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Match Thread: World Cup Group B - Matchday 1 - Nigeria v Canada - July 20, 2023 - 10:30pm ET / 7:30pm PT / 12:30pm local time (July 21)

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Considering our push and superiority, and the well-stopped penalty, we are doing fine.

But that does not mean I like how we play. We have no quality midfield work, and then there are bewildering blunders, like from Sincy, Quinn. I mean really poor decision making, not being able to hold up, making a really amateur pass. You have to squander a few to get one, that is not how to impose yourself on a rival who is better than I thought they'd be, but still inferior.

Lawrence is having a mediocre game too.

What I think we are really missing is to take away the Nigeria chances. When they are able to blow through our first line of pressure, they are countering dangerously. We are not effective against this, not really. Meaning that as we stand our 60%+ possession might still not be enough to avoid them nabbing one.

BTW, I know this ref and never liked her, but that is the case with the majority of refs doing women's Champions League, they are for the most part very irritating.

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