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  1. They could avoid this if they required the females to dress the same as the men. If the men must wear a suit and a tie, so should the women.
  2. I'm talking about the future. Have a great piece of silverware for the regular season champion as well. Have a trophy for that and one for the playoff champion. Then the fans can decide for themselves what they care more about.
  3. Regular season in NA sports leagues aren't meaningless. If the CPL went to single season, and had four teams make the playoffs, the regular season games would be played to determine a regular season champion, eliminate the three poorest teams (and more when the league expands), and seed the top 4 teams for the playoffs. The fans can choose what they consider more important, the regular season champions or the playoff champions-and I'm pretty sure I know which one they'd choose.
  4. Maybe some of us who donated under nicknames can change it to our real names.
  5. Those cups were named so because those people actually donated the cup, so unless Payette want's to fund it I'd say no.
  6. If I had never followed the NHL before I certainly would know which city the Vancouver Canucks or the Calgary Flames represented!
  7. https://www.facebook.com/dave.beecher.77
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