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  1. Man, I hate those types of penalty decisions but it couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch. Just need to keep the luck going against the Swedes.
  2. Wheeler's good for a laugh and that's gotta be worth something...I think newbie soccer watchers would get a kick out of him.
  3. I couldn't find the pre game show on the mobile app...I kept wondering what you guys were talking about. Re. the feed quality. I started watching well before the game to make sure all was well and found I got good results casting the OneSoccer mobile app from my android box to my Chromecast (the mobile app doesn't full screen properly on my android box). The picture of the USA-Mexico game was as good as DAZN so I was happy. As soon as the countdown for live TV reached zero for Canada vs. Suriname, I started that and...the cast button disappeared! Scrambling, I found that casting from my PC to Chromecast wasn't good but acceptable apart from some stuttering at the start and near the end of the game. I go through hoops like this because I like to watch on the TV.
  4. The guys I play with are mostly from the West Indies with a large Guyanese contingent. My impression is Guyana at least considers themselves part of the Caribbean, they sure talk a lot like them and they can understand the Jamaicans which is more than I can say a lot of the time😄
  5. I just downloaded the mobile app from Google Play to my box: https://www.thestreamingblog.com/himedia-a5-review/ Waste of time though, it just has a size of about 1/8 of the screen and full-screen goes to about 1/4 of the screen at the top left corner before crashing. I usually end up using firefox rather than apps although some work OK.
  6. I tried the following during the Aruba game: OneSoccer app on android tv box, OneSoccer app full-screen on android tv box, OneSoccer on Firefox on android tv box, OneSoccer app on iPhone (worked the best but still stopped plenty of times), One Soccer app on iPhone cast to Chromecast, One Soccer Windows Chrome, One Soccer Windows Chrome to Chromecast all with varying degrees of failure. Incredibly annoying and frustrating.
  7. I heard him mention Henry as one of our missing stars last night along with Arfield and David. I was thinking "that's a blast from the past".
  8. I'm not a fan of his appointment or the man himself particularly but I have to say bringing on Hoillet and Cavallini when he did was a thrilling moment for me in the stands and I'm glad it paid off.
  9. I've been a fan of Bojan's since he started in Barcelona. He could do very well in Montreal (I think he was well appreciated by the fans at Stoke). Hopefully he's playing against DC on the 31st as I'm visiting Montreal and am planning to attend the game.
  10. I'm strongly starting to suspect that Obinna and Unnamed Trialist were/are goalkeepers.
  11. Looks like it took him closer to 2 seconds 😄. Is that world class or would ter Stegan react faster? We need empirical data here folks!
  12. I think the majority of commentators in this thread know perfectly well that Godinho's execution of his back pass was poor. Borjan's reaction to his teammate's error was also poor in my opinion. Once he realized the pass was weak, he should have rushed out and put the ball into touch instead of trying some ridiculous deke. He had plenty of time to do so as evidenced by the fact he got there first after taking his sweet ass time getting around to it. To say so doesn't demonstrate an ignorance of how to properly pass a ball back to the keeper. Edit. Just re-watched this freeze framing and I see what you're saying about how he had to recover from backpedaling, and, he arrived at the ball at exactly the same time as the striker so it probably wasn't an attempted deke. I think he could have done better but my judgement of him on this play isn't as harsh as it was. In real time, it seemed like he had an age to get to that ball.
  13. Sure, not a great pass, but with Borjan it was like watching slow-motion...I couldn't believe it.
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