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  1. Well only the games outside international windows would be x5. In window games are x10. Working with our ranking going into the US game (1339) and the pre-intl window rankings of the other teams. We would gain: 3 points for beating the US in Jan. 2 points for beating a team like Panama in Jan. 6 points for beating a team around 50 in the FIFA Rankings in a FIFA window. 5 points for beating a team around 60 in the FIFA Rankings in a FIFA Window. Disclaimer that there may be something I'm not getting here.
  2. If we play the US in their Jan camp and also split the bill with the Americans on a second opponent, wins would give us the 3-4 points needed to make 4 wins over midrange (40-60 in FIFA Rankings) competition in friendlies cover the 15 point gap with a point or two to spare. That would at least force them to play. Playing the US again is risky, but why not at this point?
  3. I still don't think it's over. This El Salvador team is too trash not to drop points v. DR or in friendlies.
  4. The costs would be insane. But one inexpensive game would be to play the US in their Jan camp. Problem is I don't love our chances against the US without our European players.
  5. I was watching through my fingers as they surrounded the ref. Pure cringe.
  6. It's quite an interesting pattern of play the Americans put on display last night. The goal is to work the ball to a fullback high enough up the field that the opposition fullback has to decide whether to close him down or defend the wide forwards. The wide forwards will pull inside to try to force the opposition fullback outside which resulted in a series of easy 1-2s yesterday as the Cuban midfielders were not quick enough to close down the space vacated by their fullbacks. Half the goals last night came this way. American fullback draws the Cuban fullback, American fullback passes to a wide
  7. I've asked this very question of the CSA before. They give a long winded non-answer about how they need to make the most of their budget. To be fair, neither Mexico or the US ever pays in full for their youth tournaments, but they have earned that right. Teams will pay to come play Mexican youth teams and American youth tournaments are paid for by Nike, Audi and other sponsors. Recently Costa Rica paid for the US u17s to fly down for a series of matches. But if you aren't in demand (and we aren't), you need to pay to play. The CSA isn't willing to spend the funds for a fully fledge
  8. Regardless of if you believe that this failure is as bad as the previous failures given who we didn't have, I think the most disappointing thing is that we still can't buy a defender. This tournament showed that we are still at least 2-3 years away from a starting calibre CB/FB breaking into MLS.
  9. Mexico is tied with Jamaica right now despite bringing almost a completely first team roster. Can't underestimate the size & speed of these athletic CONCACAF countries.
  10. Wasn't able to watch the game. Would you guys say we outplayed them?
  11. While I still don’t think he’ll ever be a CMNT level talent, it’s worth repeating that the Caps love this kid and he’s going to get every opportunity going forward. I’ve talked to some of his old coaches about his game and they always mention the work ethic and personality he brings to a locker room.
  12. Don’t think he has the pace/trickiness to be a threat on the wing at the Championship/MLS level. He’s still young enough to learn RB and should stick it out IMO.
  13. Chicago Fire coach Veljko Paunovic just eluded to the fact that he has been disappointed with Edwards' effort when asked about the changes to the team tonight. Called the performance of his wingers last week "lazy". Edwards and Katai started last week...Edwards is at fullback tonight and Katai is on the bench.
  14. Montreal also fall to LAFC, will play for third place.
  15. There is definitely no place in MLS where he is a sure starter. When SKC is healthy he doesn't even make the bench, and they are a relatively poor defensive team this year. He doesn't even stand out in USL the way he did last year. He'd get minutes on a team like Colorado, but Didic turns 24 this year...he needs to go to a team where he'll play every matchday. Anything that's not regular minutes at this stage in his career is a bad move. Hope he goes to CPL or Scandinavia or one of the USL teams making the jump to MLS in the next few years.
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