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  1. I used to work with a Polish guy who measured twice and cut once....the tip of my finger off.
  2. I hope they put Fraser in front of Valley for a little more description of the location. That being said I hate CPL naming convention.
  3. Original NASL folded because those other teams with poor support tried to spend like the Cosmos or had idiot owners who bought teams such as the Boomers and expected to draw the same amount of support as teams like the Cosmos and Whitecaps had right off the bat. It wasn't the lack of parity but the lack of intelligence. If you don't have the money to spend, don't spend it.
  4. That was an option, I think the gentleman said it would be a total of $6 US for my wife and I to stand. However since it was already well underway (we asked the score and it was already 1-1) and considering the quality of play and pitch was not that great, we decided to continue on exploring. I have been happy to find that Belize TV is full of soccer games on the cable channels most places provide. A soccer heaven. (All of them also seem to carry TSN 1 and 2 Sportsnet channels as well.)
  5. Came across a soccer game at what looked to be a local public park in Placencia today. Watched about 5 minutes of it before being asked to leave for not buying a ticket. Turns out it was a Premier League of Belize match between Placencia Assassin's and Verdes FC. Pitch was awful and the level of play was not good and quite rough. Anyway, wish I could have watched the rest of the game. Happy we have the CPL in Canada.
  6. Does anyone over 50 listen to KISS?
  7. I'd love one or two. Not at those prices.
  8. If you give away tickets for free, eventually the perception will be that is what the tickets are worth.
  9. Whitecaps used to run doubleheaders and alternate with the men and women at times. Didn't look good when half the stadium left after the men's game ended when they played first.
  10. Most of the big 5,000+ arenas that major junior hockey teams play in were built and owned by the cities they are in. More of a build it and they will come (future sports teams, concerts, trade shows etc). The same kind of thought process doesn't happen for outdoor stadiums.
  11. Which came first the teams or the arenas?
  12. Love it. Build that thing in Prince George and voila-new CPL club Crystal Meth FC!
  13. League needs to be bigger than 7 teams.
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