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  1. What an afternoon, it was a thrilling victory. Don't think I have been waterlogged like that in my life. Bent and Doner were wreaking havoc down the right side all match. The energy in the stadium was awesome considering the conditions. I suspect the Wanderers will be challenging for a playoff spot when all is said and done.
  2. She is a pouring in Halifax. Was going to take my raincoat in from the cabin yesterday but the weather guy said 'isolated showers' so I left it there. Bad decision lol However i'm hoping the wet maritime weather will work in our favor!
  3. I have a feeling the standing might tighten up some with everyone back in their home stadiums.
  4. In Halifax we are at 4000 (half) capacity for August. There are no ticket sales to the public though as the season ticket base brings us up to the limit. I think some creative math was used to bring the Wanders ground max up to 8000 lol
  5. It fair - stadium was considerably below capacity. Hopefully things will pick up once the covid jitter go away.... that is if infact its 'covid jitters' keeping people away.
  6. Was thinking the same thing. Wanderers first match was against Pacific and I was thinking 'I hope all the games arent shot like this' lol
  7. What's that old saying 'Cant buy a goal'. Wanderers playing well but cant will one in.
  8. Time to frantically call Skublak back?? https://worldfootballindex.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Thomas-Skublak.jpg
  9. A good game - Wanders still having trouble converting chances. They are going to have to sort that out quickly. 2 goals in 5 games is abysmal.
  10. Am I the only one that feels the dead air at halftime is brutal? Like cant they get a couple journalism students or something if cash is that tight? Can live without a pre and post game - but dead air at halftime? Awful.
  11. Think Wanderers should have at least 2 maybe 3 hope it doesn't come back to haunt them!
  12. Mixed feelings. We played well - and I think the result was likely deserved by both sides even though I think we had a slight edge. Taking a point from Calgary to be fair is never a terrible result. On the other hand we have to start putting a few in the back of the net.
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