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  1. Obviously we would want any former star to have a larger impact growing the game here. I believe we are and always should be in a much different class than Guyana. This is a good ultruistic thing to see as he can do far greater good for the youth of Guyana then he can for the youth of Canada.
  2. He Trialed with Chicago Fire under Frank Yallop. The supporters were less then impressed and then I believe they signed former TFC DP Gilberto.
  3. I am thinking the same. But Honduras are rebuilding so they could be just as bad as El Salvador (if they get back full squad)
  4. I've been happy with Umbro as they have embraced the supporters over the duration of the contract. Could a Nike or Adidas do more, most definitely. But I am not convinced that they would care about a team ranked 102 at the moment. I remember it was next to impossible to purchase adidas gear back in the day and Umbro changed that and made the gear accessible nationwide.
  5. Pull Some Fire Alarms and run like the wind. Do it for the boys!
  6. ^ Agree completely. There no party like a 35000 party!
  7. lol....That is quite a trek for some of us to voice displeasure. Especially the left-coasters!
  8. Too easy! Watching us mop the floor with Honduras will go a long way to having the rest of the group take notice as well.
  9. Get behind the lad. He is working to get us to the WC. He won't be a saviour but I am hoping he is an important piece. Let this be the start of something positive.
  10. I agree with you Rob. I pretty much just know the Toronto based lads and the V's that always travel to home games.
  11. Razcle

    Hey Guys!

    Welcome Sir, glad to have yah!
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