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  1. What's that old saying 'Cant buy a goal'. Wanderers playing well but cant will one in.
  2. Time to frantically call Skublak back?? https://worldfootballindex.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Thomas-Skublak.jpg
  3. A good game - Wanders still having trouble converting chances. They are going to have to sort that out quickly. 2 goals in 5 games is abysmal.
  4. Am I the only one that feels the dead air at halftime is brutal? Like cant they get a couple journalism students or something if cash is that tight? Can live without a pre and post game - but dead air at halftime? Awful.
  5. Think Wanderers should have at least 2 maybe 3 hope it doesn't come back to haunt them!
  6. Mixed feelings. We played well - and I think the result was likely deserved by both sides even though I think we had a slight edge. Taking a point from Calgary to be fair is never a terrible result. On the other hand we have to start putting a few in the back of the net.
  7. Encouraging first half just have to find the back of the net once to get the juices flowing.
  8. Way to early to say 'must win'. However need to start getting some point soon before the hole is too big to dig out of.
  9. Wow that is so discouraging.... Cant get away with putting in a performance like and comin up with a 2-0 loss. I know Hart said he is using this as a 'pre season'. However if you come out of the first 8 games in the basement your done.
  10. Clearly a Wanderers goal. Wheeler declared it was close... it wasnt
  11. Well if 'Sauga City' is anything like their neighbors in York a 3000 seat stadium may be more appropriate lol
  12. I heard any of the subscriptions given out with the season tickets will be expired on Aug 10 before the tournament starts.... CPL's way of saying thanks for hanging in to season ticket holders who have been in limbo for months? lol
  13. I just don't get why they pushing so hard to play a tournament in some random place with no fans... Isnt that just basically a training camp? I dunno I would love to see sports back but for me not til it can be done somewhat properly.
  14. PEI - Empty stadiums - half a season? I just cant grasp any of this.... 0 ticket revenue - no tv deal - no indication the major networks would even bother to show the hilights even in these covid days. Yet they wanna play 'a season' in front of no people in PEI? I have heard more bizzare plans - but not much more bizzare lol
  15. I dunno in my view just leave them out for this year. I mean they will have enough on their plate just trying to get things sorted to CPL action. I'm sure they would not be heartbroken to miss the tournament and be able to focus solely on CPL. Besides the tournament has been set up fine - why mess with it.
  16. I dont think its a matter of 'Naysayers'. It more common sense. Why would Media pro pay 20$ million dollars a year cash to the league then on top of that pay millions per year to produce and broadcast the games with virtually no revenue coming back to them? I mean it is great for the league they have a company producing and streaming their games to me this is a 20 million dollar value a season because when you factor everything in I think it is reasonable that is the price tag it would cost the league if they did it themselves. On the downside there are limitation to media pro owning the rights. Like when they would not let CBC air the final in real time. To me this is a massive opportunity lost for the league in terms of exposure an allowing casual fans (which they need) to watch their 'crown jewel'. That aside I don't think people who think the people who state this is not a cash deal are naysayers - I would say they are realists. TBH I still think its a great deal for the league - there would be no way I would be taking on costs to produce and broadcast CPL games without some kind of revenue assurances.... Then again that may explain CPL buying every season ticket holder a free One Soccer pass this year.
  17. Doesn't 4000 people watching soccer in a 25,000 football stadium also smack of 'minor league'?
  18. Interesting side note - TFC just played in the Championship game and not one person commented on it. Is Canadian MLS popularity fading after the start of the CPL?
  19. Is love to see some of those guys in the league. However realistically I wouldn't say CPL is currently at a stage that could not afford most of those contracts. Not to mention it hard to think many MLS players would go from playing in front of 25,000 @ TFC to living in Edmonton playing in front of 2000 fans. Unless they had no other options......
  20. TSN throws them the odd bone as well. They covered Forge's run through the CONCACAF league and mention them on live TV on some TFC broadcasts. I admit I feel they should have at least did the same thing as Sportsnet and posted the standard issue CP story on their website after the championship was decided. However I dont feel they are working to silence CPL news. Of course this is all just speculation I have no inside knowledge of what goes on at any of the broadcasters. To me the only national media who was done a good job covering the league is CBC all the rest are shiiiiiite
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