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  1. I'm not a fan of his appointment or the man himself particularly but I have to say bringing on Hoillet and Cavallini when he did was a thrilling moment for me in the stands and I'm glad it paid off.
  2. I've been a fan of Bojan's since he started in Barcelona. He could do very well in Montreal (I think he was well appreciated by the fans at Stoke). Hopefully he's playing against DC on the 31st as I'm visiting Montreal and am planning to attend the game.
  3. I'm strongly starting to suspect that Obinna and Unnamed Trialist were/are goalkeepers.
  4. Looks like it took him closer to 2 seconds 😄. Is that world class or would ter Stegan react faster? We need empirical data here folks!
  5. I think the majority of commentators in this thread know perfectly well that Godinho's execution of his back pass was poor. Borjan's reaction to his teammate's error was also poor in my opinion. Once he realized the pass was weak, he should have rushed out and put the ball into touch instead of trying some ridiculous deke. He had plenty of time to do so as evidenced by the fact he got there first after taking his sweet ass time getting around to it. To say so doesn't demonstrate an ignorance of how to properly pass a ball back to the keeper. Edit. Just re-watched this freeze framing and I see what you're saying about how he had to recover from backpedaling, and, he arrived at the ball at exactly the same time as the striker so it probably wasn't an attempted deke. I think he could have done better but my judgement of him on this play isn't as harsh as it was. In real time, it seemed like he had an age to get to that ball.
  6. Sure, not a great pass, but with Borjan it was like watching slow-motion...I couldn't believe it.
  7. I think Morgan can defend though...his problem is that he doesn't offer enough going forward (although I think he's improved). Freeing up Davies from his defensive duties wasn't a bad idea and I'm in no mood to defend Herdman.
  8. Naturally, given the circumstances of his hiring, he's already under enormous pressure as was perfectly predictable 18 months ago. What I'm concerned about is how the players are going to react to this. No one feels confident being lead by a fraud "motivational leader". I voted to can him just because I think he's an unqualified ass but, yeah, it's unfair. Too bad. I'm sure glad the Nations League is coming on line, he'll get his chance to prove us wrong soon enough.
  9. I can't say it was a big surprise. There's a lot of potential there but if anyone can screw it up, the CSA are past masters with consistent results.
  10. There's been a number of comments of how poor he was tonight and I'm rather mystified by that. What are you referring to? I thought he was very good.
  11. I'm sure I've been listening to him since he started out and he drove me nuts for decades (I complained about him somewhere here awhile ago) but I've come around to your way of thinking! He's just so happy to be there and who can blame him. I'll miss him when he finally retires, he's one of a kind.
  12. Not to mention the automatic yellow card. The problem I have with the handball in the area penalty is that the punishment (an almost certain goal) is so often grossly disproportionate to the offence. I'd like to see a rule with a penalty shot given if the handball was a) deliberate or b) it takes away a highly probable goal, otherwise, a free kick of some sort or nothing at all at the discretion of the referee. So, since the shot on net was prevented by the Japanese player, accidental or not, it would result in a penalty. For something like the PSG-ManU penalty (the ball hitting the arm of a defender with his back turned at the top of the area), a free kick or nothing. Years ago, I was in my team's 18 yard box, facing my keeper, when another defender blasted the ball to clear and it smashed into my arm. Penalty was called which, seems to me, to be totally absurd. Anyway, I'm sure there must be excellent reasons why my scheme is a bad idea (maybe the rule was like that years ago) but I don't know how it could be any worse than what we have now.
  13. Not to mention his energy, commitment and as a threat to score. Just a fantastic player and, hopefully, he will influence everyone else for some time to come.
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