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Anthony Totera's target list of players for CPL 2018

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26 minutes ago, Big_M said:

Hilarious. He's so confident calling those names it sounds like the result of a draft or selection

I mean he said potential, but the way he presented it was...strange. Almost like he's saying these players will be in the league since the owners are "asking for his advice".

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6 minutes ago, nolbertos said:

I thought Totera posts or lurks here under an alias.  For the record, don't think Pat Carrasco is Totera.  Totera style of talking would is someone wound up, while Pat just sounds like a guy optimistic about CPL :).  I think I know Pats alias on twitter ;) 

Totera posts on here as Red Card or something to that effect, the name of his show. I think people are debating (joking?) whether this is a second, stealthier account.

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On 11/07/2017 at 6:56 AM, shamrock said:

Wow, that is so obvious. I think anyone wanting to burn millions on a pro soccer team has the ability to look up all Canadian players in Usl / NASL...We have a thread for it!

Btw did he just say Emery Welshman? 

Yes and yes he did. I mean....he is Canadian so I guess it's fine.

Actually shocked he didn't say de Jong, Morgan or Mason Trafford. Feel bad for Stefan Cebera and Milovan Kapor getting snubbed here

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