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  1. Thank you for the overview. That's too bad... I hoped her game would translate more and her experience would bring a major impact.
  2. I'm concerned about Fleming's play since moving to the NWSL. Has anyone viewed any matches? I'm getting all my info from FotMob and note low match ratings, early substitutions, coming off the bench. I'm curious if anyone has any idea of what is happening for her. I was very excited for her move to Portland but am worried now.
  3. Also depends what part of Nanaimo you are from, too. 😉
  4. Should they give Ashley Lawrence a break from penalty duty? Not having much fun with it...
  5. Especially since Tavernier has 10 PKs... only 5 from play versus 10 from Bair.
  6. Player of the Match on Fotmob (Arsenal v Manchester United). Played 90' with one goal.
  7. Very nice to hear more about both of them. Lowesy is a great guy, haven't seen him in decades. He was always very supportive of us younger players.
  8. Vaughn Covil - Championship player at Hull City focused on US and England... but seemingly eligible for Canada due to a Canadian born mother.
  9. “Mum is from Toronto and she moved to Los Angeles to go to law school,” he explains. “My dad’s English and he was living there when they met.
  10. Yeah.... I read that. Sometimes a player isn't good enough so maybe there is a chance down the road... that's generally the situation with dual nats and why we have this thread
  11. New article in The Athletic mentions that Vaughn Colvil (Hull City) has a Canadian mom. He is currently a US U23 player.
  12. Another prolific match for Alidou today. Two goals. Has Alidou been involved with the nats recently? Time for a look?
  13. Does anyone have updates on Clarissa Larisey? Hasn't been showing up for Häcken so am wondering if she moved?
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