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  1. Hey, is too late to grab a ticket or two for tomorrow nights match. Hardcover section preferred.
  2. Not surprising tosee those three names leaving. All three are destined for NASL or USL. Maybe Salgado can catch on with the re-branded Chivas. Alderson shopuld be headed straight to Edmonton. Happy to see Mattocks get some Internatioanl form going three goals in three matches. Not too shabby. We will need Hurtado and Mattocks to take another big step in their development as strikers. As much as Robbo is gonna go out and find a striker to handle most the load. The difference a lot of nights will be secondary scoring and those two will be the main targets in the sense. Dispersal draf
  3. Yeah, Waston was sure an amazing find. Robbo seems to have a knack for finding some gems: Waston, Fernandez, and Mezquida. Plus Morales and Laba who were both proven though, but Morales had that would he wourk in the MLS tag on him to start. He also was instrumental in brining Leveron into the fold under Rennie. I doubt we have seen the last of Leveron pushing for a starting job. He is still only 22 and is on Honduras National team radar, he has the talent to fit at CB back or possibly at CDM. He is composed on the ball and can place some nice long crossing passes for the wings to break ou
  4. Spectacular. What a a finish to the year. What a difference Waston has made to the attitude of the club. He bleeds confidence. TRM mentioned he has 5 cards and 2 goals in 10 games. He just dominates the box. Him and OB have gotten a good rapport with each other, already. Morales finally is seems to be getting some help around him, Rosales, Teibert, Laba and even Seba/Manneh have been bringing their form for the past 5-6 games. I also cannot forget to mention Ousted who made some unreal saves to keep the clean sheet and he also led the MLS in clean sheets on the year. Robbo has
  5. Ousted has been fantastic, his shouting keeps guys accountable. Beitashour has been better since there tiff in the game a few weeks ago. He also has taken over the vocal role since DeMerit's departure, and rightly so Waston is great but not ready to or aware enough to direct everyone and O'Brien is too quiet too. After a offseason of questions, this team has come around to win some big games. Was nice to see Froese get in for a big game and hold his own.
  6. Seriously, what a shit show this season has been over the last couple months. TFC and The Caps, have just dropped major opportunities for themselves game after game. While The Caps might have been lucky to be in the spot they were on the backs of Pedro, TFC has talent coming out there ass for the first time in their existence and they still cannot put any sort of conistency on the pitch. This season started out with so much hope and potential for both clubs and now its back to elimination watches. GodDammit.
  7. But will actually play and is a DP (so if I'm not mistaken only costs 355K on the cap) and he hads a Green Card so no INT spot Also he will play in a spot we definitely could use the help, we have had non-wingers playing wing all year. It will be nice to see a guy wide who doesn't rely on his speed and cutting into the box to be effective. We might actually see some quality crossing. Whitecaps now have a scary midfield. You got Rosales who has like over 40 assists since 2011, two rocks in Laba and Koffie, an engine in Teibert, and potenital MVP in Morales. I cannot wait to get to s
  8. The Province is now reporting the WHitecaps have traded Re-Coker. A long suspected and much needed move to eleviate cap room (Coker making 450k and playing off the bench mostly being used as a back up RB). Caps probably were looking for a Striker, but landed Mauro Rosales instead. A good move I think, I always enjoyed watching Mauro. He will be dangerous alongside Morales as well. This should give Hurtado, Mattocks and Salgado so many gifted chances in the box. http://blogs.theprovince.com/2014/08/21/whitecaps-trade-reo-coker-to-chivas-usa-for-rosales/ ----------Ousted Bet
  9. Oh I would imagine so, cannot think how it could been any other way.
  10. This is always good news, 6% is a pretty good rise, it would be interesting to see some segmented results, like how the growth was outside of Cascadia for instance. This year at BC place I have noticed more consistent crowds, can never tell if they moved the tarps up at all since last season either.
