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  1. The thing with Hart despite the season he is still very popular in Halifax and is really almost the face of the team. I think he did a poor job this year both in taking in some really poor performing international players, picking way too many defensive players and never really being able to put together a cohesive everyday lineup. That being said I tried really hard to be angry or dislike him but he is a hell of a nice guy. I know that may not be a reason to keep someone on board but he is very likable. I am pretty sure you have to give him one more season to try and correct his mistakes. I mean its year one of a brand new league. I think its crazy to fire a manager who came in knowing nothing about the league and picking a team from scratch. I think you need to give them a min of 2 season to adjust and then evaluate them.
  2. In all fairness I think a 15% increase in the supporters section is a little steep - however I am a real cheapo lol
  3. Is there concern that attendance has pretty severely deteriorated in the last month? Particularilly for Forge who is fighting for the league title playing their rival and cant even draw 4000k in a 25,000 seat stadium. I would think that has to throw red flags up? Especially when Forge was supposed to be the flagship franchise.
  4. I know im gonna get flack for this BUT..... The CFL regular season runs into November and they have teams in Edmonton, Winnipeg and Calgary However in all fairness I think the CPL could run a season 2-4 games shorter and save a couple weeks. Especially if we keep this format.
  5. Wow - so basically the game is not available to 99.99% of the Canadian population. I mean why wouldn't TSN broadcast USA vs. Canada in any sport if its free and someone else is producing it? Possibly One Soccer was asking for a substantial fee? I dunno maybe i'm old fashioned but I like the old days where you could watch sports on TV's. Not have to buy 10 different services to watch games. This is just getting stupid.
  6. I dunno we are all just speculating as none of us have any concrete info on the MediaPro deal. My feeling are as follows: 1 - No existing business in their right mind would pay 200 millions dollars to produce and broadcast a startup sports league that draws a few thousand fans a game and players basically make 10k up to (what maybe 50 grand)? 2 - My feeling is the 20 million 'investment' Mediopro is making is to absorb the production costs associating with shooting, and broadcasting every game live. The costs must be massive. Travel, cameras, technical crews, broadcasting crews, technical crews to run the One Soccer ap...... If Media Pro did give this league money to the league to produce and broadcast their games then all the better. In my mind though no rational thinking businessman (or person) for that matter would pay CPL or Soccer Canada 20 million annually for broadcast rights. The reality is most networks (if not in all in Canada) would never pay a cent to CPL and likely never agree to air a game unless CPL paid for production. I could be totally wrong on this like I said none of us really know. Im just speculating. However it would seem like insanity to pay such a sum to rights to such a league.
  7. I struggled to limit myself to two 5$ tall cans.... work im the AM
  8. I would be shocked if CPL received a cent from Mediapro. If in fact Mediapro is producing and distributing the games with no charge to CPL I would say that is a great deal for the league.
  9. Kinda shocked that the number are THAT low. I strongly believe that it should be a free to user service at this juncture in the leagues history. The reality is only hard core CPL fans are going to pay $11.50 a month to watch CPL games. Those are not the fans we need to reach though to make this league viable. It is critical to find a way that casual fans can catch a game and follow some of the action. Besides the odd Saturday game on CBC the league has very little visibility in the media and there is no way for the casual fan to watch the games unless they pay a fairly high priced subscription (almost as high as Netflix which has billion of dollars in content).
  10. Has to be fairly disappointing... no? Would it be wrong to be concerned by the drop in attendance that is pretty well straight across the league in the last few weeks? For me its dipping in dangerous territory. Calgary best team in the league struggling to get over 3000 and Hamilton the other top team and to many flagship franchise drawing under 5000. I think the league marketers will have to sit down and come up with a plan for next season. There is not much more room for decline.
