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  1. Welcome to the list Michael Petrasso! Updated after our 1-1 draw vs the Azeri squad.
  2. Updated with our 2 against Mexico. Henry (2), Straith (1), Larin (2) & James (1).
  3. Larin is the only consistent starter in that group. To be a player who can make a difference for the CMNT we need to consider that a minimum level. Take and hold a starting position in MLS or equivalent Euro/SA league.
  4. As have most of the Canadian players who came up with the D2 team. The only 2 left on the Caps from D2 days are Gersh & Russ. That's it. I don't know of any other D2 players who are in MLS. How many Impact D2 players are still with the team? It is a big jump that gets misjudged badly by most expansion teams. The Caps were no exception to that rule. Mistakes were made, no doubt about it. The minutes played by D2 players was primarily in the first season which was a total disaster and showed how big a difference there is. The second season was the first year Rennie was there and he was bringing in some Railhawks They didn't do much better and are playing D2 now (if they are still playing). Go through the list of teams that have gone from D2 to MLS and see how long the D2 players last. Not many and not for long. Whether you want to face it or not there is a big gap in player quality between the 2 levels.
  5. I wouldn't say they went backwards in development as much as there was a huge gap between where most of the academy players were and the higher level of MLS compared to NASL. Without that USL team a lot were left floundering in no man's land. Not good enough for the first team but no other options for lots of playing time needed to develop. A true catch-22 if there ever was one. The loss of Thomas Niendorf was a huge blow that took them several years to recover from. Rennie was coach from 2011-2013. The academy was started in 2007 so it was only 4-6 years old. In that time Sam Adekugbe was brought on at the end of the season. The rest were not ready yet. Robbo has the luxury of a steady stream of players coming up and a USL team to verify their abilities in before exposing them to MLS. Much better situation.
  6. Several things have made the list interesting for me. First I thought MLS and NASL would be it. I didn't foresee SigmaFC and the fantastic job they've done. Did not see that one coming at all. Very impressive. Goes to show the value of highly skilled youth development coaches and keeping players for the entire U12-U20 range. To be fair to Montreal they got into the academy game very late. They are only 3-4 years into it depending on where you place the start date. The fact that they now have a good academy and are committed to developing youth players means it is only a matter of time before they start to have stream of players coming to the MNT. The other thing I've noticed is that if you take out the top player for each academy it levels out pretty much. No Straith, Henry, Bekker or Ouimette and it is pretty even. So it appears that each academy can produce one or two MNT calibre players every 7 or so years. Hopefully that will pick up.
  7. I will do that on my next off work day (Wed). I didn't know about that. Do I need any login rights etc? Thanks
  8. Updated with the 05Feb2016 game against the USA. Welcome to the list Maxime Crépeau. With a performance like that I'm sure we'll be seeing more of him. To answer some of the above questions. Mallan Roberts wasn't part of the FCE academy. He played for NAIT and signed with the FCE Reserves in 2012 at age 20. Similar situation to Wandrille Lefèvre who played with the youth side of Montreal Impact 2011-2013 but was 22-24 at that time. Hanson Boakai has not played yet for our MNT. He has played for every level below it and I will add him to the list when he does as he was with FCE Academy 2011-2013.
  9. Updated with our game against Ghana. Wow a lot of new faces. Great to see so many like Aird & Hoilett commit to the MNT and congrats to Bustos & Froese on their first playing time for the MNT. One that surprised me was Wandrille Lefèvre who is 25 and has been with the Impact for 4 years but played youth with Université de Montréal Carabins (2007-2010 so 16-19?) and before that with College Stanislas (2003-2007 so 13-16?). He's been with Montreal so long I just assumed he was in their youth (or equivalent) program. The other one that isn't on the list is Charlie Trafford. His Wikipedia entry has him with the Whitecaps Residency but it doesn't list the years. If anyone knows how long he was with that program let me know.
  10. Wow. 72 pages and he plays his first game for us. Welcome aboard Jr!!!
  11. Anything "according to Rollins" is smoke and mirrors. He may be told things 2cd, 3rd or 4th hand that he hopes or interprets the way he hears it. #4 would be a nice surprise if the CSA is trying do that then it shows they are trying to address the gross domestic rules in MLS. Any approach on that horrid issue is welcome but I doubt MLS is worried about a Canadian league. They have beat USL & NASL into secondary markets and take those when they get big enough. If it does happen I hope it isn't a "shit league". I love to watch and support local soccer and have done so regardless of quality but it wouldn't be much fun to watch. If it goes 3-4 years like that it won't last to year 5. They need to get it at a decent level right out of the gate.
  12. All in favour of it IF it is actually going to happen. I've seen nothing in 5 years since the CSA put its first 1 year moratorium in place to make me think it will happen. So the question becomes #6. How long before we admit it's not going to happen? That would be my question to you and any others. IMHO that ship sailed in 2007 when our largest market joined the MLS. Now that Vancouver and Montreal are in MLS it is so over and done that I fail to see the point of stalling further NASL/USL teams for secondary markets. All that does is deprive Canadian players of playing opportunities at D2/3 level. Our 3 largest markets are gone. I fail to see how any league can survive without them or in competition with them. TFC may be the best thing that has happened to soccer in Canada in a long time but it was the death knell for any serious Canadian league to emerge. Here again just my opinion.
  13. How funny that you grasp at straws to avoid the obvious questions: 1) Will the C-League pay good enough to get players to return? 2) Will the players wait 2-3 years to see if the league is stable before considering it? 3) Is there any actual money on the table as we speak? End of year? 2016? 2017? 4) Is this whole C-League idea just a stalling tactic for the CSA to prevent USL/NASL from expanding? 5) What would the foreign content be? 8 players per team? 6) How long do we wait for the C-League before we admit it is not going to happen? I would love to have 8 teams drop from the sky and offer good paying jobs for Canadian players in a fully professional league but until someone puts money on the table it is just smoke and mirrors. So far we have the CSA with its 2010 year long moratorium and now rumours and more rumours with ZERO to show for it. Especially #6. PS. Good interview. Keep them coming. Thanks.
  14. I call it the Tesho/Bunbury effect. One player chose USA and will probably never play another international match and the other chose Canada and will be playing plenty of international footy. I would just like to take this moment to thank both of them for their contribution to Canadian soccer
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