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  1. ..and it was always Costa Rica or Guatemala night at the stadium with everything being catered towards those supporters.
  2. Usually around 5,000, and the opposition supporters infiltrating our seating area. Then security and cops would hassle us for standing our ground.
  3. I have been accessing it with mobile, so it works if you do it that way.
  4. Instead of burning the Caps gear they could just recycle it as toilet paper. All my Caps gear has been used as paint smocks for my house renovations.
  5. Well it is the Whitecaps. They are unwatchable!
  6. Friday evening games were great, as were the Saturday evening games. I hated when they moved the games to 4pm on Saturdays. Also the USL days on certain weekends having Friday night games followed by another home game on the Sunday really sucked.
  7. You'd need 15 teams for a balanced 28 game schedule.
  8. How could the CPL teams possibly market this season in a decent enough way, when nobody knew if they would be allowed fans in the stands? Of course attendance was going to take a hit.
  9. I think back in the Swangard days I spent enough money in beer to pay David Morris' salary for a year!
  10. It would be great if it was renovated. Like you say, add more bleachers to actually surround the field and give it more of a "stadium" feel to it. Kind of give it a Swangard Stadium (USL Whitecaps years) type feel to it and it would be great.
  11. Capacity wise it's fine. It's not quality though. Lots of money in Kelowna, the stadium doesn't reflect that.
  12. They'd need a decent stadium. Apple Bowl in Kelowna is not decent.
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