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  1. He actually got his tactics right which I’ll give him kudos, but 2 points dropped in the 1st game is still the blemish so far. We have to make that up in the later windows. I’ll wait till the end of qualifying for Herdman’s final judgement, as I doubt the CSA will can him until the end. But so far, we tied Honduras at home, tied the Yanks in there casa and blew out the weakesr team in the Octo. Based on yesterday’s results, we woke up the US dragon and seems the US pounded Honduras in Honduras, something we have yet to ever do in history. Its a long qualifying campaign, but moving forward, we can’t afford to lose any more home matches.
  2. That was 1997, the lead up to 1998 WC. I was at the end of the stadium right behind the corner flag and saw Pesch being stupid. He actually hurt the player hard with the corner flag, I could hear the “Whack” against the face. He was frustrated as we were losing. The Province newspaper had rhe headline “Peschi-stupido”. I’ll never forgot that
  3. Regarding the game. Canada played great and Herdman got his tactics right. El Salvador are really rusty and bad. They have really fallen off in competitiveness the last 20 years. I remember in the 90’s they had more players in Liga MX and MLS compared to almost nil now. Shows in the players skill level and how Canada has really improved significantly over them. I’d say Honduras is rhe new El Salvador of rhe 90’s with better technical players.
  4. Problem with putting 2nd stringers is goal differential too. Canada needs to keep goal differential down. Rather they lose 1-0 with the 1st team than 4-0 with 2nd rate strikers and defenders. Either way Its Azteca. Altitude will play a factor for any Canadian player.
  5. When Herdman was hired the bare minimum to me is like every other coach we’ve had and make it to the WC. Herdman had it easier to make the final round due to Mont Vic expanding the Hex to the Ocho and Canada not facing tough competition till thr final round. So here we are and he’s not convincing anyone he’s up to the task yet. He can motivate all he wants and be a great speaker but final round results are what’s he judged on. Look at Berhalter. Just becausr he’s won a Gold Cup and Nations Cup, rhe US and fans should give him some slack?? No, its because the World Cup qualification is what all national team coaches are judged for. Why should we settle for bare minimum on coaches?? We’re going to host the World Cup in 2026, I expect we get a proven coach then, not a coach who’s never been but is inspirational. Inspiration doesn’t qualify to World Cups, ifs results, determinations, goals, tactics, odd away wins, etc
  6. Ties don’t mean much away. We could technically tie 50% of away matches, but if we don’t win at home, we’re toast. All I saw last game is the US not being able to capitalize on early chances anf vice versa with Canada, a split was a fair result. If we tie or lose to El Salvador next game, you bet more Herdman critique may come, not just by me. Herdman is a great organizational and idea guy, but tactics, coaching, jury is still out.
  7. Klinsmann was canned after 2 matches in the 2018 WCQ campaign. Granted the US had 0 points, but 2 points to show for Berhalter would be considered a disaster for a top 20 FIFA ranking nation. Don’t think the US will tolerate another poor WCQ campaign if Berhalter doesn’t turn it around ASAP
  8. So far, Mexico is going to finish 1st, Panama looks like the real deal, so I expect 2nd for them. The USA didn’t impress me, but great result for Canada today . I would think Berhalter is on the hot seat now and if the States don’t win next game, he’ll be gone soon. The States could miss the 2022 WC if they play as bad the first 2 games. So that leaves to me 2 WC spots open between Honduras, Costa Rica, Canada, USA Jamaica and El Salvador. Should be a good battle for that
  9. Esit. Wrong thread. It’ll be tough vs El Slavador. They always seems to rise to the occasion against Canada
  10. Playing 3 games a week is not good for athletes as it could cauae more injuries down the road. I remember playing a small lightning tournament round in HS with 3 matches in 5 days and on the last match, one of our players tore his achilles. That was HS. For those trying to earn a living playing the game, its harder I think.
  11. Well the USA, G-L tied in El Salvador. El Salvador is always a tough place to get a point let alone a win. I’m more impressed with Jamaica holding Mexico to a 1-1 tie in Estadio Azteca. Should it end in a tie, the Jamaicans confidence is through the roof
  12. Well we have Vic Montagliani as hesd of CONCACAF. By being head honcho, he should give Canada a home ref edge, as Honduras media were piping. Typically on any WCQ game, the local team should have an advantage in fouls given.
  13. Jesus Christ, every WCQ campaign in the Ocho or semi-final round people always justifying a game tied at home isn’t bad. It is bad because you dropped 2 points at home with your crowd behind you and home officiating bias. At tie at home is as good as loss. It’ll bite us in the ass again down the road like it has the last 5 WCQ campaigns. I thought by now we’d learn and play better. Canada has lot of grit, heart, but that could only take you so far. So far, off on the wrong foot in the final round or semi-round of WCQ. So frustrated and sad. Thought we’d learn to lessen our mistakes
  14. So how about that tactical genius Herdman today huh, winning against…oops meant tieing Honduras at home. 2 points dropped for your goldenboy coach. Can’t wait to see his ass packing soon.
