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  1. 1) I have already stated clearly this is the flag FIFA uses to represent Northern Ireland in international soccer matches. 2) I know well the lad who made the banner and he is a moderate who is against sectarianism and violence. (He also offered to attach the Irish tri-color to it if anyone thought it would be a problem). 3) There is no sectarianism in our group. We have Rangers supporters, Celtic supporters some good banter and we all get along. We have people from all countries, all religions and we all get along. I am at every game this is a fact - how many Halifax games have you been to? No one is playing with fire - no one in HALIFAX has a problem with it and no one from visiting clubs/supporters has ever had a problem with the Northern Irish flag being displayed. It seems like you are just trying to start and create a huge issue over literally nothing.
  2. No I didn't misunderstand. I think it is you maybe who misunderstand what we are all about in 'the kitchen'. The flag displayed is the same flag used by the Northern Irish football team. I understand your point it is considered 'loyalist' - however on the other side of the coin the Irish tri-color could be considered a 'Republican' symbol. Do we also ban that? The reality in the kitchen our absolute core value is we are welcoming and respecting of everyone. The lad who hung the banner is a huge fan of the Northern Ireland side (as are some others in our group) it is not meant to be sectarian and not a single person at the grounds has ever complained about it. I get it..... Irish politics is a tricky business. However we are in Canada and I think in the year 2019 there are simply not that many strong sectarian feelings (for the most part one way or another). Im sure however if someone came to us and was terribly offended by it we could work something out. However that being said if you ever come to the Wanders Grounds or the kitchen you will understand it is filled with a bunch of great people who all get along and have a great time. It is not about politics it is about cheering on Wanderers, being ourselves and embracing everyone from every country...... Atleast that is how I see it from section 108 in the kitchen.
  3. We have a few guys in the kitchen who are from Northern Ireland. We have flags flying from several jurisdictions.
  4. It seems odd. Saturday afternoon and the sun is shining. Stands are half empty - yet they look to be building a giant stand behind the goal? Just not sure why they would do that.
  5. So what is the tie breaker if Calgary wins the fall? Total points from both seasons?
  6. Massive game today (I know its only the second game). Do we rise to the Challenge and beat the spring champions? Or do we fold under the pressure and return to mid table? Im obviously hoping #stayingtopoftable
  7. Under no other circumstance would I ever say this but....... congrats to York on a good showing tonight both with people in the stands and a great effort vs Impact. However what in the heck was Ingham thinking on that penalty? Montreal have him on the payroll??? lol
  8. Wow what a special night at Wanderers Ground. What a ride i'm emotionally and physically drained but still buzzing at the same time. Some random thoughts in point form. 1) I disagree Ottawa was clearly the better team. I'm not disputing the point however I think the Wanderers should have came away with the draw. I will however say Fury had some clinical finishing. 2) Atmosphere was unbelievable - the stands were jammed standing room everywhere was 3 or 4 people deep it had a championship feel to the evening. Very Special. 3) Perea makes Wanderers another team altogether. I think we can contend for to of the fall table if we stay healthy. Now to Terry's point after the whistle was wild! I just spotted it in progress and said to my buddy 'I think Stephen Hart is gonna drop him'. I didnt know at the time it was Langwa but that was a massive exchange. Went on for a minute after I fist spotted it. It was close from my view to coming to blows. I mean im not sure how you come back after that one. You cant do that on the pitch. Thats something for behind closed doors. However maybe he gets a break because he is young and apologizes? Hard to say.
  9. Id say its gonna be jammed like a Saturday - even had a few delivery drivers talking about it today. Ok time to chug this beer and run for the bus. Go Wanderers!
  10. From on the ground here in Halifax there is a massive buzz around this game tonight. There is almost a feeling this could be the most important home game we play this season. I would not be surprised to see a near capacity if not a capacity crowd for tonight's game.
  11. Just a timbit of info: last time Whitecaps played a non MLS team (Fury) in their opening cup round (2016) they drew 17,800. I'm assuming season ticket holders get a ticket to the first round. No reason to think they would not draw a similar crowd this time as the fan support seams pretty steady over the years. I would assume and USL or CPL would be about the same draw for Whitecaps (or the other 2 MLS teams).
  12. Wow all tickets for the game against Impact are 10$ + fees ($14.75). Great chance to get out and cheer on the CPL vs. MLS. Surprised looks like there are still tickets left.
  13. Hats off to the creative wing of the Privateers. A very cool little publication. A must for all Wanderer fans!
  14. Yea Terry I rarely wear sunscreen however drenched it on today. Thank goodness!
  15. OMG it was cooking in the stands today. However the crisp east coast beer kept us hydrated lol
  16. There is no other option but a victory. Unfortunately for York they just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  17. Wouldnt you be kind 'cheesed off' as a season ticket holder if a club did this?? I know if I bought seasons then they started selling single game tickets for as cheap or cheaper I would never be a season ticket holder again. I do think single game prices were generally set too high in most laces around the league - however it is bad practice to offer discounts lower then the season ticket holders.
  18. Pacific pretty well holding their own - also nice to see their stands close to being full again.
  19. Will miss Garcia up front. Sukunda has not done too much up there.
  20. Cant wrap my head around how we could possibly lose to Haiti. Likely do better against Brazil when we get into the World Cup by default I guess.
  21. That is 100% the absolute key. IMO season ticket pricing was great in most markets but single game pricing seems a bit high. (Roughly 30$-45$) in Halifax. So for a league weeknight game we will get the season ticket holders plus a small walk up crowd. For the cup games season ticket holders do get a discounted rate but not all take advantage of that (most didn't vs Winnipeg). Plus the usual small weeknight walk up crowd. Will likely make for a lower then usual attendance vs Ottawa (although we should do much better then our 2nd round cup game vs Winnipeg).
  22. Just got back from Wanderer grounds. Terrific performance by Wanderers. Real good shot at 3rd in the spring league now. Voice is totally gone.... the kitchen was rocking hard tonight.
  23. Great point. I agree yes it is critical.
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