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Voyageurs Player of the Year 2011


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International Player of the Year 2010

It's year end and once again the Voyageurs invite all members to participate in our annual polling for International Player of the Year.

As per tradition all submissions for the IPoY will be conducted in public, in this topic. You are welcome to edit your submission at any time up until the deadline for submissions.

The deadline for submissions is 12:01 AM (EST) January 1st, New Years Day 2011.

Submissions for IPoY must have a first place selection and can also include a second, and third place selection.

A point system is used to calculate a players points total at the completion of polling. A player will receive 5 points for a 1st place selection, 3 points for a 2nd place selection, and 1 point for a third place selection.

The player with the highest final aggregate total will be declared the Voyageurs International Player of the Year.

A couple of other rules.

Only one submission per IP address. Additional submissions from the same IP address allowed entirely at the Administrators discretion.

For a player to be eligible for the Voyageurs International Player of the Year the player must have been selected for international duty at either the senior or U20 level in 2010 and be eligible to play for Canada, in accordance with FIFA laws & statutes, as of December 4th, 2010.

Previous Winners

2006 Atiba Hutchinson

2007 Julian de Guzman

2008 Tomasz Radzinski

2009 Michael Klukowski

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1. Atiba Hutchinson

2. Josh Simpson

3. Adam Straith

Atiba - player of the year in Denmark 2009-2010; strong start with PSV; good performances with our nats

Josh - great start to 2010 and excellent performances with our nats

Adam - excellent first pro season in 2009-2010 in Germany and has emerged as a regular at the back for Canada.

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well I think we all have a clear top 2 so I'm not going to really put myself out there for third.

I can't really decide between the two so I'm gonna to pull off a cheap Oscars move and go with Josh Simpson because accumulatively he's probably pretty deserving by now and Atiba has one already. The problem with this is if Josh is clearly player of the year next year, I will feel mildly inclined NOT to vote for him which is pretty absurd.

So for now

1-Josh Simpson

2-Atiba Hutchinson

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