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  1. I've always wondered about that bleacher size claim. It seems a lot smaller in person.
  2. Who can forget the A-League days where they would sometimes play each other 8 times in a 28 game season.
  3. It must be because he's a ginger.
  4. I think the sponsor should be along the lines of a toilet paper company
  5. .....and somewhere in Canada, Krammerhead is sitting reading this thread as it deteriorates, with a small smile on his face.
  6. I think it's more of most of those listed don't have their own grounds.
  7. I moved to the Okanagan this past September. Not at all hard to get to. In fact everybody comes here every summer I hear. 😁
  8. Used to be someone else.

  9. Why would the Whitecaps even consider it?
  10. He tried to Rochester Rhinoize the Caps. And who could forget the chant to the tune of rule brittania: David Stadnyk, David Stadnyk kiss my ass, we wish you'd never set foot on Swangards Grass.
  11. It was David Stadnyk that bought the Whitecaps name after he purchased the 86ers.
  12. Wow, sounds like Vancouver went to shit after Krammerhead left/died!
  13. Or maybe they couldn't due to fire regulations.
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