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  1. What is there, about 22 people in that supporters group section?
  2. I'm pretty sure that's been it. I'd actually like to redeem points for something more tangible than a "chance" to win something.
  3. That guy is still triggering people 20 years later?
  4. Yes, I am a neutral fan, was hoping they'd have some merchandise to redeem so I could do my part by wearing it and promoting the league.
  5. So here's a random question. On the CPL app we accrue all of these points that we can redeem for "things". I wonder if they will have anything worthwhile to redeem soon?
  6. Great result! Now Cavalry need to beat the Caps. Or the Caps to beat themselves
  7. Caps are an embarrassment to the retro 1980s kit they are wearing.
  8. Can't wait for Nanaimo City FC United!
  9. Very interesting thread. I joined the voyageurs back in the network54 days, and when they transitioned to the one after that, but have been gone for awhile. I was wondering why the board moved here.
  10. I recall back in the old A-League the 86ers playing the Seattle Sounders 7 times during a 28 game season. Monotonous.
  11. I'd call it "Saskatoba", as it rolls of the tongue better than "Sasktoba".
  12. They should have just had a single season, give the top team a bye into the final and had the second and third place team play a home and away series for the other spot in the final.
  13. It depends on what one considers a good crowd. Looked horrible on the broadcast from the viewers standpoint. I tuned in for the start of the second half, saw empty stands, and turned it off.
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