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  1. I get that’s likely to happen but I think we’re missing out here not exploring some other options up top. We should also consider asking guys to go hard and then use our depth to ask the subs to come in and finish the job. Davies, David, and Larin are technically the best three players but I’m unconvinced this is the best “group” for us to organize around. Things I wouldn’t mind seeing at various points throughout a game: Davies—David—Tajon Larin—Cav—David Jr—Cav—Tajon
  2. You know if it’s just player for player, I’ll take Larin. But based on what we’ve seen, if you’re asking who is the right player to play target man next to David and Davies... I’ll take Cav
  3. You know, we didn’t even play that well and we still beat them 3-0
  4. Lol, and there’s the card. What a douche this ref is
  5. Basically a practice drill at this point...
  6. We need to explore some other options with our forward line. Not sold on having Larin up there with David and Davies.
  7. If we are going to have to continue to suffer through these idiots, One Soccer should at least pay for some surgery so I don’t have to feel like I’m listening to a couple of 14 year olds with nasally, cracking voices.
  8. Thank god. Let that be the highlight for this game, not that bullshit we saw earlier
  9. This will sound strange, because we were already up a goal coming in, but if my final memory of qualifying for the Hex on that own goal I will feel cheated.
  10. I watched Canada beat Guatemala 5-1 in Olympic qualifying. The form was odd for the opposition because they otherwise played well that tournament. Low and behold, they threw the game to push Mexico out of the tournament. Watching this guy duff a goal is nothing.
  11. And also the reason they’re down by 2...
  12. For taking money in a brown paper bag? I feel sorry for his teammates
  13. Corbeanu is one for the future but this isn’t his time yet. Should be looking towards someone like Piette in midfield and bringing on options like Tajon and Cavalinni.
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