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  1. Chat room is up (see the link at the top) about 10 people in there.
  2. What is Larin supposed to do surrounded by three guys getting no service?
  3. Exactly. When the attacking options are so meager, at least make decent use of what we've got.
  4. Agreed, our options are very limited. But at the very least move De Jong into the midfield and bring on Osorio. What we are playing here is pretty awful.
  5. It's still a non-sensical group of attacking players because none of them combine very well and they all depend on service.
  6. None of those players are going to combine for anything without a different mix of guys around them. Akindele is the only one who shows any sign of thinking fast enough to combine for even a basic 1-2. Larin's holdup play is pretty meh and he's on an island up there. Rickets has pace, that's about it. Akindele would look much better in the middle (but then he'd be trying to play in the same space as Larin). Forget quick passing or movement that's needed to unlock a defence ... it's not there.
  7. The mix of players we have on the first is just wrong. The way we're set up it doesn't leave too many choices going forward.
  8. I know we're not the most skilled team... but it looks like we're dumbing down the football to a large degree.
  9. Bah... I have watched very little of this team over the past year but this to my naked eye doesn't look encouraging. Did anyone read the scouting report on Alvarez long enough to know he is entirely one footed?
  10. This is a pipe dream. It involves building stadiums to a capacity where they'd have no continual purpose, then scaling them back after the fact for even more money. It has money loser written all over it and it's incredibly impractical. As a person who likes soccer it'd be great to host a WC. As someone who pays taxes and likes to see governments balance their budget, it gets a resounding no. Regardless, I see our chances of winning such a thing as small. FIFA wants either get exposure to the largest market they can or plunge the host nation for as much infrastructure spending as po
  11. I like the idea of Gio as one of the FWs. It allows you to get one of your best players to take on what is typically a MLS team's weakest spot on the field in the LB or RB who are often minimally paid and underwhelming. I can also see him playing in the hole as well and someone else like Findley dropping out wide. From the sounds of it that will be the primary idea.
  12. Think he will make a good coach. To stick around the game for as long as he did, you have to be good at picking up the small things.
  13. When people complain about the weather they do realize soccer is primarily a summer sport in this country right? If anything we have less guys who are ready for winter conditions, because you rarely have the number of games european players do on soft, chewed up surfaces. Not that its tropical hot, but half our team is typically from Southern Ontario and heat there in the summer vs. January in Jamaica? With this attitude it sounds like we might also be undone by a few paper cuts and a lack of orange slices at half-time. I'm not looking for a witch hunt to fire people, but CSA has to m
  14. Proving series b is better than MLS is as simple as looking at the weakest parts of MLS rosters that continues to hold the league back through its wonky salary structure. I highly doubt any LB or RB in series B earns as little as they do in MLS on average. Same goes for squad depth players. MLS has improved a lot but aspects of the league are still very 3rd class.
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