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  1. Whether, Carducci is 5'11'' or 6'1'' doesn't matter he has the atheltic ability and skills to succeed as a goalkeeper if he gets the proper development and breaks along the way. This guy is stil 17. he still has so much time to grow as a goalkeeper
  2. Yeah, that was my thinking as well. Hume would be fun to watch on a regular basis.
  3. Transfermarkt has Marcel De Jong's, David Edgar's, and Iain Hume's contracts up in the summer. Is this information up to date? Have any of them extended? If not, I think all three could benefit any 3 of the Canadian MLS clubs. De Jong would look good replacing Harvey out at LB.
  4. The good news is Camilo sounds genuine when talking about the possibility of suiting up for the Canucks. Him and Koffie would look fantastic in the Red.
  5. I would be happy if Yallop replaced Lenarduzzi. I think Yallop could offer a lot in Lenarduzzi's position. I could see Vancouver canning Lenarduzzi and Rennie; let Yallop take over both duties till he finds a suitable coach to succeed him and then he can fall back to the upper management role. Yallop has shown one thing over the years and that's finding undervalued talent among North America. On mulling it over, I believe if Yallop does get the Duze's job, he should let Rennie finish the year. My first idea reminds me too much of Sohen after some thought.
  6. Why not cap-tie players who have potential? I don't see the negative. Does not mean they get a call every time or even ever again, but deepening the pool of players never hurts. Especially, on what I believe is a non-FIFA date.
  7. Hopefully Porter gets a lot of minutes this year always had high hopes for him
  8. I'd take Vitoria back, if he's willing to commit fully, and give 100% wearing the Maple Leaf. The choices he made were awful. He was young though, and if he is willing to be a man and correct an earlier mistake in his life by coming and playing for Canada and giving us his all. I would not oppose that one bit. It could show some real growth and character on his part; a new found maturity. I don't know the entire story detail to detail, but from what I have read it seems most are judging him on choices he made while he was under 20. Can you really judge someone on that? I know personally most people under 20 make one or two bad life choices. It's a shame Vitoria's was spotlighted on a world stage, but at 25 if he wants to commit to Canada and show up when called and earn his place in the National Team: I'm all for it, could set a precedent.
  9. Yeah, I tend to agree with you on this. It is nice to see the mistake acknowledged, but in the end this deal just might not make fiscal sense to the club unless we shed Miller or Robson or both. The deal should of been made when he asked for it.
  10. Here is the Province story http://www.theprovince.com/sports/Return+Whitecaps+favourite+Davide+Chiumiento+distinct+possibility/7705786/story.html
  11. Yeah, positives all around if this deal is finalized. Excited by Rennie's direction this off-season. Seems willing to admit in his mistakes and bring back DC and possibly now a young Canadian that was nowhere on my radar at least for the 'Caps this year. Could benefit the 'Caps, and Canada
  12. How does a Canadian team not jump at this chance to have Johnson????
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