. I'd say undermining but that would just be dickish. There are 2 million Chinese in Canada. Who get how much basic respect when it comes to language in their community?
  12. About 30 years ago when the train still ran on Vancouver Island, I remember seeing a railway employee throwing out boxes of French pamphlets. When I asked him why he said no one ever asks for them, but he added we get asked for Chinese every day and have none. Don't know about French in Alberta but there are way, way more households speaking Chinese and Punjabi than French in BC. Ergo things like Hockey Night in Punjbai. 2-million Chinese in Canada
  13. It's the new world of women's soccer - anyone in the top 20 can take out anyone in the world if they're on form and all in sync and playing together. Not a great game plan but that's the new shape of things. Solid defending is a cornerstone of winning tournaments. Getting the attacking to get out of group is the challenge, once you're out if you can keep your opponent off the board you can steal a goal off their mistake or go through on PK's. We don't have the firepower other countries do so going toe to toe or free flowing would not work out well the majority of the time. There's also a lot of poker going on. Anyone who thinks the Dutch are the worst team that was at the Algarve will be surprised in the summer. We just need to get out of group and with the new format and third place tickets we should be fine. Then the fun begins, and we have enough talent and IQ to give anyone a bad day. Can we run the gauntlet again? We'll need some great performances and breaks. Outside the top half dozen who can do a run like that day in and day out, we're one of a dozen or so who are capable of greatness. It will take knocking off some real heavyweights though. And anyone who follows the global women's game and sees the massive traction and professionalism knows this is the last kick at the cat.
  14. The more high performance centers not tied to NSO/PSO we have, the more we move forward and the less likely to encounter situations like Ms. McCormack details. Not a fan of US leagues but when they have no other domestic option it's ok. Hopefully one day in our children's lifetime they have a Canadian opportunity to take the game seriously. Kudos to their vision, ambition and dreams. Enjoy the journey.
  15. Been reading from unbiased people in other countries that she can't keep up on the field, they were suggesting late sub. 90-120 minutes is a long time, especially if you're playing a strict system. Impressions from people who've been watching? For the goals record, Wambach wasn't the PK taker for the Americans to round out her career. Does Sinclair stick around to bag PK's and play minnows and pad her stats?
  16. Ewa Pajor had her breakout a few years ago as a youth player. Most teams are being cagey for France. This is Poland's World Cup. A good tournament for them but I think if everyone loaded for bear we'd see a different outcome.
  17. https://i2-prod.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/incoming/article15877030.ece/ALTERNATES/s615b/0_Arsenal-v-Manchester-City-Women-FA-Womens-Continental-League-Cup-Final.jpg ... First, England's Parris flicked a header on to the bar from a set-piece, before Caroline Weir angled a low shot narrowly wide and then Canadian Beckie - on as a substitues - fired a fierce effort on to the angle of post and crossbar. ... Nikita Parris and Beckie hit the bar in the second period of normal time ... Janine Beckie stepped up to despatch the winning strike, having earlier struck the crossbar twice in normal time, in yet another closely-fought contest against the Gunners. ... Miedema sent Bardsley scrambling in injury time with a sweetly-struck half-volley, before Beckie unleashed a rocket which once again struck the woodwork and ricocheted clear in a thrilling end to the 90 minutes. ... Lauren Hemp then went close twice from two excellent Bonner and Stanway crosses, and Beckie tried her luck again with a long-range strike, which skimmed the roof of the net. ... Via Manchester City’s Janine Beckie, there was at least a first in this final to stunt the general sense of deja vu. ... 83 min: What a save from Van Veenendaal! Beckie played a square pass from the left to Weir, who took it beautifully on the run and surged into the area. Then she drilled a fierce left-footed shot that hit the chest of the outrushing keeper and flashed just wide of the far post. A goalkick was given, but that was definitely a save from Van Veenendaal. ... 90+3 min: Beckie hits the bar for City! That was a brilliant effort, a rising drive from a very tight angle on the left side of the box. It beat Van Veenendaal at the near post and clattered off the bar. On reflection, I think Van Veendendaal waved that past, thinking it was going into the side netting. ... Skipper Houghton then converted – as did Dominique Bloodwoorth, leaving Beckie with the chance to clinch the tie – and she did so with aplomb.
  18. You're either fast or slow. You can improve your speed by only so much. It's a bit like but not as extreme as height in basketball. Can't coach that either.
  19. Ok that was 100.0% my ineptitude and completely the wrong word. It should have been famous, i.e. https://canadasoccer.com/index.php?pid=7515&t=profile& Most high school track meets now almost four decades later run around 0:59 to 1:01
  20. Ontario High School 400m record was set in 1980 by the infamous Charmaine Crooks in a ridiculous 53.3 seconds. Would take one hell of an athlete to lower that.
  21. Hey there - sorry missed this. Good question. If you go back 20 years in the program it's been more like a family gathering than a national team. In countries with leagues you tend to have a lot more turnover, who is on form, who is off, etc. The reason we have young players has usually been most of the oldies want real lives. The one's who can make a decent living in the game stick and hang. When is the last time a 25-30yr old Canadian (in her prime) was brought in? That should be happening every single camp.
  22. Perhaps of the Mbappe mold on the women's side. You can't coach speed. Must be exciting to watch, will keep an eye out for her.
  23. The odds of seeing a new name in a roster are about 100/1. Pretty strong statement about the depth of women's soccer in Canada.
  24. China becomes another country where sanction of a top-level men's program requires a women's program as well. https://www.fifa.com/womensworldcup/news/women-s-game-receives-fresh-impetus-in-china?_branch_match_id=587778880683530053 "This is a pattern on which we can model our women's game. So we have decided that each CSL [Chinese Super League] side should have a women's team by 2020 so the men's game will lend their strengths to the women's game."
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