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Match Thread: Semi-Finals - November 21, 2021 - Forge v York United


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Another huge match at THF today, although Forge had nothing to play for they looked quite poor in their last 2 matches and gave up sloppy goals while failing to score in either! Sometimes it isn't that easy to just flick the switch and get back to where they were especially a team that has been used to playing 2  competitive matches every week for months, hopefully Bobby has this planned and the team will not be complacent although I expect all but us Forge fans would like nothing else than a Forge loss!😀 

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12 minutes ago, Ansem said:

I'm fascinated by the fact that this is such a 2 tier league despite the salary cap like most leagues in this region or abroad.

The gap is noticeable, Forge are too strong which is reassuring with their CL and CCL campaigns coming up

Lots of different club building strategies, pulling power, ownership contacts and managerial/coaching differences. Some clubs have really butchered their transfers too.

I feel like Forge and Cavalry have managed to add some really significant pieces that could be playing in the MLS, Valour too although their coaching or for whatever other reasons haven't gelled to Forge and Cavs standards. Forge have invested more with CL, they have a great squad and the sigma machine behind them. Ottawa and Edmonton have just been handled terribly in appointments and signings or the running of the club. York, Pacific and to a lesser extent Halifax have really invested in a youth first approach and its starting to pay off now but steep learning curves. All my egregious opinion not facts 😛 

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