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  1. In fairness they hiked the ticket prices us a fair bit this season - combine that with 13$ a can of beer? Toss on the league has 0 coverage and our performance has been woeful. Love Wanderers but feels really corporate at this point - almost like the Leafs lol
  2. First season opener I did not go to. Looks like another rough year - one goal in 3 games. Cant help but wonder why we cant put together a better team?
  3. My point is it give a casual fan a way to check out a CPL match. Right now there is absolutely no way for a casual soccer fan to watch the CPL to my knowledge. In fact unless your in a CPL market your likely not even going to know the league exists if your a casual sports fan/
  4. I would wager at least 100X more then watch One soccer.
  5. Sitting here watching the Capers men team in the Usports soccer semi-final on my TV via CBC gem. Also in YouTube VIA CBC sports. Has been a great game and great exposure. CPL needs to get some exposure like this. Have multiple friends watching this game - many curious about CPL but there is no opportunity to watch it anywhere. Surely a massive missed opportunity that need to be corrected. Go Capers!
  6. Among all the Forge hating have to give credit. Great atmosphere in Hamilton for the final/.
  7. Unfortunately way too few eyes on it. Not on TV - or streaming without niche service. However yes a killer game.
  8. Now that I understand it I actually really like the playoff format. To be fair I think the 2 best teams will be playing for the championship. Is the format copying another league or is it unique?
  9. Canada Soccer page showing Dada Luke has been suspended for the rest of the playoff due to a Red Card picked up after the Wanderers match. https://canadasoccer.com/about-landing-page/disciplinary-matters/
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