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  1. Not watching the final but curious if there have been any chokeholds or ball throws from centre field yet?
  2. I remember watching vs Estonia on a shitty stream online, low quality and maybe the commentary was even Estonian. Now I get to watch high quality, always accessible, pro Canada streams. Y'all gotta calm down with this complaining, Wheeler is fine.
  3. Hey congratulations on +6000 posts! I really enjoy mostly lurking this board because of the highly educated opinions of many of the posters here; including you. But; you're kind of a prick, as exemplified by you're behavior in the last few pages of this thread. The tone, and the demeanor of you here is the type of stuff that makes it hard for the random fan to stick around here. You're just carrying yourself in a particularly not nice manner, and it sucks the joy out of things. Cheers
  4. Do you think CONCACAF is making anything more than a pittance off tv revenue for the Gold? Euro and Copa America can rotate because they have tv contracts worth something. I doubt the Mexico and USA tv contracts are enough to subsidize the tournament in other countrie.s
  5. Never gonna happen as long as the tournament sells the tickets it does in the USA
  6. Haiti just running wild over Bermuda
  7. Possibly dumb question; but why wouldn't the stadiums in Toronto, Winnipeg, or Hamilton do? Infracture is fine right? Stadiums not big enough?
  8. Switching from Italy/Spain to French Quiana/T&T feels so wrong but so right
  9. The three qualifying games on today really make me wish we could just have 16 concacaf teams instead of a guest team. I thought we'd moved beyond that. I know why $atar is in the gold cup, but I'd rather see a CONCACAF team instead.
  10. What would a fix to this look like?
  11. Bare minimum is to beat likely either costa Rica or jamaica? Those are still good teams
  12. A soccer message board is definitely where I expect to find accurate covid information. Fuck. Does no one moderate this website?
  13. So who will be our goalkeeper in the gold cup? Crepeau or st clair? Was crepeau excluded from world cup qualifying to start here? Or was that a sign of him being left behind
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