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  1. Have you ever seen him play? As for the salary, it's Tony Marinaro who came up with the $3m figure so I wouldn't put too much faith in that number. He's the same guy who said Del Piero to the Impact was a done deal in 2012 and constantly throws out bogus rumors.
  2. So that means I have to change my one totally biased choice?
  3. You can say that about a lot of players on a lot of teams..How many points less would Vancouver have had without Camilo, the Impact without Di Vaio, The Timbers without Valeri etc. Quite a few teams rely heavily on 1 or 2 players, at least Klopas had the foresight to trade for Magee (it was actually a steal as they gave up almost nothing..) you have to give him some credit for that...
  4. I'll keep in mind that if I don't like someone's opinion or stance on a subject, a good way of dealing with it is posting articles about their city and province's shortcomings..
  5. Really? Because if you watch the full 7 minutes of highlights all you hear is UM02 chants..And seriously from someone who was about halfway between the Ultras and you guys in the stadium I honestly heard you guys maybe 3-4 times in the whole game
  6. We have 2 international slots left, we have 10 total and only 8 internationals
  7. I may be having a slight delusion but I'm almost sure I heard Saputo say they would double the amount of reserve games, during a meeting with the supporters..
  8. Actually I think the main advantage is to have the return leg at home in your own stadium for the ACC final, a big advantage in my opinion..
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