  15. I just saw on TV and some Southsiders told me thst it was a slightly bigger Mexican contingent. El Savadoreans are just as passionate for WCQ matches. I recall when the US played them, almost the entire stadium was El Salvadorean. Since we last played El Salvador in an Ocho type setting the population of Central Americans in rhe Lower Mainland has tripled, hence why I believe alot of El Salvadoreans here will not support Canada at BC Place. But the number of Canadian fans has increased significantly too. Should be a fun match anyways Edit: if we want more Canadian support than Central Americans, do what the US does and play then in Columbus or in Canada’s place Winnipeg or Moncton, some very pro-Canadian place.
  16. Yeah I just checked FIFA. The African Nations Cup was originally scheduled for late June / July 2021 but got pushed to Jan - Feb 2022. There goes that friendlies date. Its looking like no FIFA matched till September like u said, and by then WCQ will begin. Odd that Canada qualified anf can’t schuedule friendlies. Still think they should try new things and mix it up in the Gold Cup
  17. I got my list from wikipedia showing all the international match calendars left from here to September. The next big match calendar is early July / August when the African Nations Cup, Asian Cup I believe start. Those are considered international dates to book friendlies too by FIFA by othet nations before WCQ begins in CONCACAF.
  18. If Canada plays El Salvador or Mexico in BC Place, expect the the same like in 2017 WCQ where 65% or 60% were Mexican fans while the entire Southside was all Canadian with Southsiders and Voyageurs there, making noise/. Same with El Salvador. There’s probably at least 20K salvadoreans immigrants in the Lower Mainland plus a huge contingent in Seattle and LA. Once the borders open up, I expect a caravan of cars to come up here to watch them play against Canada and make Canadians feel like a minority. The US has gotten used to be a minority at some of there stadiums and I expect the CDN team to feel like that too.
  19. I’m on the opposite fence than most of you. Since Canada rarely plays friendlies ever, we need the Gold Cup as our friendlies calendar to adjust, tweak and adjust lineups, formations, etc. From here to September there are 10 fifa calendar matches left where our opponents can book up to 2-3 friendlies before WCQ and if we go cold against Honduras in our 1st match, we’ll be down a game. Now is the time for the CSA to step up for friendlies or else, we’ll pay the price, so until then, use the Gold Cup with new maybe 4-5 starters and the rest MLS backup players to get experience. We need at least a strong And ready B team in case our starters get hurt or injured in the Ocho.
  20. Herdman has done jack and we’ve done the expected by beating the Carribbean minnows. If you wanna still pump Herdman’s tires go ahead. He hasn’f done the unexpected. All that matters is a Top 5 finish in the Ocho or better. We don’t qualify to the World Cup and I hope Herdman resigns because Stephen Hart would’ve got us to Ocho if he didn’t need to face Honduras or Mexico in fhe pre-hex. You can open this thread up after the Ocho end or if Canada gets knocked out early.
  21. Every home game is a must win at this stage. If Canada ties at home, then you can slowly start kissing away a berth. So the firsr 2 berths are most likely US and Mexico, the 3rd and 4th berth will be a dogfight.
  22. So the Octagon is set. Barring a castastrophe epic proportions, Canada are theough to the Ocho so we have -Mexico -USA - Honduras - Costa Rica - Jamaica - El Salvador - Panama - Canada Now I can’t wait to see if the boys become men, or fall into Honduras and El Salvador antics and lose there cool. If we don’t make a Top 5 finish, time to move on from Herdman.
  23. I heard Marcelo Bielsa was a total prick as a natioanl team coach with some players during his time. He was too authoritstive, disciplinary, strict (Remind you of anyone) but he got results on the field the FA kept sticking with him. Coaches aren’t here to be your buddies or make your feel goodc they’re here to get results and qualify to the World Cup by whatever means. Just remember that Canada’s 2000 team and player selection was in worst shape than what Herdman had. We had Carlo Corazzon in Serie C, Brennan and Fendwick?? In the lower SPL teams, Jason DeVos at Dundee United and Tony Menezes in the Brasilian 2nd Div and Marty Nash a USL player. The only “star” player on that 2000 team was Craig Forrest playing in the EPL. Compared that team to nowadays, where we have more players playing in top teams in Europe and MLS, we have made great strides and Herdman was given the keys to a Corvette (He can’t fuck this up) while Holger was making due with a Ford Taurus. Holger got more outta his players than Herdman did and won the Gold Cup with a counter style that suited Canada at that time. Nowadays we do play more offensive, but get caught defensively more too. I believe playing a counter attack style would suit Canada better long term than trying to be fancy with footwork. Its not in Canada’s DNA to be technical, dribbling and take on a player one vs one yet.
  24. Herdman over Holger?? Now I heard everything on here. I was biting my tongue on posting here again, as I couldn’t believe people praising Herdman as if he’s won the Gold Cup for beating Haiti, Suriname, etc teams we should beat. Just remember that the 5 Ocho members didn’t have to play a semi-final round like the last 3-4 WCQ cycles or else we would’ve been knocked out by now. All its done is make it an easier path for us to make the Ocho thanks to Mont Vic. If Herdman doesn’t win a Gold Cup or make a strong standing in thr Ocho, he should be let go or resign, but since this is Canada, where the CSA is cash strapped and rewards mediocrity, he’ll helm the 2026 WCQ campaign. Sadly that’s our reality that we can’t hire any decent quality coach here.
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