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  1. Sorry not a conspiracy to fuck people over on the day of the game, just a boring technical malfunction.
  2. Because no one cares, I've got 4-0 Canada tonight. Can't wait for the game. Gave up my shift at work to watch but with the province opening will be there helping to set up the patio now anyways, pregame lol
  3. Haven't been in for quite a bit but wanted to check in. I've got 4-0 Canada today. I think they'll be a mix of young and regular starters. If everything goes right they'll have 4 games in two weeks (knocking on wood so as not to jinx) and this is the only opportunity (no offense to Aruba) if they do want to cap tie someone or try something out. Of course I'm often wrong so take it with a grain of salt.
  4. Howdy all. Hope all is well. Poking back in and good to see the board is still going. I’ll definitely have to check in more often. Anyways Jon from Canucks Abroad asked me to invite anyone interested in more CPL chat to the discord server. Dedicated channels to each team. Every individual game gets a channel as well. Honestly there’s pretty much a channel for whatever you can think of. https://discordapp.com/invite/GNZuzXv Just something to supplement the discussions from here. Cheers all
  5. I’ll have it on at the Dominion House in Windsor
  6. Watch party list start yet? Took a quick around but didn’t see anything.
  7. Just curious, has anyone done a deep dive on the copyright thing lately for clues on anything new? I’d do it myself but have no clue how and have seen it posted here before lol. Thanks
  8. Got to love revisionist history:)
  9. I remember once upon time on here when some used a lack of sanctioning at the AGM as proof the league wasn’t happening. Here we are now and the sanctioning happens in a little seen tweet and we have two games under our collective belts
  10. Windsor I’ll be watching at the Dominion House with sound
  11. Two Solitudes 5/24, recap of expansion talk http://sportspodcastingnetwork.com/2019/04/24/the-two-solitudes-soccer-podcast-free-preview-canpl-expansion-talk/MW -Laval/Montreal-Bunbury top choice but other group. 2020 start most likely -NB rumours our there. Not Moncton though. Isn’t ownership interest there. Saint John could be it with Moosehead partnership announced. Biggest corporate center in the province (Irving, McCains). Fredericton government city, transient population would make it difficult. Important for another eastern team with Halifax being so isolated. Maybe 2021 -no real word on Quebec City yet but would make sense if there are two groups interested in Montreal to try and convince one to go there for the natural rivalry. Talked up Laval in general -Ontario team close is out of left field. Pickering or Durham (Oshawa) region. Might be closer to 2021 than 2020. Possible connected to other real estate deals/renovation to stadium and further development of other projects. Big money name attached (billionaire) Around Church/Bailey area, near power plant/lake, possibly as part of Woodbine development. -rumblings of western GTA (Halton/Oakville) interest but nothing concrete yet. Maybe 2021. Brought up the Caldwell hiring -KW still in the mix. Barry McLean is figurehead/involved heavily but stadium issue holding back. 2021 or 2022 play -London and Windsor in play but long term and not hearing much -Saskatchewan (most likely Saskatoon) further along. Figures 2020 likely -his guess would be 2020-Durham/Pickering, Saskatoon, Montreal/Laval -thinks 2 teams a year for 3-4 years until hit 16
  12. I took Montreal to be separate from the other groups he mentioned. It wouldn’t be Montreal if they already had a natural rival as he said unless he’s counting York. I think he meant there were four teams closer than others. Guess we’ll know Thursday
  13. Kind of surprised it’s Saskatoon with the games this summer and the talk of caution. Good to see if it’s right
  14. Recap Duane Rollins CPL expansion bits from Soccer Today 4/23 -full details on Two Solitudes later this week. Montreal could be ready summer season but will wait most likely to avoid confusion -no update on Ottawa. If sanctioning revoked odds are the team would fold up shop. But market they want into -hearing good things about three other markets, two barely discussed. One on the west, discussed a lot. Chelsea fan out west from the Voyageurs would be happy (whatever that means) -Other two would be rivals. One for a team that doesn’t have one (Halifax? My guess) and not a city that has been talked about a lot? Followed tonight by
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