  11. I never even mentioned either, and yeah Mitchell, should be on the bench, but that doesn't mean Dean doesn't get his chance. that guy is a brick wall and has had some chances and time to learn the system, plus we have only seen him out of position at LB so far. I never said Mitchell or AOB were playing good, I have been saying we need CB replacements for sometime. However I have no clue if Watson can just break into the MLS as a everyday CB instantly. Maybe eventually, I sure hope so, but I have never seen the guy other then his heading clinic of a highlight reel.
  12. I could see this as just an effort to have a guy to throw in at garbage time to steal points on a set peice. Not sure he will be able to beat out the current core of CB's, but late in a game if you have the sub left, maybe give him a shot at getting on the end of one of Morales' numerous balls into the box. I will hold out some judgment; as so far all the guys who Robbo has brought in have shown they belong in the MLS.
  13. Salgado is a hard situation, for both sides. I believe the Caps should move him on, and that he could use a fresh scenery; however, his value around the MLS I would venture is long gone. His luster from his 2012 status has faded into oblivion. The Caps still hold that forgotten value in him and seem willing to coax him along through the hard times he has faced. I think finch is half right he does look awfully out of place on the field awkward and clumsy. Though I believe most of that is from him not playing since 2012 really. He still has never had a real chance in the MLS in his natural s
  14. Yeah, Pedro is a magician with the ball. An absolute joy to watch from the stands. I agree they shouldn't settle for less than they want, but I also believe we need to bring in at least a CB to relieve Mitchell from every game starter. OB and Leveron cannot play together as it's way too conservative with them both in. As for striker, we could survive the season i think with the group we have it will be just on Robbo to rotate them so that we find the hot hand every game. Mattocks has had 3 in a row Hurtado had gone 5 or 6 in a row with a goal. Add Manneh, Salgado and Fernandez with the hel
  15. Most the Caps young Canadians are not old enough 17 is not an age for most guys to be starting in any top division league. I will say the Alderson case is a drag, he should be on loan, at the same time I see Coker leaving soon and Alderson then would have a case for the XVIII every game. Also I would love to see Sam get more time at LB, but as much as I loathe Harvey he has been a solid option at LB.
  16. Is there an Applause Emoticon? Well said, and totally agree. Never in any sport at a Pro level is giving playing time acceptable, all it does is ruins the morale of guys who have earned their spot and lose it to a guy who because his passport is the right colour. Robbo has already shown that when the kids earn their chance they will get playing time. Now that Jay is gone, time for us to cut ties with Reo.C and bring in a legit finisher for up top. Mattocks and Hurtado have been good, but if we want to be a playoff team they will need some depth and help up front.
  17. TRM. You hit that basically bang on. The 4-5-1 definitely needs a better holding forward something Hurtado is not. I would not be against an Occean move, I think he could still have enough in the tank for an MLS season or two. Though I think I am leaning more to your idea of the 4-4-2 in the diamond. I would be more than comfortable with Laba alone in front of the CB's if RT is out right he would be able to help Laba out at times. As for Seba, I have not been a huge fan of his so far he has talent, but need to start working harder. I think the 3 at the back idea, could work. but in the
  18. I just want to know where people get the Cascadia scarves
  19. Yeah, leave the flares outside. They are fun for the march to the stadium having your colours flowing above your head in smoke, but in a stadium where their is usually little room to avoid the thing if its in your area and where seats are made of plastic: it is just stupid and a nuisance.
  20. Two piss poor showings by the Caps, but still picked up one point. Hoping the summer transfer window will allow Robbo to work a bit more transfer magic and bring in a solid ST and CB to solidfy this squad, and it is time to sell Coker or w/e he needs to move on. Hurtado has been good, but it's glaringly obvious we could use a front man who can hold up the ball and be the guy to lay it off for Morales to work his magic on the ball. Doesn't have to be a huge guy, but definitely strong on the ball. We could also use a few useful natural wide players. With Teibert now manning the middle, w
  21. Whether, Carducci is 5'11'' or 6'1'' doesn't matter he has the atheltic ability and skills to succeed as a goalkeeper if he gets the proper development and breaks along the way. This guy is stil 17. he still has so much time to grow as a goalkeeper
  22. Great movie, great club. Any team that has held it's practice at Waken fest is pretty awesome in my books.
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