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  1. I need four Supporter section Tix for Sept 2nd. I will be on the road until I arrive in Toronto on Aug 30th. Is there a print my own ticket option? and how would I go about that. I could meet up with someone. I will actually be stayinf somewhere around St. Catherines, but my sister lives in Mississauga and could probably help out.
  2. Everyone is welcome. There were probably 1000 people at the first march and there are only 460 members.
  3. Trident, the Southside wasn't mic'd at all and the generic crowd noise was astronomical. I'm guessing that won't be the case in the future and you'll be able to hear some chants in the future. Lots of swearing so, I'm guessing they'll never put mic's on that side of the stadium. Most likely they hired the drums to drown out the Southsiders from TV and families. I can tell you the song list is extensive and will prolly need to be paired down. Look forward to having you guys in league play next year. As much as it's fun beating Toronto it's a bit like kicking a dying dog.
  4. Thanks for the info. I had not seen him play prior to this tournament. He looks like he's going to be a star.
  5. He looked fantastic before the finals and had a couple of moments then as well. I heard somewhere he is eligible to play for Costa Rica(?) Is this true and is there any concern?
  6. Yes, REB I am really hoping ends up in Edmonton. He is the opposite of Porter. He looks totally lost playing in a structured system. He needs to have an opportunity to play in a free flow offense. Just let him run at people. Not sure he will ever be a good national team player as generally speaking a national team needs to have structure to allow for all of the interchangeable parts. He's still young though you never know. But at this stage I would put Porter well ahead of REB as far as advancement goes. ***sorry don't mean to hijack the thread. Just don't want to see another group o
  7. Brilliant. Good on L'Impact!! Hopefully they sign him to an Academy deal and put a homegrown claim on him, that would be clever. They could make a deal like the Caps did last year with a couple of players, overpay him this year with a backroom deal to give him the development slot next year. Sort of a 3 year $120K deal. $60 k this year and $30 and $30 in 12/13. The other option is the Caps could counter with a PDL deal that pays more. Tell him he'll get NCC/CCL and reserve games then he won't have to go through an "Arnoux situation". This is where the MLS rules are crap. I believe Kyl
  8. It goes to league integrity. Has nothing to do with the club. Div 2 had firmer established rules. There are plenty of smaller leagues around the Globe who have grown and developed a firm structure. MLS should just not have rules. I think it's great that the club seems to have the FO to find the loopholes and tricks to take advantage of things. But having imaginary rules that pretty much every soccer writer on the continent makes fun of is not a great model to build on. The rules should be obvious and clear. Khalfan as a homegrown shows what a joke the league rules are. I don't care in the sens
  9. It's a non-event for sure and really more MLS BS rule than anything. Porter who is really a Homegrown is going to be released, so basically Homegrown is BS...all the young players that Caps played last year signed PDL contracts, so yeah they took advantage of a BS rule. Weber said the 21-30 "off the book spots" are all 32-42 K except the GA players. So, the only advantage is you get a higher quality player in the 21-30 spot who may never see a minute of MLS action. The disadvantage is we have a Canadian Player on the Olympic roster who will be without contract tomorrow - though if he ends
  10. Yep, Weber says it's a homegrown deal less than $42k. Apparently, the original deal Khalfan signed was a PDL contract, so even though he never played a minute of residency or academy ball and even though he was playing top level professional soccer in Africa AND even though he had played in WCQ for his nation... He is a homegrown player. Obviously, the Caps have done their research and found every loophole. I think it's great because it benefits the Caps, but really it's a joke.
  11. Nizar never played a game with the academy. He played pro in Tanzania and then played for the Caps first team. Just more MLS bull. Probably some back room deal to do with Arnoux.
  12. Nanchoff is GA. Homegrown is Davies. Others would be Tiebert, Porter and Sylvestre. Khalfan was signed from Tanzania, he's not homegrown as far as I know.
  13. Teibert is a no-brainer. Weber has him as one of the next two signings.
  14. These are sharp. Pains me to say I give them the nod over the Cap Kits. Now, just waiting for the Impact to redo their Patch and Kit and the three clubs will be all grown up!
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