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  1. LIVE: Mississauga City Hall Council Chamber will be discussing the motion to hire a consultant to perform the feasibility study for the stadium proposal anytime now. UPDATES will be available by the hour. Keep your fingers cross boys. At this meeting they may also unveil the investors behind the project.
  2. That's right...Nick Bontis from the CSA has confirmed the information today. It's about time. I'm pretty tired and frankly the present crest is not a great design.
  3. That's right...Nick Bontis from the CSA has confirmed the information today. It's about time. I'm pretty tired and frankly the present crest is not a great design.
  4. After listening to David Clanachan's interview with CheddarLIVE, did he just say that the Canadian Soccer Business (CSB) will give the CPL the ability to take on broadcast rights that are non-traditional and traditional, and that such broadcast rights are a HUGE win for the CPL? With this being said, it's obvious now that the CPL is working towards not only landing a TV deal but also viewing all games via the internet?
  5. How many teams in total did Clanachan stated during the start of his interview? Can someone give a brief summary? If I heard him correctly, did he say 10 in total?
  6. BREAKING: Also trademarked the league name in French, "Premier League Canadienne". On the one hand, very standard to trademark the French equivalent in Canada. On the other, timing of this, with coincidental timing about Quebec from Eric Bergeron, noting Quebec was "a formality", per a source.
  7. It appears that Eric Bergeron is being sincere with everyone. He does not like spreading false rumors, but he will confirm today with his source one more time. He's putting his reputation of his gaming firm at risk if he's spreads false rumors. He's a true professional.
  8. I realise that Voyageurs Forum hate this guy and I've been asked not to post his tweets....but CPL-Rumours is now involved in this rumour. He just realesed this info claiming that the team may play in Levis. Once again, take it for what it's worth. I'm not jumping in jubilation. Not yet.
  9. Take it for what it's worth, but Quebec City may not be dead after all. This is coming directly from Eric Bergeron, Vice-President and Marketing Director for a hockey simulation game.
  10. I get it that the Saskatchewan Roughriders have permanently marked the fieldturf, but how much will it cost to rip it off and install a turf for multi purpose sports: soccer and football? I'm just curious?
  11. How's York9 FC doing in their ticket drive deposits?
  12. Does this mean that Saskatoon is out of the running for a CPL franchise. Can we confirm this? If so, this will be a huge loss.
  13. Did I just heard Duane Rollins say that he has seen physical concrete evidence that FC Edmonton is in the CPL for sure, and that they will be part of the 2019 launch.
  14. Any idea how did those pre-season ticket sales went? I will assume that everything went well and for this reason they're are having this so called BIG announcement.
  15. Here are my picks. My gut tells me that there going to be a 10 teams start for 2019. 1. Hamilton 2. York Region 3. Winnipeg 4. Halifax 5. Saskatoon 6. Calgary 7. Edmonton 8. Ottawa 9. Surrey 10. Victoria Later expansions in 2020 or 2021 for: Regina, Kitchener-Waterloo, Mississauga, Quebec City, and a Montreal suburb.
  16. Has anyone here caught this recent tweet.
  17. Do we know how many deposit tickets have been sold so far?
  18. Has anyone here listen to Anthony Totera's interview on CHIN Radio Canada 100.7 this evening. Has he talked about the CPL?
  19. Furthermore, FC Edmonton Technical Director Jeff Paulus tweeted this today. Another encouraging hint that Edmonton could probably be in the CPL 2019.
  20. This is going to be the 2nd interview, in the last 4 days, that CPL commissioner David Clanachan has mentioned the issue of broadcast. He keeps referring to traditional and non-traditional broadcast, and that the league is presently talking to all of them. Can someone here give a simple summary what exactly he means by this, and who possibly are the key players involved here (both in traditional and non-traditional broadcast)?
  21. I just did a google search on the owners. It appears that Brett Large is the company owner of Liquor Plus. A privately held chain of liquor stores based on South Vancouver Island. There's also Moreno Stefani who owns TeamSales Sports & Corporate Wear. This is a marketing sports supplier company that works with a variety of local, national and international sports suppliers from Adidas, Umbro, Asics, Puma, New Balance, etc. This looks to me as the investors that the CPL are seeking. As for Grant Olson, anyone here knows who he is?
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