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  1. Throw on top of that Oxner was supposed to start but in a freak accident took a hard shot off the head in practice yesterday. Legendary performance by Baskett. I will confess we were very lucky to escape Calgary with a point. I think us and York (surely that's not proper grammar) are likely going to go down to our last matches for the final playoff spot.
  2. They both played university in Cape Breton for 4 years. I consider them locals. Possibly Canadian university players are considered Canadian??
  3. Not going to lie i'm very satisfied with the Eddies hanging in for the draw.
  4. I would just like to point out I was several beers in when I made my prediction lol Action packed game - this Doesnt seem like the same club at all that was at Wanderers grounds last Monday.
  5. I almost feel like Valor is gonna pull out some kind of a result here - maybe not all 3 points but atleast a draw.
  6. I think roughly what we thought was going to happen. For me Forge is the top team in the league. We will see how Pacific responds tonight.
  7. In fairness the footsoldiers as always out creating some atmosphere.
  8. Barely anyone in the stands in Calgary - I think the league needs to sit down in the off season and realize things as they are - well its not working. Lets be realistic.
  9. Has to feel like the National team is on a whole different level then previous years eh? Support was amazing in Toronto tonight, I hope it continues in Edmonton because this team deserves it - qualification is not a pipedream it is ours... we just have to grasp it
  10. Surely Edmonton has to be re-located for 2022 - no? I mean Fath has been at this for a decade and its pretty clear there is no support in Edmonton whatsoever. 600 fans wont even pay the canteen workers and referees lol
  11. I had ya's written off for sure. I still think the odds are against ya. However a thrashing like that against the 'top team in the league' does a lot to turn a season around fast. Nice effort. I'm almost no as worried about Valour as York.
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