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  1. How will it be decided which group winners play each other in the seminfinals of the championship round?
  2. Damn nice. Playing the americans will be good.
  3. I guess I was just thinking in a defeatist only looking to finish second sort of way
  4. Does it really nmatter who we get paired with in our group? If we can't beat Cuacao, Cuba, Martinique or Bermuda we don't belongin the leage A
  5. The host sure likes to chirp the little kids
  6. What score highlight will they announce for the teams that got zero points? Also, guadalupe and guatamala are going to destroy their groups
  7. We have to wait through the c and b league draws
  8. Has anyone announced what platform I will be able to watch games on yet? I get that this mediapro company that I've never heard of has some sort of deal that I don't understand. But what does this actually mean in terms of me watching the product?
  9. I don't think comparing PoCo/Vancouver to Kelowna/Penticton is a workable metaphor. Penticton is not a commuter suburb of Kelowna. It has been 15 years since I lived in Penticton, and only visit now so I could be off base what with how the city is being rapidly gentrified by Vancouver real estate money so maybe i"m wrong. But I just don't see that many people going to Kelowna from Penticton for a soccer game. Perhaps I'm not thinking people will see the league as major league enough to travel. I could buy into Penticton and Vernon supporting some sort of minor league teams of their own.
  10. Suppose someone does decide to force the three MLS teams to play in a canadian league; wouldn't it be best to wait until the league is stable?
  11. I"m not sure where you're from, but no one is commuting regularly from Penticton or Vernon to watch sports games in Kelowna on a regular basis. Furthest commute is West Kelowna to Winfield at best. Maybe you are from the area and have a different impression than I do. Just my thoughts as someone who grew up in Penticton andwent to university in Kelowna.
  12. A financially capable party can't make a viable stadium appear out of nowhere.
  13. I was at a card store recently and asked about rookie cards. Guy behind the counter pulls out a stack of Wayne greyzky and Brett hull rookie cards. Says she sells them for 5 bucks each. So no, it won't be actually worth anything
  14. Is the marvin emnes signing the replacement for alphonso for next season?
  15. Sure, but if you are of the opinion that CPL could be a great development league; young up and comers playing with the likes of Attakora, Edgar, Dixon, Petrasso, Tissot, Gagnon-Lepare is definitely better than playing in the PDL or not playing at all.
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