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  1. Top of the list: What criteria must be satisfied to achieve the entry-level club award?Criteria include: Having an FA-trained Club Welfare Officer An FA Level 1 coach for each youth team (U18 and below) Criminal Record Checks (CRC) for all volunteers involved in youth football teams FA Emergency Aid-trained volunteers linked to each team Sign-up to and deliver The FA’s Respect programme Appropriate administration governance in place – in relation to the club’s size An FA Charter Standard Co-ordinator recruited for each club.
  2. Yes and no. It hasn't been going on for 11 years in the public sphere, more like a couple months, and even that's mostly to people who follow women's soccer. It's just coming into the broader realm now and has inertia and traction and a life of it's own already Even if the group was one that had proper governance and could make policy statements, what do you say? That it believes in the laws of the country and the general sport policies of pretty much every sport in the country including soccer? Isn't that a given? How could anyone ever come out and say anything to the contrary. What
  3. I could have sworn I read somewhere it was going to be. May have just been like you though and my hope getting the better of my memory. I think it's one of those things that really can't be avoided, anyone who ignores it now with the documentation and support it has is knowingly culpable. And if there is no movement you find a good high level politician and then all parties wish they were more proactive in getting out in front if it.
  4. This isn't really the type of organization that makes statements. There is no structure. No board of directors, no executive committee. It's more of a hive mind. I'm also not sure now is the right point to engage. I think the point of due process is to allow it to run its course. After a qualified independent body or bodies review all the information and publicly and transparently present that with their findings it might be a better point. Really looking forward to that read and it's recommendations.
  5. Been a pretty hectic couple weeks and am a game behind. Wish we could have found someone else to sub off late to kill the clock than Beckie. She plays in Manchester, would have been nice to not have her do the walk of shame. We had a core who stood out - Lawrence, Buchanan, Fleming, Scott, thought Schmidt and Zadorsky did well too. Riviera often turned over the ball cheaply and marked poorly. Rose struggled to integrate with the play. Both looked like good prospects but healthy ways from top end international women's. As the announcers said the gift is being in the right pl
  6. England Women v Canada: SOLD OUT7.15pm, Friday 5 April 2019The Academy Stadium, Manchester City FC Tickets are priced at £1 for concessions and £10 for adults (£7.50 for ‘early bird’ offer) Tickets for Canada v Mexico women at BMO are $125, &74, $50, $35, $20 (end zone) plus a healthy Ticketmaster surcharge and plus taxes. The best seat for any Lionesses game bought ahead of time is about 7 pounds . A good seat for Canada at BMO bought ahead of time is $60.50. With concessions for a family of two kids with dogs and drinks thrown in that is 34 pounds there and 300 dollars
  7. Perhaps it's just me but a post in a soccer forum, about soccer, from people who play and enjoy the game of soccer called "CPL bilingualism" doesn't need me to politicize it. I was there for the protests and talked to many amazing Catalans over the past month. About football, food and politics. They really are wonderful and very charming people with a beautiful energy and lifestyle. And if I learned anything it's that the Catalonian situation is very different from anything here. That and Lionel Messi is truly and without a single thread of doubt the best player I have ever seen grace a f
  8. Reading that now from over a decade ago brings back memories. Our old friend Richard Howes closed things off with: "This is an employer/employee issue that has nothing to do with the general public and if a media outlet publishes anything to do with the reasons for the 'parting of the ways' without the formal consent of the parties involved they had better be prepared for a lawsuit." Well it clearly has a lot do with the general public, and thank God there is someone out there who has the courage to stand up against threats like that.
  9. Inclusivity of all groups and minorities is always to be lauded. There are too many places in the world the game is highly politicized, hopefully we're not one of them.
  10. Another of the world's greatest female strikers. Excerpts from: https://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2019/mar/12/vivianne-miedema-world-cup-arsenal Vivianne Miedema: ‘There’s a big difference playing with boys and with girls’ Her father and brother were both keen footballers, while her mother played hockey to a high level. Miedema played alongside boys when she was young and perhaps did so for longer than many. “I think it has really benefited me,” she says. “I used to play at one of the highest levels of boys’ football too. I played against good boys, some of which are playin
  11. I've been there a number of times and am well aware of the differences between Mandarin and Cantonese. But thanks for the preaching. I'd say undermining but that would just be dickish. There are 2 million Chinese in Canada. Who get how much basic respect when it comes to language in their community?
  12. About 30 years ago when the train still ran on Vancouver Island, I remember seeing a railway employee throwing out boxes of French pamphlets. When I asked him why he said no one ever asks for them, but he added we get asked for Chinese every day and have none. Don't know about French in Alberta but there are way, way more households speaking Chinese and Punjabi than French in BC. Ergo things like Hockey Night in Punjbai. 2-million Chinese in Canada
  13. It's the new world of women's soccer - anyone in the top 20 can take out anyone in the world if they're on form and all in sync and playing together. Not a great game plan but that's the new shape of things. Solid defending is a cornerstone of winning tournaments. Getting the attacking to get out of group is the challenge, once you're out if you can keep your opponent off the board you can steal a goal off their mistake or go through on PK's. We don't have the firepower other countries do so going toe to toe or free flowing would not work out well the majority of the time. There
  14. The more high performance centers not tied to NSO/PSO we have, the more we move forward and the less likely to encounter situations like Ms. McCormack details. Not a fan of US leagues but when they have no other domestic option it's ok. Hopefully one day in our children's lifetime they have a Canadian opportunity to take the game seriously. Kudos to their vision, ambition and dreams. Enjoy the journey.
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