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  1. It’s a transition move before switching into a permanent home. Chicago attendance went down the first year they moved to a SSS. They got out of it for good reason. Some of these places are in awful locations and just don’t draw.
  2. Let’s call a spade a spade here, he might be a fine player one day but at this point in his development the second team is probably the better fit. He’s wasn’t exactly killing it in USL and looks a little too diminutive for first team minutes right now (but can still grow). We can point to players like Busio or Pepi but if you watch MLS those guys keep a certain standard from minute 1 when they get on the field. They aren’t dominant from the start but they can play inside a system and pull their weight enough to keep up. I agree with the point about being supported by the club. TFC’s development program looks rather broken but let’s not equate that to simply being provided with first team minutes.
  3. Is he really the same position though? Feels more like someone who plays underneath the forwards in the pocket, rather than along the left flank.
  4. Well I hate to pile on but he definitely took a lot of abuse. At one point when he went up for a header he got karate kicked in the back of the leg taking his feet out from under him and slamming on the ground. I would say that and at least one other of the fouls should have been straight reds for fouls on Tajon. i think he did pretty well given the circumstances. And it’s totally fair game to play for a foul if you’re getting slaughtered cause that’s an effective tactic (if the officials actually called the game properly). Unfortunately they didn’t but he got out with a goal and an assist. Highly effective overall.
  5. Let’s put an extra one in for good measure before half. Then just pass the ball around and drag the game out
  6. Yes and no. I think his recruitment has gone beyond his predecessors and people are genuinely dazzled by this guy’s charisma. I’m entirely thankful he’s apart of the program for that reason. He should also get credit for this team’s new-found nerve and not suffering nativity when it comes to how you play in CONCACAF and what to expect when you play these games. BUT That shouldn’t leave him with a blank cheque. I sometimes get the aura of “John Herdman deserves this” from the association and others around Canadian Soccer, as if he’s welded to his seat through the end of this qualifying cycle and maybe even 2026. This is too big a ticket just to trust to someone no matter what. Qualifying is transformative to the whole program and a huge potential payday for the CSA. There are other ways to keep Herman involved even if he’s not the coach. We should take his performances for what they are. If he struggles, someone new should come in with real pedigree and we shouldn’t get caught up in some misplaced sense of loyalty. At this stage it feels a bit like an unwritten story as to whether he’s the right guy. I see some positives and negatives. Guess we’ll see throughout the course of these early ocho games.
  7. TBH I thought that was Kaye throwing himself across Adam’s and claiming the foul to stop the attack. Not a bad move to have in your pocket!
  8. I don’t think it’s too bad. This is a starting point in terms of gathering interest for this team. Every other event listed has established viewership / history to fall back on. If they keep playing the way they are and the CSA steps up their marketing, the audience will come. Not overnight, but eventually. We make the WC, that same game in the next qualifying cycle draws double.
  9. Yes, I’ve been an instant fan of Adams since his MLS days. My fingers are crossed Priso can develop into that sort of player eventually. Lot of similarities.
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