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    Michael Juby was jazz funk fusion act formed in Arnprior, Ontario in 1985 until Michael and Juby broke up in the early 2000's. In 2004, tired of being a head without a body, Michael relented and picked Juby up (who was still were Michael had left him on the side of the 401). The two have been inseperable ever since and Juby's vision has since returned...somewhat.
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    North York, Ontario, Canada.
  1. *schticky juby ramblings alert* does that include the Quebec side? Because if it doesn't I think the Upper Ottawa Valley will declare around Pikwakanagan and Pembroke (couldn't stop laughing when I read your post though). From me it'd be only Canada but it occurs to me I could probably emigrate likity split to Mexico or Panama even ignoring, you know... skills, to get citizenship for any potential spawn of mine (don't worry though, you all have the monopoly on my brand of horse lunged-over confident-lacking talent-brand of football). I'm finding it funny realizing I'm more conne
  2. Yes, and as I said the second is far more likely then the first, wasn't saying it was a good chance hahaha
  3. http://www.mlssoccer.com/news/article/2013/04/04/concacaf-announces-changes-gold-cup-roster-tiebreaker-rules 'So your saying theirs a chance' haha. Technically, if we somehow beat Panama (very unlikely), and Mexico trounces Martinique (likely), then two of three group B teams fail to do better then draw (more likely then us winning), then we'd be in the quarters no? I doubt it but I'm looking forward to seeing a fully motivated squad. I don't know if this quad has what it takes but we have often been able to put on a game against the rising Panamanian squad. Sorry I'm most likely
  4. I suppose the best team in MLS in retrospect was the big money Canadian squad, De Guzman, De Rosario, Ali Gerba etc. when they lost big against New York at the end. My favourite might honestly be the Aron Winter squad that made the semi finals but couldn't catch a win in MLS, kind of a silly topic but I'm curious about what the faithful (ie not so much me) think of the ride so far?
  5. ads are based vaguely on what google thinks you'll be interested in (my guess is you read a lot of articles saying Canada and a decent amount relating to law and order (maybe even the show)). I'm seeing 'hot Asian single's in my area' *sigh*. Sorry, almost didn't post this but figured you could all use a laugh.
  6. god, I wanted to quit posting but did we just lose to Martinique, god
  7. Actually they are the only teams, some of those teams have been out for a while, this was just the final tally for the year (we've all been keeping track on our fingers till this confirmation). And I hate debating in the Unregistarred comments section so I just wanted to add to you that the 'nuclear option' is misleading, because L1O will be using many of the same teams and players. Were going to have to figure out how to properly regulate a league one year anyway so I say we do it with the CSL's final season. Add to that, actually playing a season will create opportunities to actually ent
  8. There's a new CSN article that starts to confirm what I posted a few days ago: For someone who is kind of portrayed as a yahoo, I've been sinking some serious hoops up and down this whole mess days before the pack.
  9. Like I said before, just because the third stance has more needless consequences then the other two, doesn't mean the poll is invalid, but may mean you might not like the extremity of the position most people have taken (anti-CSL and beyond comprimising). I intended to prove that that was publically an indefensible position, and you all are upset that my point has been proven. Me burdening a poll with...real world implications is not 'straw man', it's a just a mild amount of bias (boo hoo, your not the one missing out on anything this year). Researching 'straw man poll' which seems to b
  10. You'd think I'd fit in perfectly...
  11. The point of the poll is to prove that public opinion doesn't go as far no football for a year. However that's what the gears are turning towards, it'd help more if more people voted but it's mostly so that it's obvious that the public is aware this was at the very least mishandled. If a lot of people voted, as lame as it is it would be one of the few peices of evidence of public opinion that was against their handling (not necessarily the stance but the timing of choices). Deep down I was hoping it may slightly change the opinions of people they listen too to pressure them into being a lit
  12. I literally made a poll trying to seperate that stance from the general side and you voted for no CSL at all this year when you could have voted for a preference for a new league and to let the CSL finish up this year. Did you change your stance? Were you confused about the poll? Or were you just pissed off about 'participate/enjoy' (he knows what I mean)? I'm not trying to ratchet anything up here, I'm wondering if you've come a little towards the middle or the vote was just a message of disapproval.
  13. It's like a bad video game that says 'Game Over' the same way when you win as when you lose.
  14. You do know that Brantford Galaxy are out right? Who exactly are you talking about??? Are you just fanning around the blame more by talking about the same people who have come up before? As I've said on numerous occasions, we actually have to try and catch the guilty (by entrapping them) instead of just hoping everyone we haven't caught will be magically cured of temptation in 2014. And be careful with what you are saying. Make sure you don't start generalizing the Serbo-croatian communities considering the vast majority involved in the CSL have nothing to do with the contreversy and hav
  15. I don't want to be a dick but you have to get caught up before you come at me so that you understand what I'm saying instead of skipping most of it. The crux of this issue is that the CSL has a good case for this year because they were led around to believe things were being worked out and then desanctiontioning came in mid febuary (which is pretty late). The CSL is probably screwed for 2014 though, so they cannot quit the 2013 season to fight the 2013 season because then they'll lose (they won't get their 2013 back in 2014 so they have to play, I just hope it get's sorted out before the
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