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    Michael Juby was jazz funk fusion act formed in Arnprior, Ontario in 1985 until Michael and Juby broke up in the early 2000's. In 2004, tired of being a head without a body, Michael relented and picked Juby up (who was still were Michael had left him on the side of the 401). The two have been inseperable ever since and Juby's vision has since returned...somewhat.
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  1. To throw out a little more to compare, Massimo Mirabelli, a decent goal scorer from SC Toronto (CSL) looks like he's a good goal scorer in the Finnish 3rd tier. Interestingly, because SC Toronto were/are a relatively strong CSL team, I don't think he was the consistant starter but he might be in Finland. edit: although it's his first season, hopefully he'll climb up the ranks.
  2. Anyone know his passport situation? I'm mostly asking off of old Football Manager knowlegde, IIRC he was listed to be both Canadian and Ghanaian (he's cap tied, right?) and I know there's a few exceptions for some African (and a few other) passports (in the 2009 and 2010 versions I made a killing signing guys from Africa to the Spanish third division despite the only EU restrictions (Jamaican's too, but not Canadians of course *rolls eyes*)). This could all be an game error, or changed by now and for all we know someone just typed in Ghanaian because they heard a refrence to his background but he's actually just got a Canadian passport/citizenship (I'm pretty sure some of the Canadians in the game with dual nationalities are answering more openly then in any strict legal sense). Sadly, simply being just Canadian is probably one of the more useless football passports in Europe, we should make a thread of league rules at each division so we can pretty much pin (or even raise general knowledge of the situation) where that player is going. For example, let's say we knew Nana was just Canadian, we can probably eliminate a lot of the top divisions and he'd pretty much know he's going to scandanavia to start (and have a handy list of the more liberal 2nd and 3rd divisions). It would probably be too difficult but making a few decent exceptions that our dual nationality guys could exploit might be worthwhile too. If someone had a new version of FM, it wouldn't be completly accurate but a couple hours writing down league nationality rules might be a good starting point.
  3. Is it just me or isn't that something they should find embaressing? The idea that a snake like Owen ********** is more English because of his horse**** blood then a young and successful immigrant who's lived their since he was 13 is just... (insert rant here) If this is at all true or even an actual 'point' in Engand, I hope to god he gives them the finger rather then a phony feel good moment about 5 decades too late.
  4. pretty decent half article about York Region Shooters hooking up with the Scarborough National Malvern Soccer Club and mentions 'trials' in Portugal and Germany. http://canadiansoccerleague.com/newsnet/templates/?a=463&z=5 YORK REGION SHOOTERS CONNECT WITH YOUTH SOCCER The CSL’s York Region Shooters and the Scarborough National Malvern Soccer Club - a bright star in Canadian youth soccer over many years - has joined forces. Malvern has an impressive history, including 10 Ontario championships in a club environment that produced players like Canadian internationals Dwayne De Rosario – MVP in Major League Soccer last year and defender Adrian Serioux, who first made his mark with the Toronto Lynx and went on to play with Millwall of the English League followed by Houston Dynamo, FC Dallas and Toronto FC. Jamo Welsh and Brad Park were others. York Region Shooters have also struck up a working arrangement with the Mississauga Soccer Club of 4,000 registered players to also interface young players with professional soccer for further development. Like Malvern, the Mississauga Soccer Club has been in existence for more than 30 years and now has year-round programs using state-of the-art facilities including four artificial turf soccer fields. The Shooters will work with both clubs in an effort to create a clear path to higher level soccer for promising players. There are four players in training with York Region now being prepared for a trip to Germany and Portugal where they will be on trial in the coming weeks. More are expected to follow.
