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  1. Busted. I haven't read the whole thread.
  2. The away kits need fringe, like the 70s NASL Colorado Caribou.
  3. Exactly. And certainly not have a half season that involves only 10 games.
  4. Correct, that's what I was thinking about. Even then, at least their half seasons have a substantial amount of games per half season, and have an equal amount of games per half season.
  5. That's great if true. The spring/fall season screamed "minor league".
  6. As someone who attended those clashes 40 years ago and donated to the Cascadia Cup, I think that the Cascadia clashes have lost their shine over the years.
  7. They could avoid this if they required the females to dress the same as the men. If the men must wear a suit and a tie, so should the women.
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