  11. I have mixed feelings on this. On one hand I think Hamilton and Calgary look to be a step above all the rest and deserve to meet in the finals. However that being said over the past several weeks I have lost interest in the league as there really isn't much else to lay for til the finals. I mean I still go to the games - I still enjoy the games. However there is something missing the lack of meaning does hurt the atmosphere and the excitement. Attendance seems to have dipped most places in the past several weeks. Is this due to lack of a playoff format or is it just due to people not buy into the league? Maybe a bit or both? Possibly neither? Hard to say.
  12. Yea that is exactly what happened there is a lot of political pressure in Halifax against public funds for the stadium.The way it feels right now is it will be very tough to get the funding for the Stadium approved at a municipal level. The provincial government has already said no money is coming out of general revenue for the facility. Although they havent completely ruled out a rent a car tax with the proceeds going to pay down the stadium. In general there seems to be heavy cynicism regarding the CFL in Atlantic Canada. Especially after they had to cut ticket prices severely to fill up the game in Moncton ($29 taxes in got you a ticket a hot dog and a drink).
  13. In Halifax there is no jersey promotion with the season ticket renewal Have to admit that's not a surprise though wasn't really expecting that promotion again this year.
  14. Or is it people who simply are wearing their free jerseys from the season ticket promotion? lol I cant imagine many people paying 120$ for a tiny piece of fabric.....
  15. Politics aside. I have been telling people IF you are going to build a stadium atleast build a nice one. Even the artist rendition on this one looks terrible.
  16. For me Hart is a hell of a nice guy. I hate to say anything negative about him. However my knock is he put this team together and it is severely lacking. Maybe the club placed some restraints on him - if not I just don't know how you can go forward from here. Im not calling for his head but he needs to step up and say we are no where good enough and pledge to make us better.
  17. Crowd was slightly smaller then normal for Saturday. Standing room was only about 2 deep instead of 4 deep. However under the circumstances the dedication of the Wanderer fan is second to none. However today there was evidence that some of our patience is starting to crack. This is simply not good enough.
  18. The grounds will be rocking tomorrow - people are really looking forward to this match it has been quite a while since the last Saturday kickoff. We feel an urgency to really take it to Valour - I really think they will be in tough. Wanderers are desperate for 3 points they will be playing very hard. However I am slightly biased - and possibly a little drunk lol PS anyone making the trip down from Winnipeg?
  19. Maybe less games. Still snow storms and frozen fields at the beginning of April. Winnipeg still has feet of snow don't they??? If you think crowds are small on a Wednesday in June? Try a snowstorm April 10....
  20. The problem is virtually no one in Canada has One Soccer so the tournament has literally lost all visibility.
  21. I think at the end of the day its ok to have some weekday matches sprinkled in. There are many people in today's society that are stuck working most weekends so its nice to give them a chance to get to a few evening games mid week. In Halifax generally our Saturday games draw a little better but I have talked to many who also enjoy the weekday matches as the evening out Wednesday breaks up the week.
  22. I also think it is a real loss that TSN isn't showing at least the final. Seems like a regression.
  23. Just got back from Wanderers grounds. All I can say is what a bitter disappointment. I think we are all hoping and praying for just a glimmer of something we can take away from this season, a small token, a slice of the silver lining... I think we played well enough for the 3 points however just couldn't hang on. Forge was pressing hard for the last part - just couldn't quite hang on. PS - My hands are numb from the cold and its only September lol
  24. I have heard people say that but in fairness i'm not sure that's the case. I shouldn't just assume that. However even on the local sports casts in Halifax I have never seen a Wanderers Hi-light. That is something they should be pushing hard.
  25. That is a massive problem. Also trying to charge people $11.50 a month (roughly the same as Netflix) to watch CPL games is something that need to be reconsidered in the off season. To me the subscription should be free and they should be trying to distribute highlight packages to any TV network willing to show it. You need to reach casual sports fans and if we are being frank it is not really happening. No one outside the base core of CPL fans are subscribing to the service and way too few outside that core is getting any exposure to the league.
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