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  1. He tried to Rochester Rhinoize the Caps. And who could forget the chant to the tune of rule brittania: David Stadnyk, David Stadnyk kiss my ass, we wish you'd never set foot on Swangards Grass.
  2. It was David Stadnyk that bought the Whitecaps name after he purchased the 86ers.
  3. Wow, sounds like Vancouver went to shit after Krammerhead left/died!
  4. Or maybe they couldn't due to fire regulations.
  5. That's incorrect. I am a former hardcore Whitecaps nerd who (as nerds tend to do) created yearly scrap books, with articles from each game, complete with a list of attendance from each game. I also had a website where I kept track of attendance. At one point they shrunk the capacity to 5700 from the stadiums previous 7199 capacity, and after they added actual seats to the main grandstand it was further reduced to 5288
  6. That's true, I was there. Then they downsized the stadium and the capacity dropped to 5100.
  7. The stadium only seated just over 5,000, so yes, thats pretty much close to capacity.
  8. When Covid-19 is over and everything gets back to "normal" the Whitecaps will be lucky to get 250 fans in the stands.
  9. Busted. I haven't read the whole thread.
  10. The away kits need fringe, like the 70s NASL Colorado Caribou.
  11. Exactly. And certainly not have a half season that involves only 10 games.
  12. Correct, that's what I was thinking about. Even then, at least their half seasons have a substantial amount of games per half season, and have an equal amount of games per half season.
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