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  1. This is totally off topic but where do Winnipeger's go to get out of the city? Do they head up to Northern Manitoba? Or in all diferent directions?
  2. How do you have that many empty seats? Top team in league and EDM vs Cal..... even the lawn is empty pretty well
  3. Yea agreed Oxner is 'the man'. Other thoughts: Both teams had their chances. Either could have broken the draw several times. My ole pal Skublack looked like a deer in headlights. Nice to have zoom back the lad can run! Was one of the more entertaining 0-0 draws I have watched. Nice send off for Schaale at the end - he came over to the kitchen and we did a viking clap. He will be missed....... Isnt it awesome we have a league now? lol
  4. Im assuming the league likely asked CBC to broadcast the Wanderers game instead. Makes sense for the promotion of the league.
  5. Going to be an emotionally charged afternoon at Wanderers Grounds. Tune into CBC and check it out we have a plan to pay tribute to Peter Schaale at the 2 minute mark.
  6. Finally a rare time we all seem to agree on something lol Yes I think we all have been pleased with the quality of play so far - the games are very fun to watch (for the most part) and pleasant to the eye.
  7. I would say it will settle in a shade over 4000. Early number were always inflated by the huge opening day crowd for the free game in Hamilton. I see no reason to think Winnipeg, Hamilton and Halifax should draw 5000-6000+ for the rest of the season. On the flip side Edmonton, Pacific and York are likely to continue to struggle.
  8. Yes that is exactly right. The deal was a developmental deal where he was always supposed to go back. Also he was paid a sum for playing the season. I'm not sure if there are any provisions where a team could ask to keep a player if they are in a title hunt. However in the case of the Wanderers I would think with nothing on the line now it would be better to have a good relation with Breton University and happily follow the agreement. With any luck we may be able to sign him to a contract next year.
  9. I have a degree from the same university and i'm unloading trucks at a retail store lol However your right he is wise to finish his education and play out his university career at Cape Breton. There is no compelling reason to stay at Wanderers at this juncture.
  10. In fairness I don't think its a 'mole hill'. He laid hands on an official. Ok so that wasn't too crazy its not like he hit him or shoved him. However he went over to that table and really booted it when there were totally innocent by standards who should never be in the line of danger. The way he kicked the table was very dangerous and it was lucky no one in the area was hurt. You can not have that kind of behavior in any league under any circumstance. To me he has to be suspended for the rest of the year. I don't really see any other way to move on it.
  11. We sure do appreciate that! We really needed the 3 points top pick us up lol
  12. Yep it was after that game. Its funny it has never been reported on - find it hard to believe the cameras @ one soccer could miss it.
  13. Does the 2800 in Edmonton count the people watching on One Soccer as well??? lol
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