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  1. Exactly the kind of comment that was the final straw for Hope Solo's USWNT career after the Brazil Olympics.... naive, self-aggrandizing, and not likely to be tolerated
  2. Just watched the replay of the penalty shootout (again, again)... Rose's do or die penalty was absolutely ridiculous under that pressure... unstoppable. So confident.
  3. https://www.sheffieldunited.news/opinion/opinion-daniel-jebbison-going-on-loan-wouldnt-be-the-worst-idea-in-the-world/?amp
  4. smh.... I bet (no... guarantee) Alphonso Davies received some secret training at Bayern that he didn't receive at Vancouver. Not saying JD would become the fastest footballer in the world with speed training (to support your point, he wouldn't) but he would get faster. I think you aren't explaing your point as you mean to....
  5. I hear what you are saying but... you can get faster. Do sprinters train to get faster? Yes. Does it work? Yes. If you trained for speed would you get faster? Yes. Mechanics, weight loss or gain etc
  6. Pretty sure there is training to increase speed as well as quickness -- especially for someone so young who is still developing physically.
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