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  1. Before giving Arena too much credit, Nelson is still younger today than Tajon was when he first entered the league. Leaving that aside, I really don’t share your assessment in terms of that comparison. Right now, Nelson is pretty far away from looking like Tajon did when he first jumped into MLS. To give you an example of the type of thing Nelson does all the time that keeps him off the field… in last night’s game, TFC had dropped deep in its third to defend, won the ball, and somebody found Nelson with an outlet pass on the left flank just outside the middle third of the field. There are 5 Miami players back and nobody except Altidore in the middle for TFC, so there’s no opportunity to counter. Nelson has nobody pressuring him from behind but about 10-15 yards before the wall of Miami players. TFC is starting to move upfield but needs Nelson to hold the ball or cycle it to retain possession. In this moment, he turns upfield and starts to position himself like he’s going to take on the wall of Miami defenders. Several of his teammates are waving at him to turn back but he continues to charge forward. Miami traps him near the sideline, he tries to slip a pass in towards the middle but fails and loses possession. This is pretty rudimentary stuff and things you would coach out of teenagers playing semi competitively let alone an aspiring pro. If you’re going to compare this to Tajon’s early MLS work, it was more about his decision making in the final third. When to shoot, when to play the appropriate pass, or simply cycle the ball and defer to a teammate. Nelson is making mistakes in other areas of the field that are more detrimental to the team and he’s positionally all over the place. I’ll say it before and I’ll say it again: this kid’s youth coaches did him a major disservice because he leaves the impression he has been playing a free role most of the time and doesn’t understand how he can contribute in a practical way (and in a different position) that allows him to break through at the first team level. Until he figures this out, it’s going to be an uphill battle.
  2. That’s not accurate regarding Priso. He’s received some minutes from the time he signed with the first team very late last year. This year he’s largely been a victim of instability in the coaching spot and injury. When he finally started to get a string of starts, it began after Bradley had a shit half of football and Perez subbed him in at half. Kept riding the hot hand every game thereafter until the injury. JMR looks like he has potential and I think the club has done okay here. I am hopeful for Peruzza and think he deserves more of a chance. I do not share the your optimism for Okello or Nelson. Serious work required there if either of them is going to make it. Neither played well last night, let’s not kid ourselves.
  3. No, you’re not wrong. He looked like he was 5’5 130 pounds soaking wet at the start of the year. Not any longer.
  4. Thumbs down for the sub and subsequent sub off yesterday. Not cool
  5. What is it with Davies teammates trying to inure the dude after he scores? It’s going to give me ptsd. I still remember Kai Kamara dragging him to the ground after he scored in Vancouver. Looked like he was going to blow a knee out. Karate kick to the face to whoever tries it next.
  6. I don’t think anyone blankety gets a cycle in net without conditions. But if Borjan continues to play without any major mistakes, I think it’s safe to say he’s going to be the starter. Maybe you give Crepeau the odd game for the sake of rotation if fixture congestion bubbles up.
  7. I thought Zambrano was okay. As far as our current manager goes, we can certainly get into his tactics a bit but there is no way around stating this silver tongued leprechaun successfully recruited a vast swath of our current player base. No understating that.
  8. I think, in the end it was 1. The second was marginal and Eustaquio was lucky not to go in the book for the third which was a not-so-well disguised dive. By reputation he doesn’t call many penalties so while I still think he missed the first, I sort of understand where it all came from. The bigger thing for me was the persistent infringement, not going to the book when it was called for. Someone gets an elbow to the head and you called a foul, it’s a yellow, shouldn’t be any way around that. And what is the point of waving your arms around and saying “no more!” on three separate occasions? Clearly it’s all just a ruse to test boundaries. He was just dumb enough to play into it. Not that we should consider ourselves a bunch of angles. I think we out CONCACAF’d them on the night. Parking Henry next to the corner flag as close as legally allowed was definitely on purpose. Rather enjoyed that. These teams are mentally fragile when you use their own dark arts against them.
  9. I think ref last night sold himself on the idea that he was going to have a non controversial match. Like “if I hold my cards, call the occasion foul, don’t give any penalties, then my name won’t be on the headlines” Well that’s great and all, and to be frank probably better than most of the CONCACAF officiating we get, but still not the right answer. The players are ultimately going to determine the number of things that need to get called. You cannot back down from big decisions just cause it puts your name in the headlines. The real piece here should be they let a player get spat on and still missed it, which is shameful
  10. I had family who played youth football in France. Less than a hundred euros a year got you: 2 games a week plus two practices, home and away jerseys (to keep), kit bag, team track suit. And I should emphasize all of this shit looked so nice, you question whether it would have cost hundreds of euros at retail prices. And if you were financially struggling, you probably could have found a way to make that free as opposed to the less than 100 euro fee
  11. My god why would you zoom in for a close up at the exact moment the free kick is taken? Are the guys producing this game drunk?
  12. Nah. Whole ball has to be over looking at it from a birds eye view. It was in, by the slimmest of margins, but still
  13. Honestly up 2-1 no way we should not win this. We have the team to destroy them on the counter
  14. “FIFA officials reviewing the tape which may result in disciplinary action after the fact” So you dopes have all the equipment to do VAR but choose not to do it. Sounds great.
  15. That’s a penalty IMO. He crashed though the back of him. He knew what he was doing for sure, but it’s no less of a foul.
  16. The first one I would say should have been given. He played for it, but was legit fouled. Stone cold penalty. Second one was dicey. He was shielding Davies off the ball and sort of forceful about it. Debatable.
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