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  1. I hope that doesn't ending up backfiring on them. As in "I paid very little for the first game and will only want to pay that little for future games".
  2. Yes I was only kidding. I moved up here last September and there's really nowhere to play....and no air to breath if they tried.
  3. Worst start? They should be the favourites in this matchup.
  4. Yep, after 3 decades of support I no longer care.
  5. ...and the bouncy castle in the end zone.
  6. The original Kinsmen stadium would have been nice. After it burned down the city cheaped out and put those bleachers in claiming it had a 610 capacity. I haven't lived in the Lower Mainland for a few years now, I was surprised at how Fen Burdett looks now.
  7. I've always wondered about that bleacher size claim. It seems a lot smaller in person.
  8. Who can forget the A-League days where they would sometimes play each other 8 times in a 28 game season.
  9. I think the sponsor should be along the lines of a toilet paper company
  10. .....and somewhere in Canada, Krammerhead is sitting reading this thread as it deteriorates, with a small smile on his face.
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