  5. Not making any judgement calls but if were putting some links together I figured I'd round up what I can find online from CSL clubs in one post (it's been said before but not every team seems to the best job with their site). Not trying to start any arguements, just trying to concisely get it all out there quickly. A link on the Brampton page for a goalkeeping academy http://www.abcofgoalkeeping.com/ The SC Toronto (sctoronto.ca)website is easily one of the more comprehensive, look under development, camps and academy. The Serbian White Eagles (http://www.serbianwhiteeagles.ca/updates/ look under 'youth') have a bit of stuff on their free academy. The St Catherine's site (http://www.romasoccer.com/new/) looks like it has a lot on it's side bar. despite an 'academy' tab, all the York Region Shooters info (http://vaughanshooters.ca/) is on the front page (you have to squint a bit but theirs a decent amount of info on the second article). Mississauga Eagles FC ( http://www.mississaugaeaglesfc.com/academy.html ) came in with a good academy so they have a pretty good amount of info on their site. Capital City links to http://www.osu.ca/ , I'm pretty sure there's a lot of these links to affiliated programs so I'm not going to try and dig them up for every team and program unless they were properly linked. Again I'm not making any judgement calls, just adding the csl links mostly at once instead instead of having them pop up one at a time. edit: ohh yeah, this too might be useful http://www.google.ca/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=%22canadian%20academy%20of%20futbol%22&source=web&cd=3&ved=0CDcQFjAC&url=http%3A%2F%2Fmississaugaeaglesfc.com%2FPress%2520Release%2520-%2520CAF%2520Player%2520Development%2520Program%2520on%2520Track.doc&ei=p2EHT5aGEqnt0gG42bGwCg&usg=AFQjCNF_e-6V8OrPX7vFSsydK-G4C20CFQ&sig2=IzGBrkUyNrLcxWVSOxA8Nw&cad=rja - and it's a .doc CSL press release from a month ago
  6. thanks! it probably will be better then my copy (I won't find out for a few hours though)
  7. I've never used a .vob file but if you get a moment over the next few months, maybe you could put up the .avi file to a download site. If you can, thanks.
  8. I meant the forum maxxed, easy way to figure this out, the copy I have is approximately 882.78 MB, if yours is too, then sorry I wasted your time
  9. ohhhh, quick question did you get these off maxxed, cause nevermind if you did (thats where I got mine), I just realized I was confused, I thought the second video was the Canada france game (and the next would be Canada hungary) so I just skipped ahead and checked the video quality without looking carefully enough, and not seeing the bizarre off colour lines I thought it was a better copy (now realizing it's the wrong game). I might just have all the same video's anyway so sorry if I wasted your time, if anyone though has a better quality Canada France video I could probably use it (I have Canada honduras qualifier from 85 too, it would be a great quality except for a some odd black spots)
  10. these video's seem like a higher quality then the one's I have access to, I was going to make wc 86 highlights video's eventually but I never seem to get around to them (for example, right now the V-cup is just such a long process it's brought most of my enthusiasm to halt for all video's) so it's no hurry but eventually I might want to use these to make highlights instead of the video's I got. Do you think at some point in the next few months you might be able to put the file on megaupload or something (I don't like using streams because every extra conversion process on the file lowers quality)?
  11. god, if only I could be paid as a local scout, I damn well know talent when I see it (of course their probably a few people on the board who could do a very good job too, I always wondered if Rocket Robin did his reports for anyone officially or if he's just about the most tremendous local soccer fan we have). I'm thinking it might take close to a year, but a few scouts could probably do a pretty efficient job of determining the level of play at most levels around the GTA, it wouldn't be permenantly accurate but it would probably turn up some talent and be a good starting point for setting up more organized scouting, tbh though they have been doing a pretty good job at TFC academy so maybe a few people have a realistic grip on talent in the GTA (part of me suspects some people just know a good number of hot spots and are probably still missing guys even doing a fantastic job).
  12. DJT would probably know best, he might see this in a day or two and might help you. Tarnado et al. - I found that you should probably limit the video's to one per post to keep it from making things too laggy, it seems annoying but I just post each individually now even if it means I'll have to post a few times in a row and it seems to help.
  13. Thank you so much for all the effort this season, I got the portugal fc brantford game dl'd and will eventually make a video for it when I get a bit of motivation, if anyone wanted to recommend a good game from the season it'd probably get done sometime this winter
  14. I think I vaguely recall catching like a minute of toronto croatia vs what I can only remember as 'one of the expansion teams', so it might have been, not at all sure though
  15. thanks djt, i'll hopefully make a few videos over the next week or so, and a question to anyone who has an fbtz account, I had one but either from when I didn't have internet or when my past computers died my account lapsed, when registration opens do you think you can give me pm?
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