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  1. I feel where some of you guys are coming from. Leaving the Wanderers ground after the 1-0 loss at home to Vaughn I felt some despair. However I think most clubs will have alot of ups and downs til things start to settle in the fall season. I think then we will get a real indication of who is for real and who is not.
  2. You think York will sell out their game? Or were ya joking? May be an outside chance if they have the 10$ ticket deal again.
  3. In all fairness besides 'The Garcia incident' - there have been virtually no stopping in the final 25.
  4. At then end of the day the public decides what is a 'big' competition. While I and a small circle of Canadian soccer enthusiasts consider the Voyagers Cup a cool tournament the VAST majority of Canadians don't know it exists. On top of that of those that know it exists I would say a strong majority don't really care. For instance last year the second leg of the championship was held at BMO Field and drew under 15,000 which was well below what even a regular season MLS game would draw. In the USA the attendance at the US Open cup is even more abysmal with MLS sides frequently drawing a few thousand fans. As it stands now most people in Canada and the USA just don't care about the soccer cup competitions. I'm not saying that wont change, im not saying if that is right or wrong. However the reality is the US and American domestic cups today according to the fans are not really 'big competitions'. Hopefully over time that will change.
  5. Looked quite a bit less then that one One Soccer. Maybe 1500 or 2000 at the very tops. Hopefully this is a learning experience for the club. Start time was crazy, virtually no promotion of the game outside social media, ticketing problems, pricing uncertainty...... I think early round cup games during the week in general around going to be a tough sell for all teams in the league. Many season ticket holders may be hesitant to pay another $25-$50 per ticket on top of their season ticket fees just to see a midweek match against another CPL club. On top of that I think single match tickets are generally going to be a bit of a struggle during the week for all clubs in general as the league builds a name for itself. I imagine during the weekday matches most clubs will rely on the season ticket holders to bolster the stands. I'm hoping in the future clubs may use the early cup games to run promotions such as York's all seats for 10$. Also possibly bump up the ad promotion of the games to increase knowledge of the club, league and cup. Would be a shame not to work on this and just have the cup games played in front of much smaller then usual crowds.
  6. I might be a bit ambitious here but I think this result solidifies Wanders as an upper half of the table club.
  7. I have on a few occasions called Skublak 'totally useless' he is making me eat my words tonight. Im happy about that lol
  8. A few points: They announced we advanced and it was also printed in the local media we advanced. Im pretty sure most people at the game were aware we advanced to the next round This game will have nothing to do with 'momentum' we have good crowds all year due largely to a solid season ticket base. This game was not included in the season ticket package so right there we lose that 4500+ base. There were some major ticketing problems for the event. Tickets were supposed to be offered at the season ticket discounted rate but they were quite a lot more expensive then the rate I paid. On top of that there were other big issues where people were not even able to get tickets. I think everyone now has access to a reduced rate but it has been a mess. Kick off time is 6:15 most people are trying to get home from work then not @ pubs. I don't anticipate much of a walk up crowd due to the early weekday start. I think all things considered a crowd of 2000-2500 would be in the ball park of what we could expect tomorrow. That being said I think all clubs (CPL, USL, MLS) likely will find it challenging especially in the early rounds to get season ticket holders to pay for additional weekday tickets on top of their season ticket fees to watch the cup games. To me this is an opportunity to offer some big promotions to allows new fans and families to get to some games. I like York 9's idea of 10$ a ticket for everyone all seats. Im not sure it will work but I think its worth trying to fill some seats and bring some new eyes to the club.
  9. That is a mystery. There never really was an explanation. Our first cup game was 6pm due to a memorial cup game in town at 8pm. Not sure how or why 6:15 was chosen for a start time - very odd for sure.
  10. Should be interesting to see how this round of Voyagers cup crowds will end up. I know in Halifax this is the first game that was not included in the season ticket package and we had some ticketing problems. York has an interesting promotion all tickets are 10$. I'm thinking the games not included in the season tickets may be a bit challenging. Might be interesting to see if other clubs offer big promotions like York? PS - for a variety of reasons Wednesday is shaping up to likely be by far our smallest crowd on the season.
  11. Two goals in five games played - brutal. Almost feel bad for the fans out there...... almost
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